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  1. You can also pay to have the cloning sickness removed by going to the surgical droid
  2. I went from level 55 to level 75 killing the ferel wookies on the webweaver path. I used a droideka. i got from 51-55 killing walugas. Also in the 50-60 range the hunting grounds has some good quests.
  3. 1. Do you have to be a beast master to have a pet that fights for you? 2. If not, what is the Level ratio? I mean can a level 70 combat level own a level 90 pet? Or can a level 1 player have a level 50 pet where is the line? 3. About the Rancors I’ve been seeing, are there 2 types? one for riding and one for fighting? or do these serve a double purpose?
  4. i appreciate the info as usual darth, you have helped me alot
  5. 1. What in the hell are sockets (on clothes and weapons and such) and can regular folks use them? 2. Can a weapons crafter build a lightsaber for Jedi or do they have to do it themselves? 3. How in the world do you leave a guild? 4. Do you have to be a merchant to have vendors?
  6. While im on the subject of droids, are there droids higher than level 60? I have never seen one for sale.
  7. I am having trouble charging my Droideka and battle droid. Are they not chargable?
  8. Why cant we jump over 2 foot objects? That is my biggest pet peeve about this game. We cannot jump over or climb many objects that would be 1 to 2 feet if the game were to scale. Then when we jump while running it looks ridiculous. Not to mention that Jedi should be able to jump 25 feet straight up.
  9. sweet thank you now it makes sense, how long do camps last?
  10. I have the one with at least a shuttle beacon but i cant see how to get a shuttle to come to it.
  11. to clarify: I have erected them and all but dont know what functions they serve after that
  12. Ok I don’t PVP much but I was on duty as a rebel and followed a mission into restus. As you can imagine I was obliterated. There was a battle going on between players and NPC's in a PVP zone. My question is this: If Restus exists where Imps are killing Rebs is there an opposite town where Rebs are killing Imps?
  13. Can someone tell me how to use camps, or more accurately why to use them. I mean what do they do for you? I have bought the nice ones with a shuttle beacon but I cannot figure them out =(.
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