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  1. Are there any mods that make all npc's on the ebon hawk help in training you. visa' can help in lightsaber battle. Kreia can further training in the force. or maybe just a new recruitable character that can train you in lightsber dueling and the force. Also looking for recrutable character mods that replace Hk-47,atton(can he be replaced).Kreia(can she be replaced),Visa's,bao-dur,handmaiden. Is there a mod to where you can be a youngling(think it would be awesome)?
  2. Are there any stories with male Revan or Exile\other male romance mod? I know there is one with female/female so can someone make a male/male?
  3. They may not open/close like a door but they do open/close like a lightsaber!!
  4. How can i get a quarterstaff that doesn't close in the game?
  5. Have you found anything????? fawlks the phoe, I realise you are new, but please remember that this is a forum and as such you must be patient. When Princess Artemis has anything relevant to post believe me you will get an answer. -RH
  6. Staffs for k1 or k2 that doesn't close.Maybe a walking stick or maybe a short cane.
  7. Is it possible to have more acrobatic fighting moves in the game like yoda from the movies(flips-while fighting and blocking).If there is already one done please post a link.Looking for both Kotor1 and tsl.
  8. I want to be a yoda type race that you can change robes and keep the entire game.
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