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  1. I'm for the CIS. First off, I like the droids, and I always play with the Magna Guard and Droideka. Also is it just me or do the blaster rifles shoot quicker for the empire than the republic?
  2. Well for the servers that are running maps that you don't have, try going to filefront . This site has a lot of mod maps for SWBF II. Another place you could go is gametoast . This also has a lot of mod maps.
  3. Be aware of this when you play online.
  4. Do you like to read Garfield comics?
  5. Just do it quickly and don't get hit by energy bolts. I tried sprinting cp to cp and died trying to kill a stomtrooper.
  6. I'd give this game's demo about a 6 out of 10. I thought some parts of it were really good, others crappy. I might buy it.
  7. Well I like all of them, but if I had to choose it would be Sprite
  8. grrrrrrrrrr7


    Join look at sig**)more info at site
  9. join here http://yoink this is a new clan and we are looking for moderators
  10. come join!!!!!!!! *yoink* no advertising, keep it in your sig ~ lynk
  11. i love the tie interceptor, its fast and most of the time i just play on the empire's side
  12. thanks trouble now i can take screen shots!
  13. are there any glitches in the death star becuase one time i got killed just standing next to a wall
  14. i love that map, only i hate it when the jedi have like 23 guys left and the cis have 3000 left(well in truth about 600) and im on the jedi's side. its a great map though this should go in the mod section
  15. i downloaded it and i love it!!!! this map is huge, and so it takes time to play it. also how do you take the screen shots? this should be in the mod section
  16. i love coca cola! my second fav. is dr.pepper
  17. what do you guys mean by highest kills possible? i dont have any trouble (well im not that good at bf II..............)
  18. well i mean on a regular basis, not lets say once every month
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