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  1. Mcafee Site Advisor- Checks your sites to see for viruses. http://www.siteadvisor.com/download/ffmedia.html?cid=21638&gclid=CIrO-ZTYoZACFQ9dgQodcg0bsA
  2. I would a total revision in how strategy works, that's if there's ever going to be a new one......
  3. You must've screwed up the bones/hp coding. Trust me, this was one thing I never learned how to code.....
  4. Shouldn't this belong in tech and Yes I think It's about time they admit it. They might as well fix everything else while there at it......
  5. Is that the daughter of the guy who made up the 501st?
  6. No he isn't,he's a hero trying to save the public from the government.
  7. Do Web-coding programs cost money or are there any good free ones?
  8. Microsoft has been like an Indian giver lately.
  9. I tend to just hold them off and have a member slice to get the AT-TE.
  10. Arcs are usually used for recon on the battlefield, Commandos are meant to be behind the scenes.
  11. Umm, Did you delete my post DMUK? I'll sign but its a bit hopeless.
  12. Like last time, those sounds I complained about last time are back. But they aren't as serious as last time, can poor heat circulation/poor fan cause this? My fan has been a bit louder than usual. no thread bumping. -stingerhs
  13. 2 of them already are on youtube. Look for my CloneCommander50 account.
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