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  1. l33t Sniping underwater in the Imperial Fortress Force Squares! I mean, Powers! Saber dueling under a pipe More of our repeater duel (you really HAD to be there to enjoy it)
  2. This was after some carbonite, but I wish my screenshot finger was faster so you could see the icy pieces fall apart.
  3. Yeah! MotS! Anyway, I started playing a few days ago with Kurgan and Co., and it's really great, especially when there are "a lot" (4+) of people. And it actually works on my dialup connection! Yay for the LucasArts of 9 years ago! Yay for mini-revivals like this!
  4. Uhhh ok, thanks for the support. So, who wants to set up a game, and when? Maybe after we play a few games, we can get together more often.
  5. I was thinking, that since the Zone is basically gone, nobody is on GameSpy, and the dedicated server is empty a lot, we should organise some sort of regular times and dates for us to have multiplayer matches. I know there are quite a few people, especially on these forums, who really would enjoy this. I don't have a fast connection myself, but maybe someone with a good connection could host these games? There can, of course, be discussion as to which games are played when, such as JK, MOTS, FF, NF, Mods, etc. Any ideas for setting this up would be great.
  6. It was my favorite Harry Potter movie so far. Not only do I have a crush on the chick who plays Hermione, but then they throw in a whole busload (carriageload?) of French chicks!
  7. try alt-tabbing out, then go to my computer and right click your CD drive, open (not autoplay) it, or anything like that. sometimes windows doesnt autoplay and spin up the JK cd2 for me right. or maybe thats just my problem.
  8. Could you please all visit this site and tell me which of the choices i should buy to get mysteries of the sith; obviously not the first one because it only has the 3-level demo disc with it. or, if anyone could tell me where to get it besides ebay. dont even think of going into illegal options, please.
  9. try messing around with these commands: /r_overbrightbits x /r_ignorehwgamma x where "x" is either 0 or 1. that should do it, silly buggy Q3 engine slider. BTW, are you the Saxman from the XWA community? if so, good job. XWAU/Darksaber foreva!
  10. My school voted in a rather large one put on by ChannelOne news, a daily TV news show for teenagers here in the US. According to the site, about 1.4 million teens voted in this. How it worked for us: 1. Our first period teacher gave us each one voting card, with a unique code on each one. 2. We went to the ChannelOne site, entered our code, and chose between George W. Bush, John Kerry, or "Third Party Candidate" Needless to say, this is way more inaccurate than the OFFICIAL US election. A person I knew found a pile of unused cards and voted for Kerry 8 times, but my state as a whole voted for Bush. for official results: http://channelone.com/election_2004/results/ I don't really take this too seriously though, because I realize that 95% of students simply voted for who their parents voted for.
  11. This is an interesting phenomenon that I know most/all of you have had. It's when you get so absorbed into the game world and control that you just become a part of it, your computer controls are just an extension of yourself. If this sounds nerdy and stupid, perhaps you might need to try it for yourself. Here are some of my tips that might help you get the ultimate experience, feel free to post. 1. Get some really insane game. It's hard to acheive this in any JK series games, theyre not as fast. I recommend Quake III, or some deathmatch game at a skill level that is very difficult, yet not impossible for you. 2. Music. One of my favorite tracks for getting "in the zone" is from Unreal Tournament 2003/2004. For those of you that have it, it's the music for the "Tokara Forest" map. It's sort of a slow techno-trance, very calm, and very interesting in the cool dark forest trees and peaceful dim grasses (stained with gibs, of course...) 3. It helps if your room is dark and quiet, and also if you're a bit tired. The effect is almost instantaneous if you're extremely tired and it's late at night. Of course, if you're too tired, then you acheive another state of mind known as "falling asleep". That's all for me, and any comments/other tips/experiences would be appreciated.
  12. So, are you pro-(civilian ownership and usage)-of guns, or not? Or, something else.... My opinion is that if guns are allowed, then more power to everyone, and rights rights rights. BUT, if no guns are allowed, I'm also fine with that, because I'm not really much of a guns user at all and dont really own any. Sometimes my dad (pro-gun) tells me of something that the 2nd amendment in the US bill of rights (right to bear arms) was created so that we can revolution if the government is turning corrupt, which sounds freaky-cool. Wait, too much Star Wars...
  13. I remember there was a petition or some such thing a while back to get the source code released. The source code is the inner workings of the Jedi Knight engine and such, and having this released would give developers access to ALL of the JK features, finally.
  14. One of my friends had this problem a while ago, he was using some TNT-based video card too. He fixed the problem by turning GL Extensions OFF in the "video" menu. I think you're talking about the problem where your regular textures are moslt yreplaced by flickering black texture thingies... it's a hard thing to describe, I know. Also, this might not help, but it will in the long run, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX, which should be 9.0c. Glad to help, and I wish I could get paid doing it.
  15. Hi folks. My story starts with my friend, I'll call him D. He's frickin awesome l33t, originally from Mexico, and can speak spanish very well. Occasionaly, he goes back to Mexico, maybe for a month in the summer, and even returns with gifts for people. He bought himself a T-shirt there, too. Here is D's english translation of the original spanish T-shirt: FRONT: In case of fire, read back. BACK: I said in case of fire, dumbass. That's it. On the first day of school, he wore that shirt. No one really noticed, if they did, they didn't care. Well, one spanish teacher did, though. He/She contacted the office, and D received a small note telling him to come down to the office, about his shirt. I know, because I was in the same class with him when he received it. After about 20 minutes, he returned with a different shirt on. D explained that he was told to change it, and that he couldnt go home to change because his parents were gone. Luckily, he had a spare shirt in his PE locker. This above violation neither he nor I protest. The school rules say you can't have a shirt with swearing on it, and that is that. Here is the problem: That night, there was a football game. As with most small towns, a football game is an important event, with a good percentage of the population attending. I was playing in the band, and I was really not sure if D was going to come or not. At half-time, I went and milled about with my friends. I was shocked when I could see D, wearing his imfamous T-shirt, apparently arguing with a non-uniformed police officer, who actually was the same resource officer at our school that might've ordered him to change shirts. Here is the only bits that I could get from the argument: Cop: Something something something. D: OH yeah? Do you see me leaving? I think I'm leaving! What do you think you see? Cop: Yeah D: Alright, fine! I'm leaving! *turns and leaves* That just set me off. Not enough to talk with the police officer, of course. Later, I went with my friends to talk with some of the more "open-minded" teachers at our school, who were at the game. They remarked about how repressive society was getting, etc. Now, I want to fight for D. Not so he can wear the shirt at school, but MOST CERTAINLY so he can wear it at a football game. -------------------------- Here are supporting facts: D paid to get in, $3 I think, and if not, that was covered by the activity fee, which he also paid for. Here are some relevant bits from our Student Handbooks: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION - Students are protected in the exercise of their First Amendment Rights at AFHS. The exercise of such rights, however, must be conducted in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process. American Falls High School will not tolerate any remarks, graffiti, clothing, or action that degrades any nationality or culture. This only talks about the school itself, not the football field, which is a mile away, nor ANY school-sponsored activites. Just the school. Personally, I think the only "culture" his shirt would offend are dumbasses, or pendejos or whatever. DRESS CODE GUIDELINES: ...Clothing or jewelry displaying words or pictures that represent alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, weapons, vulgarity or a topic that would be inflammatory or offensive is not permitted. Once again, this says nothing about school-sponsored activites at all, It doesn't even specify anything as to what locations this "dress code" is applicable to. PROFANE LANGUAGE: The use of profanity or obscene language in school, upon school grounds, on school buses, or during activites sponsored by the school shall not be tolerated. Students who abuse this regulation will be disciplined by the administration. Ahh! Finally! Something about activities! Too bad though, Big Brother, because this is profane LANGUAGE. D was not cussing his head off. Not one bit. Also, note the bit about the "administration". The student handbook says this: RESOURCES Mr. F___ H____......Resource Officer NOWHERE in our handbooks does it even LIST the "administration". If ANYONE were to punish him, that person would be on the non-existant "ADMINISTRATION" list, not the pitiful "RESOURCES" list. ------------------------------- That's all I have for now, but I really want to fight for his rights. I would like any help, support, or ANYTHING that would help.
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