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  1. My husband and I try to connect to a server at the same time and the one that was in the server first is kicked. We have a lynksys router and have played in game at the same time before. For some reason now it's not letting us. I've played with the router settings and still we can't play at the same time. There's an error that pops up ... 'Unwanted challenge response received. Ignored.' We would like to play at the same time so any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Also my server that I've hosted numerous times won't show up at all except in local. Unsure if that is related at all. Thanks
  2. I have an 'admin script' which scrolls through the commands and then I press a trigger..... I was wondering if there was a script for binds. Like save all binds and then just scroll through them to choose one and stuff. I've searched for one but I only found one that I just didn't understand. lol.. I know nothing about scripts other than my admin script....I have soo many binds that I just want to save my keyboard lol.
  3. My dedicated server works and all.... ...but some of the admin commands don't work...like /amslap .../ammindtrick....and spawning...I was wondering if anyone knows how to enable them. Thanks.
  4. alright...just tried to have someone connect and they couldn't see the server as online....when I go into my game I see it in the internet list...the local list and I added it to my favorites...so I see it as online....I opened up ports 29060-29071 maybe I need to open more? idk
  5. My boyfriend is computer geek lol....so he opened up some ports...and I think it's working....he can see the server up when I have it on...so hopefully others do too ...thanks for replying
  6. I decided to start a topic as I don't know if it'll be answered in that 'old' topic. I started a dedicated server. My computer runs it fine. I get on game(any server including the dedicated one) and it runs fine. But I gave the IP and port to a friend and he couldn't see the server. I don't know what I did wrong. It won't let people connect to it. I use port 29070 for the server....I'm not sure if that's the reason it's not working. the port used to be 21000 for reasons I don't even know but I changed it. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks edit: my boyfriend's computer is connected to the same router...he opened a port on the router and it still didn't allow people to connect...not even him on his computer. The router is linksys wireless g with speed booster...not sure if that helps.
  7. I started a dedicated server on my computer and I connect to it fine and all...but others don't. They can't see it. ...Please help.
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