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  1. Anyone want one? You need to PM me that you do, what you want, and screenshots. Tell other people too, I'm bored.
  2. What's the difference between Smoke Bomb, Without a Trace, and Sneak?
  3. Wrong. Faction Points no longer matter, I joined Imperial at -3000 FP. To get a recruiter, the easiest one to find is to go to Moenia on Naboo and directly across from the Starport there is a recruiter. You have to be Rebel to do the Rebel Piloting, but you can be a privateer pilot and a Rebel. But first you have to quit your piloting faction from a Bestine Guild Hall. Rebel personnel were moved by SOE to be very hard to find, to give it a more "realistic" feel. So, you'll have to look around for a Rebel Pilot trainer. I believe there is one in a gazebo in Moenia.
  4. As soon as I get the 1.5M to buy armor I'm going Rebel .... again.
  5. Where did you get this? Are they Star Wars? Are any of them in a world with pink fairy wish poodles?
  6. Sunrunner. They're the 2nd best roleplaying server ... but that's all I've heard them do. Kettemoor is a drama server ....
  7. Name ............... Gizkaguy / Gizka-guy (I like Gizkas!) Faction ............ Imperial (Going Rebel) Class ................ Medic - 79 / Shipwright - 64 Server ............. Kettemoor Race ................. Mon Calamarian / Sullustan Current Guild ... Synergy Pilot Status ...... RSF Ace, mastering CorSec Started ............. I don't remember ... a little less then a year ago ... I think.... The only reason I post here though is when I have "forum vacations" lol
  8. Also go to Options, then Miscellaneous or UI (I can't remember which) and check the box "Show all item names." EXTREMELY helpful on missions to find things.
  9. Apparently the efforts of previous players have helped the village to turn into an township. Excerpt from DeadMeat. It's possible that in the future, maybe 3 - 4 chapters from now it will be upgraded and new quests added.
  10. What's the minimum level for Azure Cabal? I think it's 80 .... When I talk to Lorana she says "Shh, not here ... too many ears."
  11. Uhh you get unlimited lives. No matter what profession.
  12. Any good quests around that level? Besides Mustafar. PLEASE ANYTHING BUT MUSTAFAR!!!
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