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  1. Name: Godric

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: heero_in_gundam_meister_pilot_suit_by_redchampiontrainer01-d6329rj.jpg

    Location of Birth: Mars

    Mech: Lazengann

    Mech Appearance: iron_gundam_00_mkiii_by_almightyelemento.png

    Primary Weapon: Energy Blades

    Secondary Weapon: Energy Projectiles

    Additions to Mech: Energy Shield Generator (Lazengann can create protective barriers in different shapes - whether to cover its exterior body or an area to protect allys from enemy attacks)

    Biography: Godric was born on the colony of Mars, and enlisted in the military when he reached legal adult age. After a few years of service, he applied for the Earth Battlesuit Program. And though a raw recruit, he proved himself a cunning warrior. After losing his home to the invaders during the "The Last Stand" and retreated - he made a sworn oath he would reclaim his home. Painting his Battlesuit Red, symbolic to Mars' surface, he will stop at nothing with fierce determination and indestructible confidence.

  2. Name: Wedge

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Sword_04_4.jpg

    Occupation: Excavator

    Allegiance: Sovereign

    Weapons: Drill Arm, Nanobots

    Abilities: Quake, Blitz, Drill, Matra Missile, Assault Twister, Stop Twister, Nano Shield (Wedge can use his nanobots to create protective shields)

    Limit Break:

    - Giga Drill (using Wedge's nanobots, he can increase the size of his Drill Arm and perform a launching attack to the enemy)

    - Surprise! (Wedge releases his nanobots, which burrow into the ground, digging towards the enemy. Once underneath the target, the nanobots can strike from underneath the enemy.

    - Drill Missile (Wedge can aim his Drill Arm at the enemy, and fire a rocket propelled drill at the enemy)

    Biography: Wedge was born in a small village near Ulroq Canyon, within the Sovereign Continents, where he became fascinated digging holes and uncovering relics. He later studied Geology and Archeology, and developed his nanobots to help him with his excavations. Constantly being plunged into harsh environments, he learned to adapt and survive with the use of his Drill Arm and Nano Bots. Because of this, the Sovereign took a great interest in his skills for covert excavation operations. Aside from the fact that Wedge gets dirty on a near daily basis to the point where he is used to it (though doesn't mean to say he lacks the common sense for hygiene), Wedge is; smart, cunning and determined.

  3. STORY




    A planet that has been ravaged by the horrors of war, thousands of years recovering from the devastation of WEAPON. But after generations had passed, the planet recovered into a new golden age. But peace had come to a halt - the planet has been split into two political powers, on the brink of a world war. A seemingly endless cycle.


    The Eastern Hemisphere governed by the Sovereign, a political power who primarily harnesses the power of technology.

    And the Western Hemisphere being governed by the Sanctum, a theocracy who harnesses the power of magic. The conflict between the two governments is not revolved around their different practices, but rather the struggle between ownership of land and resources. Most especially over the precious Helidium: the most valuable resource on the planet, which is used for both the crafting of magic and development of augmentations.


    There is an ongoing debate over who struck first, but among the discussion came a prediction: that WEAPON will once again awaken and cleanse Terra of the chaos and destruction... including the inhabitants.




    Your character will be part of an airship crew on a multilateral mission for an upcoming peace conference between the Sanctum and the Sovereign. We will be excavating an artifact that was thought to be part of WEAPON: a super structure that was built on the moon thousands of years ago by the "Ancients", that severely crippled the planet's population which took thousands of years to recover from. The setting will take place on the planet Terra, which is experiencing a mix between Steampunk and a Cyberpunk age.


    You can play as any sentient race (or original, if you're feeling the creative juices) in the Final Fantasy series, starting with any magic or ability at its basic level (except for Holy, Ultima, Flare and pretty much any of the Ultimate Spells... at least until later in the RP). Throughout the RP, your character's abilities will upgrade after each story arc.


    Your character's allegiance can either be Sanctum or Sovereign.


    Sanctum: spell based (Also known as Magic. Pretty explanatory)

    Sovereign: ability based (also known as Augmentations. Refer to here to understand what I mean. You can be as creative as you



    There will be a total of four story arcs (mind you; one of them will be a short one for training your character), to give some structure to the RP. I used the same process for the Naruto RP I made a long time ago, and was one of the reasons which I believe made it all the way till the end. If it comes down to it, I might make separate threads per story arc to keep the RP alive and determine who still wants to participate.


    Basic RP Rules apply, no godmodding or overpowering characters. Again, you can play as any Final Fantasy race, but you CANNOT play as any of the characters from the series (though references are acceptable).


    But more importantly, have fun :)













    Limit Break: (you can have a total of four)


  4. NAME: Korbin

    AFFILIATION: GenoHaradan

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 36

    SPECIES: Miraluka

    APPEARANCE: fe3f4f36a16f86e63b9dd1a89ee8c550.jpg


    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/fe/3f/4f/fe3f4f36a16f86e63b9dd1a89ee8c550.jpg (except for the creed logo)

    WEAPONS: Wrist Sabers and Standard Issue GenoHaradan Blaster

    EQUIPMENT: Custom GenoHaradan Armor and Power Gauntlets, Stealth Field Generator.

    OCCUPATION: Force Sensitive Assassin

    HISTORY: A member of the GenoHaradan guild, not much is known about Korbin. Speculation suggests he was previously part of a Force Sensitive Organisation, due to his Miralukan heritage to "see" using the Force. His ability is what made him a valuable asset to the guild; Korbin is a deadly assassin, with no remorse or mercy.

  5. "Captain Tuhrop," The Geth unit approached Tuhrop, Mahla and the rest of the squad. "I can assist you with setting up the beacon."


    "We could use your tech skills here, Chiron." Tuhrop concurred. "Come on, lets get a move on."


    Tuhrop lifted one handle of the crate, while Mahla grabbed the other from her side. They both lifted the crate, and marched away from the beach. "Chiron, I need you and the rest to cover us."


    The Turian wanted to set this beacon up before nightfall. He wanted to get off this planet. They had food and supplies to last for months, but if they didn't receive any help soon - they would need to resort to eating the local food. Assuming its not toxic, he didn't want a repeat of the MSV Hugo Gernsback incident.


    "What do you supposed happened?" said Mahla, after a long silence. "How did we end up on this planet? Even after the Reaper encounter, our systems were still functional... until that energy fluctuation hit us..."


    Tuhrop had wondered about that all day. "Maybe the Reapers caught up to us? Disabled our systems, and left us stranded here..."


    "Its been hours... you'd think Reaper forces would have arrived by now to slaughter us!"


    The squad continued with hauling the beacon away from the beach, towards the cliffs. Tuhrop wanted to set up there, so the beacon would have a stronger signal. Mahla's biotics could come in handy for lifting the crate up there.

  6. ((gotta get this RP up and running))


    Tuhrop let Yeru scan him for any concussions or injuries. All seemed to be okay. Then Yeru scanned Mahla.


    Despite her beauty and innocence, Mahla knew about Yeru's condition. She could not understand how Yeru could live a life as a succubus of her people... or let alone resist temptation. Perhaps her resilience had something to do with those thread fissures laced across her skull. Mahla shrugged off her brief attraction and curiosity, and Yeru continued scanning her. All clean.


    Tuhrop stepped back inside the cargo bay, filled with the crew members collecting the equipment. As Tuhrop bent down to pick up a crate, he glanced up to see the mysterious container they had picked up. Nothing much was known about it, other than what the files told them. "Emergency Asset!"


    Tuhrop wondered if the situation they were in was an emergency worthy enough to open the container. He was curious what was inside: a weapon, bomb... a stash of Turian Ale. Once they get the distress beacon working, he'll open the container. Whether it was for better or worse. ((he'll open the container very soon, Archon ;) ))


    Hours had passed, and the sun was beginning to set along the beach. By that time, the base camp had been set up. Tents for each of the crewmen were lined up along the beach. The medical station for Yeru was set up and operational. It was time to set up the distress beacon.


    Tuhrop hauled the crate from the cargo bay and onto the rocky shore. He stared up at the rocky cliffs, about a hundred meters away from the beach. An ideal spot to set up the beacon. Tuhrop went to his tent and grabbed his modified Armax Arsenal Punisher IX Sniper Rifle, and M-77 Paladin Heavy Pistol (just don't ask how he got it). He clipped his weapons to his armor, and strode back to the crate with the Beacon inside.


    "I'm going to need volunteers to help me set this up. We're heading for the cliffs, so gear up if you're coming."

  7. Captain Tuhrop glanced back at Yeru.


    "Save for a few bumps, aches and scratches, I'm perfectly fine." he rubbed the back of his neck.


    "We've had a few casualties." said Mahla. "Some didn't survive the crash. Ken included."


    Mahla stared back at the ship. The cargo door was facing the beach, while the rest of the ship pointed downwards. The front end was completely submerged under the sea water.


    "I did what I could to save him, but it was already too late."


    Tuhrop examined the beach. They would need to setup camp soon, preferably before dark. The ship was in no condition to be a proper shelter. He walked back towards the cargo bay and begun collecting equipment and supplies.


    "Go treat the other crewmembers, Yeru. Once you're done, we'll help you set up a med-station here on the beach. We gotta move quickly before the sun goes down."

  8. Tuhrop hung his head as he heard the news from Kallic.


    "Three, fatalities, two crew, one recon, was Fhaleen'a....Know you were infatuated by her. Sorry, Captain,"


    It was the first time he did not want to hear that name, especially considering the circumstances. He approached Fhaleen'a's corpse. He placed

    the palm of his hand on her cheek and cradled her face. He was lost for words. Though they only spent the night together, he wished he spent more time with her. Tuhrop wished none of this would have happened.


    Mahla returned Kallic's affirmation and nodded back. She walked down the tilted bridge towards the shore of water that flooded the cockpit. She took a deep breath, and submerged herself in the water. Using her omni-tool flash light, she illuminated the dark depths underwater and navigated straight towards the submerged cockpit.


    There Ken sat, strapped to his chair all limp and lifeless. The cockpit was somewhat intact, but the impact must have somehow punctured the exterior of the ship that somehow allowed sea water to come rushing in. Sure, the Trinity wasn't has hardshelled as the SSV Normandy - but what was hard enough to puncture a hole through the metal hulls of the ship was a mystery... not until they investigated the area once they escape the shipwreck that is.


    Mahla unstrapped the lifeless Ken from his seat, and pulled him along as she swam back to the surface. She dragged his body into the open air. She pressed her fingers on his throat. No pulse. He opened his mouth and tried resusitating him. Long minutes go by, as Mahla tried to force Ken to breath again. But there was too much seawater in his lungs. Eventually she gave up on mouth-to-mouth, and began hitting his chest. She continuously beat his ribcage, over and over again. It was no use. Ken was long gone.


    Tuhrop knealt down beside her. "You did the best you could..."


    Mahla didn't stare back at him. She just continued staring at Ken's body. "My best wasn't good enough."


    "We've got to get out of here." Tuhrop stood up and climbed the tilted walkway and towards the ship's cargo hold where the shutter door was located. The cargo hold was the least damaged part, presumably because it was upright during the crash as the ship dove nose first. Using his omni tool, he gave the control panel of the cargo shutter door a jolt of electricity. He pressed the button on the control panel, and the door slowly opened. A sudden flash of sunlight filled the cargo hold, it took Tuhrop's eyes a while to adjust. They had landed on a rocky shore of a beach, with huge crashing waves in the background and a lush jungle surrounding the area. Parts of the ship lay torn across the sand.


    "Kallic." said Tuhrop. "Help me gather the survivors. Also bring out any intact supplies and equipment; we're going to need to set up camp."

  9. The ship continued to soar down into the atmosphere. Areas of Land and islands surrounded by oceans were growing in the distance.


    "Engaging Thrusters!" Ken yelled.


    The turbulence was growing stronger and stronger, Tuhrop and Mahla were hanging onto the straps of their harnesses.


    "By the goddess, I never thought it would end like this!" said Mahla amongst the chaos. Tuhrop stared back at her.


    "Quit thinking like that! We've been through worse, and you know it!"


    "I haven't been on board your ship long enough to make that claim, Capt--!"


    The whole ship jerked as it made sudden impact. Loud crashes and bangs could be heard in the background that sent tremors everywhere. Wires and support structures holding parts of the ceiling popped out. Broken pieces of metal flung nearly everywhere, it was a miracle that they missed Tuhrop or the rest of the crew strapped in.


    There was a long delay of moaning creaks that came within the broken ship. Sparks from the shattered machinery flew everywhere. Then there was silence. The lights flickered.


    It was safe to assume the worst part was over. Tuhrop unstrapped himself, and carefully slid off the seat. His ribs, shoulders and elbows were aching from the impact. Mahla soon followed.


    "Status report, Ken!" Tuhrop yelled. There was no answer.


    The bridge to the cockpit was dark. And the reflections of water danced around the nearby illuminated ceiling.

  10. Vasere used the force to release Blint's straps. Blint took a moment before stepping off the angled operating table. He glanced at Vasere, the intent to kill him was still present. But Blint acknowledged it was not the right time.


    "You heard her, Blint. Get moving. Show her what you are made of and make me proud."


    Blint obliged and obeyed. He followed the mistress out of the lab and towards the outer core of the academy. During the walk, Blint examined his arm. Animating it through sheer will, a pair of blaster gun barrels popped from the wrist of his prosthetic arm. He slid them back into their compartment and released his hidden wrist blade that doubled as a computer interface link.


    Vasere may have been a bastard for what he had done, but nobody could question the fine craftsmanship he displayed. Blint pulled the Wrist Blade back, and continued to follow Velatrix and the others.

  11. Mahla K'than felt the entire ship rumble. She was beginning to think that they hadn't fled the Reapers after escaping the system and came out through the relay into another ambush. Though as strange as it felt the very moment, she was relieved to hear that her fears did not become a reality. Entering the cockpit, she could see through the window a beautiful sunset sky filled with clouds. The ship continued rumbling with turbulance.


    "Emergency Landing Cycle initiated." Ken announced, looking up and down from the holographic computer console. As sophisticated as the Trinity was, it was one of the few vessels to not be installed with Emergency Escape Pods. Instead it only came with one shuttle to fit the whole crew in the loading bay, and even that was broken - it was intended to be fixed the next time they visit Citadel Space. Aside from the broken shuttle; it came with a distress beacon, a wardrobe of spacesuits and parachutes in case they enter an atmosphere.


    "Embrace yourselves." Captain Tuhrop opened the intercom. "This is the Captain speaking. We are about to make an emergency landing, people! Strap yourselves in, tighten your harnesses and await further instructions!"


    Ken strapped the safety buckles from his seat around his body, preparing the ship for descent. Tuhrop and Mahla raced through bridge to the Main Hold. They both sat in their own chair, surrounding the circular room with the Holographic Projector in the centre, and strapped themselves in. Mahla silently prayed to the goddess...


    ((waiting for the others to reply))

  12. Blint stared blankly at Velatrix - the new lady of the Sith. He couldnt tell if her question was genuine with concern or not. Now that he was more focussed, several questions raced through his mind at once.


    What were the Sith doing on Malachor V? What were they planning? What did they have in store for Blint? And more importantly, were these the same Sith that attacked his homeworld Telos?


    Sure, everybody knew that it was Darth Malak who gave the order to bombard the planet, killing his wife and daughters... but were these people involved? They didn't appear to be the same Sith that he fought against. And he killed more than enough Sith to quench his thirst for vengeance. But over time, he realised killing more Sith didn't truly satisfy him. He already came to terms with his family's death.


    It didn't matter any more to Blint. The old Blint Grayson was dead - he was killed in the crash. And though deep down he wished he stayed that way, he would have to embrace the fact that he was given another chance.


    What did matter though was this - he will kill Doctor Balian Vasere. For playing god with his life. His quarrel was with him, and him alone. Afterall, Blint didn't choose this new life. He will play along and serve Velatrix, because through her he can plot his vengeance. And when the time is right, nobody will stand in his way.


    "I am ready to serve..." he replied.



    ((waiting on the others to reply))

  13. I think a limit of four grenades is a fair number... for now. Because later down the track when the RP is past the second story arc, I plan to have everyone's character upgrade and level up. You can have an additional weapon training and class power - if you want, you may also increase the number of grenades to carry. But again, this wont happen till after the second story arc - similar to how I handled my Naruto RP.


    Also guys, just so you know - the thread has finally started. Please feel free to make your introduction :)

  14. "I assume that wherever he is, there will be shelter from this incoming storm. Correct?"


    Doctor Vasere smirked. "With respect, I don't think you have lived on Malachor long enough to realise how intense storms can be on this dead world. But I am sure you will grow used to them in time."


    He walked towards the entrance of the Academy. "If you will please follow me, to my laboratory."


    The doctor lead them inside, through the great halls of the Academy towards an elevator. One elevator trip later, they headed towards the entrance to Vasere's lab.


    "I only ask that you will not be alarmed. He is still recovering - it will take him time to adjust to his new prosthetics." he opened the door and lead them inside.


    Vasere's lab was dimly lit, save for a few areas for vital equipment then had to be shun with a bright lights. Across the metal catwalk to the main platform was Vasere's crown glory. The man was strapped to the operating table again, unconscious. His face featured scars, where his implants and prosthetic eyes were put into place. His bare chest was imbeded with some

    type of life support system in the form of an octagonal panel. His mechanised arm was bulky, blinking with green lights. His feet and legs were replaced with mechanical ones that made him look like he could run great distances without tiring or wearing out. Vasere proudly presented his science project to Velatrix and the others.


    "His body has adapted well to the Cybernetic Augmentations that I have specifically designed for him. The neural implants and eyes grafted into him provide him with perfect vision and more alert thought processes. His targeting systems are also superb for handling most firearms. His spinal cord had been snapped from the impact of the crash, so I removed it entirely and replaced it with something a little more durable and shockproof that will also provide him with improved upper body strength. His legs will also provide him with significantly improved running speed and dexterity. But his most significant feature is his arm... outfitted with a computer interface link that also doubles as a wrist blade, uploaded with the latest hacking software and cyber warfare. It has also been outfitted with twin blasters that come out as two barrels hidden in a designated compartment."


    Doctor Vasere stood over him. "He is the perfect machine."


    The machine groaned. Using the force, the Doctor tapped into his mind and awoke him. He slowly opened his eyes, adjusting to see the faces surrounding him.


    "You have guests... well, don't be rude. Introduce yourself!"


    He stared blankly at the crowd. At the woman wearing black robes.


    "...Blint..." he groaned. "My name... is Blint."

  15. By the end of 2186, the Reaper War was ended with the activation of the crucible. Commander Shepard chose to control the Reapers, to rebuild the galaxy after the devastating war.


    The energy fired by the Crucible caused damage to the Mass Relays galactic wide. Affected by the energy, a reconaissance team on board a light vessel The Trinity crash lands into a near-by planet: a lush world of Rogue's, Pirates and Warlords.








    "Ken, what in the hell is happening!?" Tuhrop screamed, as he entered the cockpit.


    Ken, pilot of the vessel designated as Trinity, was frantically pressing buttons on the holographic dashboard filled with control panels. The human pilot brought up a holoscreen of the ship's status.


    "Some type of energy fluctuation, I cant say for sure... but whatever it is, its affecting our drive core."


    Tuhrop watched the scene taking place outside the window of the cockpit. There was sometype of intense blue energy surrounding in space. It was hard to make out, but Tuhrop could see the shape and silhouette of a planet within that haze. "Energy fluctuations? Where is it coming from?"


    "Not inside the ship, thats for sure! I think... I think its coming from the relay!" Ken announced.


    Tuhrop stood beside him, bending over to observe the monitors. "Are there any Reaper vessels within the system?"


    "None that I can see on the scanners..." said Ken, staring at a flashing and static filtered monitor.


    Tuhrop and his crew had just escaped from a Reaper infested system within the Terminus Systems, salvaging what they could from a broken down vessel that was left to a grim fate with the enemy. The Reapers were very brutal - they did not offer a warm welcome to the Trinity when they arrived. As soon as they salvaged what they could, the Trinity raced towards the nearby mass relay before the Reapers could turn them into debris.


    As soon as they escaped, they warped to a nearby star system. Then not long after they birthed from the Mass Relay, it was suddenly hit with a beam of mysterious blue energy. Then the rings from the relay suddenly dismantled, and the energy pulsated throughout the surrounding space. Hence the catastrophic event happening now.


    "Ken, engage the emergency landing cycle. Steer us towards that planet." Tuhrop ordered.


    "I think the E.L.C has been affected by the--"


    "Just do it dammit!" Tuhrop barked. "I don't fancy a rough trip down to a rock I've never even heard of, but we'll have to make due!"

  16. awesome! I may or may not make a human character later down the track. But in the meantime, I'm going to start the RP thread up! :) stay tuned


    ((oh, and by the way - the human pilot Ken is only temporary. He will die in the crash))

  17. "Have they found anything of note so far?"


    Vasere stood up straight with his hands behind his back, a sign of respect.


    "My men salvaged what they could from the vessel. From what we gathered, it was a simple trading vessel that crashed here due to engine failure. No survivors..."


    "Also, have you performed any clinical trials so far?"


    The new lady was smart and calculating. Vasere thought it be useless trying to hide his secret project from her. Especially considering she took down the Sith Triumvirate. Vasere could sense the immense power within this woman. Even he wouldn't dare to challenge it... yet.


    "No survivors... save for one. An incredibly gifted tech specialist. I did everything that I could to save him." the doctor smirked. "He will be incredibly useful to me. He will be obedient. Would you like to meet him?"

  18. Archon, that's not a bad idea actually. Yes, you can have Grenades in your arsenal.


    And MsFicwriter, you already beat me to it :[ hahaha


    NAME: Mahla K'than

    AGE: 348

    RACE: Asari

    PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Eclipse Mercenary

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Fierce and Sceptical


    FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120408230336/masseffect/images/1/1e/ME3_Falere.png

    WEAPONS TRAINING: Heavy Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns

    CLASS POWERS: Warp Ammo, Charge, Shockwave, Biotic Pull, Biotic Slam

    BIOGRAPHY: A few decades before the Reaper War, Mahla was an Eclipse Mercenary. Protection, smuggling, transporting illicit goods and dealing red sand - she has seen and done it all. Nothing really comes as a shock to her, given her experiences of dealing with the worst scum of the galaxy. During the Reaper War, she was assigned with a team of Eclipse Mercs on a delicate mission to extract Eezo supplies from a Cerberus Base for Aria T'Loak. After being ambushed, and left behind by her team mates, she was rescued by the Trinity and her crew while they were conducting a survey mission on the Cerberus base. Feeling betrayed, she retired from the Eclipse and decided to join the Trinity to pay off her debt.

  19. "Come. Let's go and see this good 'Doctor'"


    "I believe that won't be necessary..." Doctor Vasere interrupted, just as the new Sith Lady and her minions were about to head towards the crashed vessel seen from the distance.

    "I am right here."


    He approached Velatrix and bowed before her.


    "Doctor Balian Vasere, at your service m'lady." he introduced. "Those men you see in the distance are my scouts, salvaging the remains of the ship."

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