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  1. that site's totally still up. go ahead. really. just... just go ahead. update it.
  2. MUNICH was absolutely astounding. i can't believe spielberg made the subpar (i thought) War of the Worlds in the same year. everybody go see munich. i didn't even notice the length at all until i walked out of the theatre and checked the time on my phone. oh, hey, since we're all rating out of five, 5/5. and recently i've been watching a bunch of documentaries (because i'm making one, and i need a bunch of stuff to subconsciously rip off). Hoop Dreams is the best documentary I've ever seen (5/5), Murderball was really enjoyable (4/5), paradise lost was great as well (4/5). haven't gotten to Grizzly Man yet but i've rented it and it's just sitting on my tv. and for the record i was not really a fan of the narnia movie. i didn't think it was bad at all, i just found it entirely unremarkable. 2/5. they're making sequels, hopefully those will sell me on it.
  3. I really enjoyed Potter. The films have been getting better and better in my opinion (wasn't a fan of the first film, thought the second was decent, really liked the third). This one's great. I agree with Joshi on basically everything he had to say about it, and I'm glad the Weasley twins are finally characters in the films. there's TVs at my work that show a bunch of trailers on a loop, and one thing that entertained me about the Zorro trailer is that he is on a horse and makes the horse jump onto a train. Which really just seems redundant to me.
  4. saw jarhead the other day, really enjoyed it. i'd recommend seeing it at least once, but then again i'd do that for any movie so you can form your own opinion. except for saw. because, seriously, saw sucked. let's not talk about saw. tomorrow i'll be seeing that new movie about kid wizards for free cuz i work at a movie theater. yes. and i'm reallly looking forward to a movie that comes out in december called SYRIANA. and the new king kong trailer feels like god smiling at you.
  5. only the greatest television series ever. anyone else watching LOST!? discuss. in america the first episode of season two just aired and blew everybody's minds.
  6. i finished the beach (alex garland) a while ago. really enjoyed it. the ending's great. yeah that's another deserted-island kind of book, so if you enjoyed lord of the flies (which i enjoyed immensely) i'd recommend it. make your own damn movie (lloyd kaufman) is a surprisingly detailed, funny, and motivating book on the filmmaking process, written by an admittedly terrible filmmaker. slaughterhouse five (kurt vonnegut) is probably one of my favorite books of all time. currently i'm halfway through a scanner darkly (philip k dick) and i'm liking it so far.
  7. that's pretty not cool. i'm not saying that I or anybody else should be profiting. I'm saying that nobody should.
  8. awwwwwww i was actually going to buy that
  9. uh so gabez who exactly gets the money from that banner ad
  10. I didn't know he did music for games, whoa. This dude's awesome. His score for The Incredibles is great, and his work on Lost is fantastic.
  11. they made some neat movies out of those star wars games
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