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  1. whoa, i thought you said you were on... drugs... but i just got SWG the real thing, i played for such a long time. i'm level 18 i'd love to join you giuld thingy... i'm also on starsider ~Obliviumjr
  2. thats about... £8... Is it really worth it? ~Obliviumjr
  3. but you have to pay $30 a month do you not? ~Obliviumjr
  4. hi there. i have the demo of SWG, but i can't afford the real game do you guys have any ideas that could help me... please don't suggest, save up or this is a useless topic. ~Obliviumjr
  5. hi i'm kinda new, so excuse me if i'm wrong in anyway. thanks Name: A'Shan Hereon Age: 39 Stature:6' 4" Faction: Rouge Commando (no faction) Home Planet: Tatooine Species: Human Occupation: Assasin/Agent Weapons:Clone Rifle, Vibroblade, D-44 Pistol Vehicles: Skipray Blastboat (i always wanted one of these) Bio: A'Shan Hereon was brought up among the Sand people. During the clone wars he was only a child. when he was old enough, he joined the Rebellion. during these years he grew to hate the rebellion and the empire. Just before the battle of Hoth he left the Alliance and went back to his home planet, Tatooine. he stayed there until the war had ended and travelled the galaxy with his droids. TC-18 (C3-PO kinda droid) and R3-P12, an astromech droid. During his travels he ended up trading his ship in for a Blastboat, and he gained himself some Black clone armour wich he modified. he now works for the different gangs of the universe.
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