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    I like ninjas and jedis.
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    martial arts, computers
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  1. i really liked df and jk1 kyle, but jk2/ja not as much. i still liked him but he looked scrawny and not as rustic i think
  2. the biggest fps droper imo is still the volumetric shadows i use cg_shadows 3 for good performance (as opposed to 2)
  3. heh yeah, for me strong was the easiest to cut down enemies with, then the rest were tied and i was playing on jedi master edit: V (down) well you must have not been that experienced, because you can easily cut people down with strong in one or two hits, w/o taking anydamage
  4. not bad, but not the best i've seen though heh. i hope you include some mid-air to mid-air mine shots, those are teh best heh
  5. well i guess the jedi knight series if only for good gamers then
  6. i have a 9000 and it works great with jk2, i'm sure the 9100 works too
  7. heh not bad, if you make another one though i'd suggest cg_draw2d 0 while filming
  8. you could use g_maxgameclients, which sets the maximum people allowed in a game. so you get get ever one in the game, then if there is 4 people, set it to 4 and no one could join in, everyone else would have to spec
  9. if your already parrying a saber and you kick on the other side it wouldn't be that risky.
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