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  1. You already have one, that's what's causing the issue. JA has copy-protection, and your crack/no-cd is triggering that. To fix it, buy the game. The 1.01 patch is here
  2. If you tried googling that error, you'd realise it's because of the cracked version of jamp.exe you're using. Buy the game and it will work fine =]
  3. I have too many projects on my plate to join yet another team for something I'm not passionate about. You probably should have PMed me.
  4. If it's not listed, you can't do it. It's hard-coded in SP's source code, which is unavailable. A work-around would be to modify the NPC files so they have lower health. EDIT: I see you've already looked and found the same answer <_> It's not that we don't know how, it's that you can't
  5. It sounds like you're using the quake.exe "fix" Those OpenGL work-arounds do not need to be used now. The ATi drivers have been fixed since 10.5, which was released a long time ago.
  6. Sounds like you're using a NO-CD crack. It's triggering JA's anti-piracy measures.
  7. Hey Kurgan, just played on the Meatgrinder for about an hour. Feels good to take off the JA+ clan suit and play some good old fashioned CTF with bots on OJP =] As you probably know, I'm a coder, and I'd be happy to support the Meatgrinder perhaps by maintaining OJP basic and adding onto it. Let me know what you want and I'll see if I can get it done. I could also host some servers/services from Australia (Sorry, I'd be in the UK/US if I could!) such as a game server, web site, IRC, maybe even Teamspeak. I have free access to a few server machines with 99% uptime here. Is your deal with EscapedTurkey still in effect? I believe they did a similar thing with my JA+ clan, was rather nice of them to recognise long-term customers. To start with, I may port my administrative system from my JA+ replacement, mostly for this if we have any troublemakers (Referring to your last post)
  8. Eh =\ I try not to be rude, but we've answered this a few times. Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3
  9. You'd need to learn the C programming language and modify the SDK. It'd only be possible in MP.
  10. It could be XFire's ingame overlay. I think that has an FPS counter.
  11. Worked fine on Ubuntu 10.10 back then, Mantis seems to know more about the issue.
  12. Hm, if my connection were any more stable I'd be able to mirror what I have here =\ Maybe in a few days to a week. You can remind me on xfire: friedjawa101
  13. 1) Changing the .veh and .npc files in assets*.pk3/ext_data will modify the vehicle's speed. 2) Not without coding, and only for multi-player.
  14. For multi-player, I recommend you learn C programming. It's no weekend retreat, but the benefits are worth it.
  15. Verrrrrry low chance they'll do that, but nevertheless, I can tell you the details for MultiPlayer. breakParryBonus, parryBonus, disarmBonus and lockBonus are unlimited. The game will choose a random number between 0 and <value> to use as the parry/disarm/lock/etc bonus. As for forcepowers, everything is limited to 3, except if there is a Jedi NPC (As determined by the weapon selected, or the odd case where Boba Fett uses the Jedi NPC AI code) with the class of CLASS_DESANN or CLASS_TAVION, in which case FP_SABER_OFFENSE is set to 3 and 4 respectively. Force powers are very different in SP, but I am sure the saber fields behave the same.
  16. Word of advice: Never modify your assets. Create a new PK3 by renaming a .zip file. As for slowing down the flip animation, the file you're looking for is in models/players/_humanoid/animations.cfg. You can open a model in ModView to see the animation. Once you have the right animation name, find the matching line in animations.cfg and change the animation 'fps' aka speed. Reduce that, put it in a PK3 and it should work fine.
  17. Patched your game to 1.01? Run with a clean base? Same goes for your texture problems thread. Too many mods = game asplode.
  18. MakerMod and Lugormod are server-side code modifications, thus only usable in MP. They give users and server administrators the ability to create and modify 'entities' to build their own worlds. Sorry for such a short description =3
  19. If you're using a crack, remove it. There are anti-tamper measures in JA that will cause models to disappear, and possibly why you're crashing.
  20. Lucky them, I guess =p my point still stands, trying to port an 'advanced' game to Linux in crunch time for the minority of your market isn't something many companies are willing to risk or spend money on. Then comes bug crunching, marketing, sustaining/updating.. Sure it's been done, from time to time, but I don't think either of us would have high hopes if we had some figures/graphs/statistics of the reality.
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