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  1. Same here. The 90s were the best
  2. Mical/Disciple: You are naive yet intelligent, strong yet innocent, and loyal to your cause. Be careful of people who would take advantage of you. Lighten up a little bit and quit worrying so much. You'll be fine. ^ ^
  3. I like the random loot system that Mass Effect has. You always end up which item you want anyways, but there are not as much items in Mass Effect as there are in KOTOR i think. As for the side quests, there shouldn't be many, if any, if KOTOR III is going where we think it is going. but if some people want a lot of side quests, once you finish the game, you should be able to free roam or whatever to do the sidequests
  4. If KOTOR III was like Mass Effect, but with lightsabers, it would be nice. I know it would take away the RPG elements of KOTOR, but who cares? It would be nice to hear the PC actually talk in the game. That would get rid of the "Who am I? Where am I?" and having to wait 4 hours to become a Jedi/Sith. And I know this won't happen since KOTOR III is never going to made, but I would like to see that KOTOR III.
  5. As I said before, all of the canon endings in Star Wars games are the LS endings, as much as I like the DS ending for KOTOR II. They want people to think that good always wins. So, neither the Exile or Atris is the Sith, since the Exile redeems Atris in LS ending I think. I think the aforementioned Sith is someone who we don't know ( and probably never will unless the LA/Bioware product is KOTOR III)
  6. Since when was the canon ending for KOTOR II the DS one, because the only place I've seen this DS "canon" ending is here?
  7. Not part of the debate, but are you sure it said after KOTOR II or after the Sith Civl War? First you said one sith survived after KOTOR II, but your next sentence says after the civil war. and according to Wookiepedia, which people here like to reference, the Exile was female, but not a Sith. In fact, the canon for all Star Wars games is the lightside ending.
  8. I've known there's not going to be a KOTOR III since i saw the DS ending for KOTOR II. They didn't care about the ending so they must not care about the sequel either.
  9. I thought the Sith came from Ziost (surprised no one has mentioned it and that it's not in the game)
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