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  1. Well, they set up the story first, shot the cut scenes & then incorporated whatever backgrounds there were from the cut scenes into the area you were in just before the cut scene starts...simple really
  2. That sounds a lot like Strong Bad, too... and anyone who believes that watching violent shows & playing violent video games causes people to be violet is stupid...I've been doing both for most of my life and I'm fine. And anyone who wants to comment on my metal state...I'LL KILL THEM!! Lemme just use the all weapons cheat...
  3. So? I have those, South Park, Simpsons, Invader Zim, Helsing, Cowboy Bebop, & The Transformers (no, the original '80's ones). Guess that makes me Teh Emporer! Oh and I'm an independent...and like to play devil's advocate with people that are too far on either side
  4. I went to the 24 hour store the other day and there was a guy outside locking the door. I asked, "Hey, aren't you open 24 hours?" He said, "Yeah, but not in a row." I put brick wallpaper over my real brick walls. Now when I have people over I can say, "Touch it, it feels real." I spilled spot remover on my dog and now he's gone. Boycott shampoo! Demand real poo! What happens if you're scarred half-to-death twice? If you must choose between two evils, take the one you've never tried before. all shamelessly stolen from Steven Wright --------------------------------------------------- A piece of rope walks into a bar. The bartender sees it and yells, "HEY! We don't serve your kind here!" A little later another piece of rope walked into the bar. Again, the bartender yelled, "HEY! We don't serve your kind here!" The two pieces of rope met up outside and devised a plan to get in. They loosed their ends a bit, tied themselves together and strode back into the bar. The bartender saw them and said, "HEY! Are you rope?" They responded, "Nope FRAYED KNOT!" --------------------------------------------------- If you're canoeing through the desert and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes does it take to fix the shingles on a dog house? None, because ice cream doesn't have bones. --------------------------------------------------- How many Microsoft employees does it take to change a lightbulb? - None, they'll just redefine Darkness as the new industry standard. How many tech support people does it take to change a lightbulb? - That depends, have you tried "the switch?" I want you to go over the the wall and see if you can find... How many Southern Baptists does it take to change a lightbulb? - CHANGE?!?!?
  5. Well, it was free to me at the time as I was living w/ my parents still...I hardly watch any tv anymore Edit: I dropped your geek points in the mail...I hope they get to you.
  6. a cinematic masterpiece compare to the Golgothan that is MORTAL KOMBAT 2: Total Annihilation! I saw it for free on cable & thought I overpaid... (and bonus geek points to those who know what movie a Golgothan appeared in)
  7. BAH! You whippersnappers amuse me. I'm turnin' the ripe ol' age of 24 next month! and I can tell I'm getting older...started hearing songs on the Classic Rock station from bands whose debut albums I bought when they were new in stores (Collective Soul). Also, I can remember before Windows came out and how cool the MACs were for having a GUI. Also, I had to walk 15 miles to school...barefoot...in the snow...up-hill...both ways...
  8. My worst game ever: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Xbox) Only game that has ever made me physically ill (literally feel sick to my stomach after 30 mins of playing.) Other notable offenses: Postal 2 - excruciatingly long load times, crappy physics, sucky story (when the only guest star you can get for the game is Gary Coleman....yeah....) Battlecruiser: Millenium - good concept executed poorly. You could be anything from starship captain to fighter pilot to ground trooper; all pulled off with the worst graphics ever (Wolfenstein 3D looks better) combined with the most complex control schemes known to man (with such easy to remember combos as ctrl+alt+Lshift+f3 to perform 1 action).
  9. Dave Matthews Band - Don't Drink the Water
  10. True, but when I first read it I naturally assumed that they were just injured, I have no idea how you guys ran off with the torn limbs thing...and the "idiot" thing was mor from my own disgust at you guys treating him so callously over something that obviously affected him. So, I appologize for calling you idiots if you appologize to him.
  11. Ok, idiots, he said "holding their limbs" that means they got punched & bruised in their arm...how could they run off holding their limbs if their limbs got detached? Blind rages happen, you get so pissed you just go nuts and don't remember what happened. Try showing some compassion. And this kind of thing happens. Maybe the kids jumped ya cause they thought that you would be an easy target. It sucks and I feel sorry for ya Troopr! At least ya got the girl!
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