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  1. I (sadly) could not resist buying a Rebel Assault poster on eBay, so I'll scan that too when it comes.
  2. Make that three. I'll try to scan it as soon as it arrives.
  3. That's because it's just raw PCM audio. The later games (such as Moonbase Commander) do have wave files in their music files, which is why I said that to TacticianMark. ScummVM has all the code for the format here and here if you want to create a proper extractor.
  4. That's because the sound doesn't match the older version. The sound in at least the demo is stereo. It would just be easier to rip the wave files out of the .HE4 using a hex editor than doing some hack with Audacity. The full game probably uses some sort of compressed audio too.
  5. No idea about the trailer, but both demos are here: ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/demos/pc/
  6. Knights of the Old Republic 2 also has the logo on the case, but it seems it's just the concept.
  7. What? Why are you closing the polls so early? There's still a couple weeks left in the year!
  8. Heh. This pretty much sums up my thoughts. Legacy was easy except for the stupid tunnels in Shangri-La when you have to try to redirect all the heat. OK, maybe not hard, but definitely a PITA.
  9. I no longer like you as a person. How can you not absolutely love Arthur?!??!
  10. I believe that's going to be a 2012 release now...
  11. Damn it. Didn't realize it was multiple choice until after. Oh well...
  12. I'm not sure how easy that would be to turn into a game that would capture the full essence of the original. Especially with all the dialogue. Though, I would definitely buy this in a heartbeat. Also, it seems my post signature was already ready for this thread.
  13. My GameStop has had a Space Quest Collection on the shelf since Sierra re-released it back in 2006(?). Every time I go, I almost feel pity for the poor thing....
  14. I already beat you to it in the comments of the news post!
  15. Not the first time an adventurer became was in a Star Wars game...
  16. I got the Wii version when it first came out, and I loved it. Then again, I never beat the original game. I bought the PC version and it contained two Disc Ones. I bought the PSX version and for whatever reason, the tower would never stay wet in Ireland. I finally beat the DC version last year after years of waiting
  17. Haha, no problem. I've been there before too... It took a while to wrap my brain around QuickTime IMA ADPCM...
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