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  1. Uhhh ok, thanks for the support. So, who wants to set up a game, and when? Maybe after we play a few games, we can get together more often.
  2. I was thinking, that since the Zone is basically gone, nobody is on GameSpy, and the dedicated server is empty a lot, we should organise some sort of regular times and dates for us to have multiplayer matches. I know there are quite a few people, especially on these forums, who really would enjoy this. I don't have a fast connection myself, but maybe someone with a good connection could host these games? There can, of course, be discussion as to which games are played when, such as JK, MOTS, FF, NF, Mods, etc. Any ideas for setting this up would be great.
  3. try alt-tabbing out, then go to my computer and right click your CD drive, open (not autoplay) it, or anything like that. sometimes windows doesnt autoplay and spin up the JK cd2 for me right. or maybe thats just my problem.
  4. Could you please all visit this site and tell me which of the choices i should buy to get mysteries of the sith; obviously not the first one because it only has the 3-level demo disc with it. or, if anyone could tell me where to get it besides ebay. dont even think of going into illegal options, please.
  5. I remember there was a petition or some such thing a while back to get the source code released. The source code is the inner workings of the Jedi Knight engine and such, and having this released would give developers access to ALL of the JK features, finally.
  6. Oh yeah... good times... Don't forget that with dial-up, JK just is the best. You're right, nothing like the blind secondary-swinging-with-strafe-jumping in BGJ, and don't forget Canyon Oasis (and the millions of MERC Oasis) levels, where everyone has a Conc, running with force speed on rank 4, ahhh.... good times....
  7. OK I've had the full game of JK for about a year now (June 5, 2002. One of the best days of my life) and i've been active on the Zone. One thing i noticed is that JK gamers seem to have their own sort of slang that describes stuff. Or is this gamer slang and i'm just sheltered from other games???... ok here's my compendium: w00t: cool. really really cool. w00tness: pretty much the same as w00t n00b: newbie, or not newbie but an insult... OwN: To Kick *** at OwNaGe: the art/process of owning Lagger: sometimes combined with n00b, someone with a 1k modem that li
  8. I hope someone can help me. I told my friend that for my birthday, i wanted MotS. It probably isn't in any stores anymore, so im looking online for it. I can't find it anywhere. When I do, its discontinued and/or out of stock. The Lucasarts Company Store used to have it a few weeks ago, but it's not there anymore. I need someone to tell me an online store where it is in stock, or possibly even sell me it (in good condition). If you know where to buy it online, tell me here. And if you want to sell it to me (in good condition) contact me at
  9. Thanks a lot. I forgot that was how i did it a while ago.
  10. How do you turn off those red forcefields in blades of death? I want to get the railgun and concussion rifle but i dont know where you can shut off the forcefields!!!! Help me!!! Thanks.
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