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  1. MDU question I can't answer, but the Crusader's health has been decreased from 1000 to 800.
  2. SAGEKING-PG said a patch is coming out late tomorrow. It's stated on Petroglyph Forums...
  3. Ich bin auch Deutsch lol Level requirements are a step. But if we look at the fact that its only a matter of time until you reach level 5, you still end up with the same problems we have now. Plus, what if you set tech starting level to 5? What happens then? It seems to me that we'd still be where we are now...
  4. Then skim-read or...don't read? Looks like i'm part of the club. English is also my second language! The reason I am not asking for a Hangar anymore is because: 1. There are only a handful of people who support the idea. 2. A speed boost is more realistic in terms of a being released in a patch. It merely requires a tweak on the MC's XML files. A Hangar would take more effort and I don't know if the designers would be willing to do that. 3. One of the two is adequate I guess, as long as the speed boost is more significant to make up for not having a hangar. I still support the idea of Hangars, however i'm not holding my breath. I believe that a more realistic solution would be to: 1. Get rid of the Home One's shield generator hardpoint, or give it two shield hardpoints AND... 2. Give the Home One a hangar along with 1 A-Wing squadron and 1 B-Wing squadron. That would put it on par with Thrawn and Piett, you wouldn't have to tweak the cannons whatsoever and I assume (and I say assume because I don't mess around with XMLs) that it would be less work and less of a balance issue if only Home One got the upgrades. If MCs got no Hangar but the Home One did, I could live with that. For MC Hangar you can just read above Rust The reason I partly suggested it is because of the Hangar imbalances in terms of the ISD vs. MonCal (factoring in Pop. Cap). The way I saw it is that if Nebulon-B's were upgraded it would make them more feasible to bring in (instead of spending 500 more for an Assault Frigate) and would kind of make up for the population and firepower gap that the fighters create. By the way darthcarth, as Rust already pointed out that Interceptor IV Frigates are stronger than Nebulon-B's or Acclamators. They're still my least favorite though Yeah i'd say a speed increase on par with a Nebulon-B would be about right. I'd be happy with that. Either that, or a boost engines ability like Corvettes which is shorter and weaker. And just for reference, don't MC30s have 1 laser cannon and 2 torpedo tubes instead of 2 torpedo tubes? I'm just wondering because you said two and i've now forgotten whether it was 1 or 2. Anybody know off-hand? By the way in case any of you wanted to know this (you probably already do): if you lose both cannons, the best thing to do is make the MC30 fly through the middle of the battle while charging its cluster bombs, the comp usually switches firepower towards it, get between several enemy capitals or fighters and detonate them, making it an excellent diversion/cannon fodder for ur fleet. Well at least that's how it happens for me. I didn't know ISDs and MCs have the same range (I don't do the XML modding thing ) but if an ISD is getting a firepower increase then a speed increase is still equal, don't you think?
  5. Calculous? lol that reminds me I need to do more studying for my SATs since i'm moving back over to the US soon yay! School sucks in England (well at least it did for me lol), i'm glad I graduated and don't need to go anymore. But anyway, enough about off-topic stuff. Everyone said what they wanted to say? My points are pretty much clear: -Increase MC Speed (at least 20%) -Double MC Frigates' Proton Torpedo tubes and divide current firepower between those. -Increase X-Wing Shielding by at least 25% -NERF Kedalbe and Aggressor, I would say make the shield leech ability weaker than the MonCal's shield recharge ability and make their ability recharge times equal. -NERF Star Vipers (already being done, but you know...) -[[Maybe]] decrease Nebulon-B Frigate's Pop. Cap cost from 3 to 2 because its the weakest of the Frigates... By the way in case you guys didn't know, SAGEKING-PG just came on Petroglyph Forums and announced that the patch would be released mid-week, and by late wednesday at the latest. YAY! I was bursting with anticipation...still am lol! -
  6. I think its best that we don't argue with each other about whos strategy is best etc., and instead close off with each saying what we'd like in a new patch and why.
  7. I'm going to say the same thing I said on Petroglyph Forums, and that is...if you do not modify the MonCal, then at least make some modifications to the MC30 Frigate. It's powerful yet damn weak at the moment. The cluster bombs explode in a ring, not a full sphere making it harder to effectively use that ability against fighters. Personally i've had numerous problems with that. Take out the two Proton Torpedo tubes at the front, and you've got cannon fodder for a unit instead. The shields and armour balance isn't the problem. The problem is that there are too few torpedo tubes. Don't get me wrong - the existing ones do a hell of a lot of damage, but are more vulnerable to bombers. I am going to echo the suggestion of Squirrelx who proposed to increase the Torpedo tubes on the MC to 4 (or even 3), but to divide the current firepower between those 4 tubes instead of adding 2 more very effective tubes. That would keep balance, while making the MC30 a bit more useful. I need to stress this again, as Tears has done. The Speed advantage is not significant enough to be classified as an 'advantage'. Stating it allows a quick retreat is exaggerating it a bit. If you've used a MonCal which has just lost 3 weapon hardpoints against 2 ISDs and you want to get it out of there, it's not exactly 'click and its there' if ya catch my drift. Plus you have to factor in the ISD's superior range as a counter. Therefore it's not really an advantage, because its countered... Trying to get an MC to quickly retreat after having battled with an ISD is hard because while the MC turns its back to run, the ISD's range allows it to continue hammering away at the MC. It's speed will let it retreat quicker than an ISD, but its certainly not 'quick' by normal unit speed standards. Maneuverability...well I agree and I don't. It certainly is more maneuverable but since its speed is too slow, utilizing that maneuverability is certainly not easy. In fact, its an outright chore to even attempt to. Sneak attacks...well I do disagree there. You can hyper in a MonCal behind an ISD but that isn't a unit advantage - you can do that with any unit. As far as sneak attacking goes in terms of flanking it; its not really possible (again, due to the MC's current speed). I've tried the flanking thing, and so far I have not had a battle where the ISD didn't spot me before I could 'sneak up' on it. So yeah I see why you advocate a speed boost as an upgrade for the MC in a patch. But I do not see how you perceive the MCs current speed to be an advantage at present...
  8. I am very much for giving X-Wings shield boosts. However, I did have another thought which also brings back my argument about X-Wings needing Torpedo launchers. When I look at it, the Imperials have another advantage over the Rebels in terms of starfighters which I think should be addressed. If you look at it, the Imperials have the TIE Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, Defender and Phantom. Examining them closer reveals that the TIE Bomber, Defender AND Phantom can all shoot Proton Torpedoes. In comparison, the Rebels have 4 fighters: the X-Wing, the Y-Wing, the A-Wing and the B-Wing; and only two of these fighters can shoot Proton Torpedoes. Now I agree with Tears, and I hope you all agree also that the Rebels were superior in space in terms of fighters and space pilot skill (not really factoring the addition of the TIE Defender, Elite Imp Pilots or experimental TIEs). I therefore suggest that to counter this balance is to give the X-Wing Proton Torpedoes vs. Capital Ships and space installations. Also possibly giving the A-Wing Concussion Missles (but that's only conditional). This would match the Rebels with Imperials in terms of Proton Torpedo ability and also boost the X-Wing more. It wouldn't unbalance it with TIE Fighters because it had protons in canon + they are against capital ships + X-wings whooped TIE Fighters anyway. Also, for Mon Calamari Cruisers. I think it is probably for the best to increase the speed. Though i'm not really sure whether it should be as an ability like the Corvettes, or as a n/a speed boost? What do you guys think? The reason i'm confused is because when I match MCs to ISDs I come up with this (including patch upgrade). ISD has stronger weapons/armour = MC has stronger and redundant shields. ISD has 4 Turbos and 2 Ions = MC has 4 Turbos and 2 Ions ISD has Tractor Beam ability = MC has Boost Shields ability ISD has Hangar = MC has ????? I don't believe the MC's current slight speed increase vs. ISD counts because it is not significant enough to be considered as either an ability or advantage. That is the reason I was asking for a Hangar (but now speed boost) and why i'm kind of wondering whether or not it should be a Boost Engines ability instead of base-speed upgrade. What do you guys think?
  9. Yeah...we've got nothing to do anyway until the patch comes out lol! 1. I said OR at the back of my first point. So i'm happy with either. If a speed boost is given in one of those ways then i'll be happy enough. 2. Remember my post about the pop. cap comparison of ISDs and MCs and the point which ended up being Rebels were outnumbered in fighters 3-1? Well, increasing the MCs with a Hangar and giving Rebels 1 squadron each would mean: Out of a Pop. Cap of 20 for Imps: they would get 5 ISDs along with 10 TIE Interceptor squadrons and 5 TIE Bomber Squadrons (at 2 Fighter and 1 Bomber squadrons per ISD). Out of a Pop. Cap of 25 for Rebs: they would get 5 MonCals along with 5 Fighter squadrons taking up population cap, and 5 fighter/bomber squadrons randomly mixed from hangars which do not take up pop cap. Final result = Imps 5 ISDs, 10 Fighters, 5 Bombers...Rebs 5 MonCals, 10 Mixed fighter/bomber squadrons. This would be coupled with the ISD being superior with more firepower and armour like its upgrade in this patch, and the MC being a bit faster and having shields. And let's remember this is hypothetical in comparison and usually fleets are mixed, so it always ends up differently, but if squadrons were compared rawly like that, thats how it would turn out. Plus other Frigates don't have squadrons for Rebels, only MonCal - so Imps are still favoured anyway. I'd still say that's a more or less even balance which favours the ISD more-so. But if the MonCal only got a speed boost (though a bit more significantly, i'd be happy too). We already said Rebel fighter boosts, and i'm happy with that and certainly hope its gonna happen for the X-Wings. However, a tiny speed boost for the MC is still warranted... Of course they're not getting obliterated, but nerfing the Aggressors and Kedalbes like Valter suggested is fine by me . The ZC are already being downgraded somewhat in the patch as you will have already read... Finally, I was playing skirmish yesterday and I was moving my MonCals towards the Repair satellite I set up after a battle. For 2 MonCals it was at 80% Hull Strength, full shields and 80% hard points for each hard point. However, the Repair Satellite was trying to heal it and it didn't do anything? I had the Alliance and Ardent out, along with Home One (1 of its Ion Hardpoints was also damaged but the Satellite couldn't do anything). Is this some kind of glitch or is it supposed to happen? It says the Satellite fixes hardpoints but while it happened at the beginning, after the second battle nothing happened to my MonCals? Anybody know....?
  10. Technically it has, and it hasn't. We aren't really off-topic since we are talking about MCs and ISDs, but in terms of changes FOR the patch, so I think it's okay. Sure, this is a patch thread but let's face it - this thread would have died long ago were it not for our debate. This is also evident in the fact that there has been no real topic since you instigated this comment...so I say we continue this debate, but constructively. Since we've now sort of hit a stalemate. Let's think of ways we can compromise and come up with some possible changes which we could possibly pitch towards one of the designers for a future patch. Okay, I accept that the laser canon idea isn't a popular one so i'll drop that entirely. But I still maintain that the Hangar idea is good (and canon), and it doesn't necessarily distort game balance the way Rusty and I have discussed it. A random squadron each time would spice things up a bit. I have to admit, I kind of forgot what the armament of an MC was and i'm too lazy to look it up (i've had a long day - trust me) but I swear they had some laser cannons on em? The Hangar bay is canon yes. If you included 1 or 2 random fighter squadrons (out of Rebels) it would be balanced and fair, and also canon since each MC had different complements of squadrons. The rest of the Rebel ships don't have fighters because they weren't outfitted with fighters in canon. The Assault Frigate Mk II was meant as a space weapons platform and the Nebulon-B did carry fighters...but on extra racks which were outfitted to the undercarriage of the Frigate. It's state in EAW now is its original state - but i'm sure you already know that You already know about MC Frigates anyway and they are not canon so I won't speak about them. Tears, I know you also think MCs should be buffed but how? I haven't really seen you mention anything significant in terms of the way they should be buffed. I've mentioned 3 methods sofar - laser cannons, hangar and speed. What are you specifically thinking of? I'm out of ideas so i'm definitely willing to listen to your suggestions Please elaborate on this. It's similar to what I said. My suggestion is to either change its cruising speed by 40-50% in-between its original speed and the MC30c's (what I said before), or to include something like the Corvettes have which is the boost engines ability - although it would be active for a much shorter duration with the same recharge time as the Corvette. And yes this is also agreeing with the point you made earlier Rusty. Allowing the MC to fly over and under the ISD is an interesting idea, but I find it difficult to envision how that could be set by the designers and how you would pull that off in skirmish. For me, when I turn on the cinematic camera 7-8 times out of 10 there will be a few ships which are on a different 'altitude' level (technically not the right word but you know what I mean) than the others. Totally read my mind there. I was thinking of the exact same price and I definitely agree. Along with your points about it I would also like to respond to Tears' comment about the Cluster Bomb. They may still be there, but the bombs only work in the range of the outer-most circle when the bombs have fully expanded - so the damage effect works only there and not inside or outside the arc of where the bombs explode. 3500 seems like a good price to me. They are a little more effective than Assault Frigates, but also weaker in armour, so the 500 extra is warranted. 4000 is too much. Agreed. I just hope that a designer is weighing in on this discussion. Otherwise i'll have to seek one out and inform him of the points Agreed there. Rebels definitely aren't fun to play in this way. I don't even play against the Consortium in skirmish anymore, or at all (I only play skirmish atm). I only play either as Imps vs. Rebs or as Rebs vs. Imps. Though for the X-wings would recommend Proton Torpedoes instead of Concussion Missles however, as Protons were canon - the X-Wing had them and A-Wings were the ones with Concussion Missles. On another note, I think I was the guy who made that comment about the 'more TIE fighters in comparison to Rebel fighters' comment. It was not fully argued, or poorly argued - so please disregard that comment, I apologize . Finally, here are my suggestions to end this argument and prevent another one flaring up to do justice for both sides: 1. Increase the speed of the MC (in one of the ways I mentioned before) or: 2. Give the MC a Hangar with 1 or 2 random fighter complements. Home One would get B-Wings automatically and 1 other random fighter complement. 3. Keep the ISD stats - that's happenning anyway and i'm fine with that. 4. BOOST THE X-WING. A shield boost is definitely welcomed - by 25% at least would be great. 5. NERF THE CONSORTIUM - that's happenning anyway, but I definitely want to see a decline in mass-driver and special weapon effectiveness. 6. Change the MC Frigate's cost from 4000 to 3500. If there is anything else please do not hesitate to add and voice your own opinions. Who knows, the constructiveness may actually lead to something...
  11. Basically, you put a [, then you type QUOTE in capital letters. That is followed by an = sign and then you type the person's name correctly and put another ] facing the other way. After that you paste in what they said. Then behind the text you put another [, then a / and then you type QUOTE again and put a ]. That should do it.... Remember, this is for quoting multiple pieces of text. If you want to quote just one piece of text, then just press quote
  12. There was a thread on one of the FoC forums, can't remember which one. But it argued that in reality the Imperial Fleet would have PWNED the Rebels were it not for the fact that the good guys always win (George Lucas made it that way). In that, it mentioned the make-up of both fleets and the Bothan Assault Cruiser was included in the Rebel Fleet. Also, let's not forget that the end of the campaign concludes AFTER Ep. 6. So even if the MC80B was built after the Battle of Endor, it would still be valid to have been built. Plus, as was rightfully stated, the Eclipse wasn't around until Dark Empire. The only reason its here is because a story-line was amassed from fiction and twisted canon six ways from sunday. I would have liked to have the Liberty as a hero, those were my thought sinitially and it would be possible; seeing as the Sundered Heart disappeared during the Rebel campaign in EAW. But yeah, even though the MC40 would have been weaker and less unique than an MC30, it would have still brought in some type of variation. I mean, Bothan Assault Cruisers or the like would have been nice to be added in or some type of equivalent that wasn't a Rebel mainstay cruiser already mentioned. That would have certainly added something different.
  13. Okay, where do I start lol . I was thinking about that...and yeah A-Wings do have a significant effect on other fighters. To counter this though, I was more thinking whether it would be wiser to randomise the complement of fighters that an MC gets either with each MC produced or with each new battle it engages in. The Home One would still definitely get B-Wings of course, along with an X-Wing squadron because B-Wings are Ackbar's babies. But for the rest it could be random, what do you think? Thinking about the laser cannon idea again...it may not seem like a very attractive idea on the onset. But if you think about it further it may make sense aswell. The ISD wouldn't be at a disadvantage to the MC if both got at least 1 cannon placed in the middle of the cruiser halfway between the midpoint and the front - and having a laser cannon would also give both cruisers more of an edge vs. the Consortium. The cannon wouldn't have to be uber-powerful - but something along the lines of the MC Frigate. After all, it works well enough for the MC30 doesn't it? Sorry I wasn't clear enough. The way I meant to put it was in terms of a defensive tactical space battle in GC (in both EAW and FoC) and in skirmish where you naturally both start off on opposite sides and there are usually obstacles which do not allow u to hyper in that close to the enemy - and they usually come for you anyway. Yeah I certainly do use scouting, but I wasn't really considering that. Nonetheless, it is a valid comparison since the scenario could very well happen. I also like using the blind spot ability, but my original tactic when doing scouting is to bring in either a corvette or fighters, fly to the enemy and bring in counters to each enemy ship depending on the positioning, that way there's a shielded force e.g. Neb-B against Corvettes would be put in between Corvettes and fighters, but within range of other smaller capital ships - MC's come in last. I definitely prefer bringing in small heroes for scouting though - Slave I, Falcon and Sundered Heart: those are the best. Furthermore, I very much accept that an ISD is superior to an MC, and I am very much fine with that. The ISD is meant to be the most powerful ship around (next to the SSD and ESD) and that's why I also argue against the allegedly superior Kedalbe and Aggressor. They may have been stolen Imperial designs, but in the end he's a pirate and a gangster, and despite having money would not have produced the same quality ships as Imperials, or the same quantity - at least without anyone taking notice. It's similar to bootlegged DVDs - they may be surprisingly good but they still aren’t on the same level. I am both an ISD and an MC fan - heck, the Acclamator, ISD, SSD and Venator are damn cool! However, I do raise these issues due to game balance and also because I have to admit - ever since X-Wing Alliance I have very much preferred to see MCs with Hangars. They are so much cooler and effective that way. Anyway, enough of the rambling… I do realize the MC has a technical advantage to the ISD in terms of maneuverability. However, while it’s noticeable enough if you pay close attention, it still isn't significant enough to be cited as an all-out advantage if you catch my drift. It's no boost shields ability in my book. What I suggest would be maybe improving the speed of the MC to make it more noticeable. If that would happen I’d be more willing to let the ISD improvements slide for game balance, as this would put the MC a bit more even. Now I’m not saying make it as fast as an MC Frigate, but I would appreciate a significant speed boost to more accurately reflect the maneuverability advantage of the MC over the ISD. Maybe a 40%-50% boost in speed in-between the MC's speed and the MC Frigate's speed? I would also be very much willing to allow the price of an MC rise if this occured, since it would make the game more fair for Imperial players. Well that's a toughie to answer. There are options but it would get more complicated and everybody knows that. I'm fine with beefing out the ISD but only if you give the MC something else to compensate for it, even if it isn't making it exactly equal to the ISD. There are different ways to do it, i've mentioned two of them - boosting the maneuverability/speed of the MC, giving it a hangar, or a laser cannon. Any of those would give it a boost, and even if the designers wanted to boost an ISD further as long as it is proportional in the end then i'm fine with that. In terms of pop. cap; increasing it for the Rebels isn't the solution, since it would make it unfair for Imperials as you stated, so I was kind of thinking if there was a way to decrease the pop. cap of specific units to kind of give the Rebels some kind of edge. I kind of thought of it like this: Ammended Pop Caps for Specific Units: Rebel Fighters: 1 Rebel Corvettes: 1 Nebulon-B Frigates: 2 Imperial Fighters: 1 Tartans: 1 Acclamators: 3 Victory's: 3 Assault Frigates: 3 MC30 Frigates: 3 etc. Let's keep in mind that none of this is final, and I was only kind of brainstorming this. The reason I would say make the Acclamator cost more than the Nebulon-B is because the Acclamator has fighters - that's my justification for it. This setup would somewhat upset the balance, but if you guys have any suggestions to tweak it please let me know. I also think the MC Frigate should be kept at 3 because their effectiveness definitely renders them worthy of occupying 3 slots on the pop. cap as they are a very useful and devastating unit if used right. Of course the other units are too, but not to the same extent. I sure as hell agree that the Rebel's strength is their fighters, which is why I think the balance should be restored to both what it is in canon, but also so that the Rebels still have their advantages - which definitely means boosting the X-Wing. I don't mind where it gets boosted as long as there's a boost - though I do not accept S-foil boosts for any fighters really because they are the least used, only for zipping across the map and initiating bombing runs. Though the base speed is the most important for that. In any case, a boost to the X-Wing is a welcome development to me. I'm sure you guys have already looked on Petroglyph Forums...I don't see any changes being made to X-Wings? Anyone? Finally, I won't reply to anything you said to Tears, that's between you two and I don't need to put my two cents in, so I won't :helm2:
  14. Like Tears said, we are talking about 'free' fighters as in 'free' population cap. No matter if you pay for em upon building, the fact is there's an abundance of them being emitted from the hangar during the course of a battle. And the point of fighters being destroyed in 1 bombing run - they replenish! So it isn't really a valid argument. Plus, taking down the Hangar of an ISD would mean taking down the shields first if you don't have bombers on hand. And bringing in bombers to take out the Hangar bay requires a pop. cap point (for 1 set- if that set can even destroy the Hangar in 1 run before being destroyed), something that the Imperials don't required because they get bombers for FREE. I don't mind paying extra for a MonCal as long as its built adequately to at least marginally hold its own against an ISD AND its fighters and bombers. We never said compare the ISD to the MonCal without fighters, it's not the same as if you are comparing the four major heroes (Ackbar, Piett, Thrawn, Zann) like they did on Gamespot because it's not that type of comparison. The entire reason we are making arguments is because the ISDs special ability was spawning fighters, and being at an armour-point disadvantage to the MC, and now its stronger than an MC armour-wise which negates the MC's advantage. I don't recall anybody asking, including me, for that large an amount of fighters to complement a MonCal. That's even more fighters than an ISD gets. What I said was to get a minimum of 1 Squadron of A-Wings or 1 Squadron of X-Wings and 1 Squadron of Y-Wings (B-Wings for the Home One). This would mean that the MonCal is still at a singular disadvantage in battling an ISD if it uses its fighters wastefully. Since there is only one attack squadron you would have to use them wisely. However, my other alternative is still the laser cannons, which doesn't cause imbalance if applied to both cruisers and would give the MonCal its edge, and at the same time preserve the overall superiority of the ISD. While an interesting comparison, I don't think anybody who knows what they are doing would use 25 fighters only or 12 Corvettes. You'd get slaughtered by the larger capital ships for the most part, and you can't really account that the enemy wouldn't bring in stronger ships against you once their pop. cap frees up. By the way everyone, what are your thoughts about the laser cannon idea?
  15. The argument has flared up again as the ISD is being upgraded in the patch. We won't even bother discussing ZC ships as they are so totally unbalanced...
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