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  1. I didnt play the demo and i wont, i try to keep the spoilers away from me:P but the footage ive seen sofar looked quite interesting. And even if the gameplay sucks from what ive seen, read the story part of the game will be amazing.
  2. If you only "balance" a class by limiting its number you will lose alot of customers and create alot of funny forums threads. If there are like 5% jedi´s only but those can beat the crap out of any mix of classes up to lets say 5 or 6 players quite alot of people will turn their backs to that game. Its no fun when you lose to someone just because he was the lucky guy to get to play the most powerfull class. And MMO´s are not about what the hardcore player demands lore and balancewise, they are mainly about getting as many subscribers as possible. And there is no way a company would sacrifice the largest part of their community, the casual gamers, those who never play more than a few hours per week (therefore use up the smallest amount of resources but pay the same amount of money) just because they wanted to stick to the lore:)
  3. I agree with you, you cannot roll out a Kotor MMO and then restrict the amount of jedi´s by rules the player himself has allmost no influence on. As in max. % of jedi on a server, that basically screws over every player that joined the game/server later. @Master Zionosis: Having a min. level in order to start your jedi training will not prevent anyone from becoming a jedi if that particular class is too strong, because MMO´s are longtime games meant to be played for month or years. At some point every player will hit the max lvl, there is no MMO where it is not the goal of the player to reach the level cap. Actually in allmost every MMO except the asian grinder´s the real game expierience starts when you hit the level cap (as in the maximum amount of your abilities and talents), because thats when the endgame content, raiding, pvp and so on starts. So the easiest way to reduce the amount of Jedi´s is to not make them too overpowered and to give all others classes attractive abilities aswell. And in the end who cares about jedis anyway, i´d much rather play a mandalorian with shiny beskar´gam a beskaad and some big blaster:-), and judging from the amount of jedi´s / sith / dark jedi´s my non jedi party members desintegrated in KotOR those old republic force users werent that tough anyway:-).
  4. Well i wasnt born when the first movie came out, i have watched em some years later on TV tho and i watched the "special" edition sometime in the 90´s when it came back into the theaters. And afaik it was my mom´s fault that i became a star wars fan since she wanted to get me to read books and thought i would read a book about star wars well she was right:P i own most of the novels by now xept those lousy 200pages books for childs and the young jedi knights stuff which i never really liked:-)
  5. I know that fact, it doesnt say anything tho as i said LA wasnt sure if they are going to make a K3 or a game in KotOR universe so it wouldnt be to surprising if JZ made concepts for sth that was back then meant for a Kotor game. The concepts from MollyDenmark arent labeled as K3 concepts for example and its possible that they recycled some of the concepts for TFU.
  6. Well LA has said that they werent sure in the start in what timeline TFU should be placed, or if it should be some sort of a sequel to KotOR. So it wouldnt be a surprise to me if these concepts were made for the game now known as The Force Unleashed.
  7. I dont think they will, there has been so much rumours, conspiracy about it and they havnt made a statement yet. Bioware stated sth, and EA did but i havnt seen LA answering any question, and even the denials are written in a way that leaves allmost everything uncertain. The denial of the IGN news for example was formulated like this "we are not _neccesarily_ making KotOR3 atm" could mean "we dont" or "we are but we dont tell you if we are". I hope that the next GamesConvention in Leipzig will bring up some news of all the projects LA and Bioware are working on atm.
  8. Well after seeing these concepts its obvious that they afaik at least had K3 in mind and did some early work on it. I just hope they pick this up again or all kept lying to us and then in some weeks or month perform a : "Hey, sup guys? did we mention that Kotor3 is ready?! no? oh sorry for that here it is" + "Ow BiowareMMO got renamed to KotOR MMO" ...no one can deny us some dreamin eh?:-)
  9. Oblivion 2008 maybe, and Oblivion Street 2008?
  10. Ye that point is for sure valid, but it does not really mean KotOR3 is in works or planned, could be they had TSL and K3 planned allready because the first game was so nice and when the rushed TSL wasnt as successful they decided against it. But well:-) we shall see...hopefully anytime soon what the "LA/Bioware interactive conspiracy product" and the "TopSecret mysterious infamous Bioware MMO" are about
  11. Was my first impression aswell Have, 2004 dated on many of the pics. So it can be TSL concept art aswell. Seeing how lucasarts pushed obsidian to release TSL i doubt they would spend 4 years on Kotor3.
  12. Hm any example´s for that? I didnt notice them preventing stuff like that and i know of some very good starwars mod´s for non-star wars games. (BF2142 First Strike is the most recent is guess, and Warlords for Homeworld by EvilJedi is another very popular mod) OT: Iam just glad i predicted this and didnt buy ME for my Xbox, i kinda knew they would sooner or later bring it out for the PC. And the PC version allows Mod´s and Mod´s are what makes games like that even more fun to play for even more time! Iam hoping for alot of sweet stoffe mod´s :-)
  13. I think the way it was handled in the early SWG was quite fine, _everyone_ had a chance of becoming a Jedi but it was very very difficult and a long long path to which lets say "casual" players didnt have the time or dedication for. This way you will have some Jedi and some Sith which should afaik be part of a SW game esp if it is set in an area where these 2 partys battle each other. It would be a terrible mistake to allow everyone to be a jedi from the start like it was in the later SWG, because Jedi are lets exaggerate abit, demi-gods in SW they are not only supposed to but indeed are stronger and more powerful than normal beings. So if you let everyone roll a jedi from the start i can tell you 80% or more would do it, so the sultion would be to make jedis so "weak" that all other classes are on par with them and that would kinda screw it. Another solution, one that would rather fit in an era with less jedis than there were around the KotOR timeline, would be to have gamemasters being jedi´s. But not like GM´s you know from WoW (ingame customer support) but rather as event/community manager, people who do afaik play the game run special quests talk with other people mby even participate in fights on one or another side or try to settle them by diplomacy.
  14. If you check the LA page and look up on their games they have listed : The Force Unleashed Fracture Indiana Jones So i dont think the Bioware/LA project will be another Indiana Jones, the way they keep holding back any info about this project makes me think that it is prolly sth rather big which is more or less stated by the news release that announced this coop. But well to few info about this, i hope its going to be an mmo but since Bioware is allready having an mmo on their page its not really realistic unless they are just giving us a little runaround for the fun of it.
  15. Well, the best about that player was that Microsoft was like "nono HD-DVD is still valid" after WB said they wont publish their movies on HDDVD anymore so they can make some more money with the player before people notice they got tricked. But well Blu-Ray is the only good thing about PS3 and mby that you dont need to pay to be able to use multiplayer content, so iam fine with my Xbox and am glad i didnt buy that player Microsoft will prolly bring out a BluRay player anytime soon.
  16. Sad for all those who bought the XboxHD-DVD player for alot of money.
  17. I guess the TFU story was supposed to be more EPIC, thats probably why they decided against KotOR and rather took sth that will be more familiar to the normal people who aren´t as much into star wars as most guys on these forums. I just hope they soon announce what all this Bioware/LA secretiveness is about, i hate it to wait for several month hoping that its a SW game or a SW mmo just so they then tell us "ow well its sth totally different: World of Spongebob - the infamous sponge".
  18. You shouldnt be to surprised by that prime, if you look at it from the perspective of the devlopers and publisher´s its like this: Creating a game for the console allows you to use top GFX without risking to lose the customers that do not have a high end PC (which is the majority anyone could play crysis at 100%?) Creating a game for the console is easier since you do know the exact hardware every customer will have and wont get surprised by bugs that prevent the game from running on certain PC specs. A console game can be sold for like 15-30€ more, in europe the top PS3 games cost around 70€ and the top Xbox games 60€ while PC games usually sell for 40€. It isnt as easy to pirate Console games, while everyone can download pirated pc games and run them it isnt that easy for the console i havnt tried it myself yet but it requires more than just dling + installing sth. Consoles reach a bigger Community while you will not find to many 10-15y/o kids with proper gaming PC´s (unless they have rich parents, sth you cannot count on) you will find alot more at this age who do own a console. Thats just my oppinion why more and more developers focus on consoles. And on the KotOR era, well imho the KotOR era would be the best Star Wars era for a MMO that involves proper story connected content and still allows the dev´s to do allmost anything they want without interferring with the Star Wars continuity.
  19. Yes, TFU isnt the only game they are developing for the Consoles, Fracture and Indiana Jones are also next Gen Console Games. And do you know of any promising LA game in developement for the PC? I at least dont, ofc we have our KotOR rumors and everyone hopes LA is doing an MMO [but atm there is no proof that LA is doing an MMO esp not with Bioware if you check the Bioware page and look at the games it says "Lucasars/Bioware Interactive Product", "Bioware MMO", "Dragon Age", "next gen Game" but nowhere is mentioned that there is a Bioware/LA MMO, so no i dont really see where LA is doing much for the PC users atm.] And if you check the releases of the past years the only Game i remember was Empire at War afaik which was just like TSL, it had a high potential but totally incomplete when released and still is. My hope is that when LA is starting the broadcast of the new clonewars animated series and soon the live action series we will get a new flood of games and novels since as often mentioned the 30th Anniversary was like...well i have seen more releases of Star Wars products in years where there was no movie release or anniversary.
  20. Well its correct tho that LA seems to rather focus on Consoles than creating new PC Games, but i cant really blame them its what everyone does why shouldn´t LA do it. I mean dont forget the whole StarWars universe is as nice as it is yet a very very big merchandise, i think George Lucas was the first guy to really understand how to do proper merchandising and how to make money out of StarWars, no one should be surprised if LA follows the trend. I wont lose my hopes for KotOR3 i mean we are all waiting basically since TSL for a new KotOR and since K1 for a KotOR that has the quality of this very first part. (tbh TSL is sadly only 50% as good as K1 was thx to the rushed release which is indeed the fault of LA and not Obisidian the cut content proofs that imho) But i guess the best we can hope for would be a new starwars mmo, maybe one in the KotOR timeline since after all MMO´s are still made for PC and not console users and no MMO can reach the potential of a _well made_ SW mmo, SWG was nice and got screwed by SOE like they did with most of their other MMO´s wasnt a real surprise for me when they screwed it.
  21. @The Source Yeah well as i said its a good point i was kinda unimpressed by the 30th anniversy aswell, iam from germany and the only thing i noticed was that some english novels are about to get translated and some older books like shadow´s of the empire got republished since they were sold out for some time. What iam really looking forward to tho is the animated comic serious that was announced for august i just hope i get a chance to see the episodes and the movie. I wouldnt be to happy if i had to wait month to see sth of it here in oversea. But well my hopes are up there are plenty of rumours whats goin on atm not only with KotOR but other sw games, i for my part cannot imagine that GL suddenly stoped to extend the galaxy. Mby they are indeed just letting us wait so that we are totally starving and storm the markets when they release a new sw game:-). Could be possible that we will see some sweet announcements when the anmiated and live series are announced to hype it even more.
  22. @TheSource, you have a point there i was kinda wondering aswell how unspecial the 30th anniversy stuff was, i mean there were a few new novels and they republished a few of the older books. I was kinda expecting at least some announcements of future games, mby a big preview on the TV series etc but as you said it was kinda flatline. But from my pov i just cant understand why they are not working on their old franchises, i mean there is not only the KotOR series many fans would love to be continued, we also have the JK series, Battlefront and sth alot of people have been asking and making petitions for X-wing/Tie-Fighter. Yet LA as basically only released Empire at War in the last time? TFU is in work sure, and the Bioware+LA MMO is most likely going to be SW aswell but apart from that there arent many new SW games on the Horizon even tho i think there was some Intervie with LA about them "having not forgot about our old franchises" and "planning to have around 2 games each year". Well aslong as they dont make an official statement that the KotOR series is finsihed ill keep my hopes up.
  23. Well my personal evil oppinion why there are so few rpg games nowdays is that its alot easier to make a storyless acitionshooter with some nice gfx. A good rpg requires a nice story alot of gamedepth and afaik more content than some straight forward shooter. Its one of the things i miss alot lately i bought halo3 and it was awesome the story was okay the gfx nice but its done in a few hours and the MP is just like that of any other shooter. There are to many games that have content for 15hours only and are just cool for one playthrough because the only thing they have are nice gfx. You are correct so ME isnt exactly like KotOR but its not so different from it + its from the company most people expect to make a K3, i dont think that Bioware wants to risk bringing out a mediocre K3 just because they are busy with several other games at the same time. But well atm the only big SW game on the horizon is TFU, i really wonder why LA is not making some sequels for games like KotOR, RC, JK and a new simulation of the X-wing/Tie series, i see so many people on different boards asking for sequels to those games i just cant understand why LA didnt allready announce sequels to at least some of them:-/
  24. For all you fans of RC there is at least the novels from Karen Travis about the Omega/Delta-Squad. There is 3 of them allready afaik the latest is TrueColor´s but there is a 4th part listed on amazon to appear sometime next year if iam not mistaken now it was called order 66. RC2 would just like K3 be a nice game for a sequel i bought RC for 9,99€ as a budget game some 2+ years ago and those 9 euros were one of the best invested so far. The game doesnt have a ubar story or anything but for that price it was awesome and the way you can control your team and keep going as a team was just pure fun for me. A sequel with a nice coop for PC would be the win!
  25. *edited* Anyone has a link for "[TSL] Fett-style Mandolorians"? its from Darth DeadMan Its replacing the NeoCrusaders of TSL with new Models.
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