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  1. I tried loading an earlier save. Same thing happened, dumped to loading screen on transition. I haven't transitioned to another area and gone back yet, though. I'll try that. I also tried a clean install (kept my save) with no mods. It still dumped me to the loading screen. Updated to 1.0b and tried again. Dumped again. Then the Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 fix. Nope. So then I installed the Prologue/Peragus/Harbinger mod. Still dumped. Right now I'm going through playing again. Maybe I have a corrupted save or something. The other thing I haven't tried yet is rolling back my drivers, since I use an 8600GT. No idea why it would play fine with those drivers up until that point, though, but that's a last resort.
  2. I just installed TSL again after several years absence. It played great for about 45 minutes, but now I'm stuck on Peragus at the Turbolift elevator that takes you to the fuel depot. When I enter the elevator, the game crashes to the loading screen. The loading screen is not responsive. I seem to remember this being a known crash, but I can't remember the solution. Help?
  3. Ok I looked around for a mod request like this one, but didn't come up with anything so here goes: how about a mod where the female PC can learn a similar "battle precognition" feat from Disciple? I've no idea why the developers gave a major bonus to males through Handmaiden but left females short through Disciple. What's up with that? He should teach battle precog as well! That, or maybe the fem PC could go a different route with Disciple, having him grant bonuses something like one the following: heightened senses (wisdom modifier gives bonus to all saves) lightsaber expertise (wisdom modifier adds to deflection bonus) skilled combat (int modifier adds to attack roll) lady's grace (lightsaber finesse feat) natural leader (+4 cha) Not all of these, of course. Just one. I'm just tossing out some ideas. Can anything be done to balance the sexes?
  4. I hope this post is appropriate here, but I want to give a shoutout, kudos and a "you rock" to TXkilla01. WOOT! I have zero computer experience and just about cried when my fav games, KOTOR and TSL, wouldn't play on my new AMD dualcore comp. Your post, however, fixed the problem in a perfectly simplified step-by-step process. Nice. Very nice.
  5. Ok I'm looking for a new kind of tough KOTOR mod, one that increases enemy ac, hp and damage only. I've seen Talchia's mod, but I think it will force me to abandon my consular chars because of the mega-increased saves from the str, dex and will increases. Even if enemies don't save, a lot of offensive powers won't scratch them (I think +200hp enemies would laugh at force storm's 10-60 dmg, and that ain't right!). To avoid the force issues, I'd have to make a sold/guard char and just whack away with my saber. While I'd survive more often, I'd like to mix it up more often head-to-head, so to speak... Maybe a good compromise is to merely increase the ac, hp and damage enemies do. That way they don't die as fast, but do more damage, and force users still get their day. I suggest a couple different mods, as I have no idea what the sweet spot is: 25% increase, 33%, 50%? The key would be to increase enemy AC until chars miss more often, but don't need to roll 20 just to hit. I've achieved this effect in TSL (except for hp increase) by increasing enemy ac by about 33% and damage by about 20% in the autobalance.2da file, but there's no such file for KOTOR. Can something similar be done? Help?
  6. Ok I know beancounter was working on this issue last year, but my search of the forums and mods has turned up empty. Is it possible to mod the dueling line of feats so they are more competitive with two-weapon fighting? I know there are people like me who love those single sabers! I am thinking dueling would be a very competitive choice if it did something like this: Dueling 1: +1 Hit, +1 Def, +1 Dam Dueling 2: +2 Hit, +3 Def, +2 Dam Dueling 3: +3 Hit, +5 Def, +3 Dam So what can be done, if anything?
  7. That would be great! I am looking for the same mod. I know stoffe made the TSL AI mod and it is excellent. I haven't found anything similar to that one for KOTOR. It's not very fun sometimes when dark jedi attack you using only the default attacks, while Bastilla and Jolee spam force valor back and forth. It would be much more heart-pounding if dark jedi stepped out and force killed you instead, and more driod opponents whipped out those flame throwers!
  8. For the hardcore mod set at that level, I think you should adjust your stats. You're going to get hit a lot so you'll need more con. Why the 12 int? That's not going to do anything for you. Same thing goes for the 16 wis. A 14 in both wis and cha does essentially the same thing, but gives you an additional bonus to your force powers. With what you have in mind, I'd go something like this: str 14, dex 12, con 14, int 10, wis 14, cha 14. That gives you a good mix of physical and force power, with max points. My personal favorite guardian mix is str 18, dex 8, con 10, int 8, wis 14, cha 14. He one-hit kills almost everything and has excellent bonuses to his force powers. That build, however, might get slaughtered with the mods. As far as dueling or two-handed, I'd probably go 2-handed with this guardian. I think you'll want to dispatch enemies as fast as possible, although the scout's line of attack feat (flurry) works equally well with duelling or 2-handed.
  9. Ok, you ask about attributes, skills, force powers and feats. I'll take a stab at recommending some. ATTRIBUTES: I love the scoundrel/consular class, and here's a good newbie build: str 14 dex 12 con 14 int 10 wis 14 cha 14. Many people like higher dex, but I suggest str because you'll be using critical strike. My personal fav build for this combo is str 14, dex 8, con 10, int 10, wis 16 cha 16. That is a very agressive, very powerful consular build. It's tough making it as a scoundrel, but it makes for an extremely powerful consular. SKILLS: As a scoundrel you need to focus on persuade, save your other skill points. Your consular will add the repair and treat injury skills as class skills, and you'll very likely have a total of 56 skill points to spend by end-game. Take persuade to about 16. Take repair to 17. Treat injury to 23. That's 56 points. You can deviate from these numbers, of course, but you must have 17 in repair. Trust me. I usually put Bastilla's 2 skill points per level into awareness and treat injury. HK's points I put into repair and demolitions (does he get 2? I forget). Repair is more important. FORCE POWERS: You're a Consular, a master of the force that no one can resist. Don't stick to buffing! Be a guardian or sentinel if you want to buff. Trust me. As a Consular, you'll likely have 15 very-potent powers. For light-side, I'd get speedx3, stunx3, shockx3, wavex2, healx2, and resistx2. I get speed and wave first, then the rest as I can. Why shock, you say? Trust me, you'll love it. If you have a problem with shock because it's darkside (so what?) replace it with any 3-tier power set you want. Valor is a good one; so is kill (but again, it's dark). Bastilla's powers should compliment yours: valorx3, driodx3 and healx2 are very useful compliments, but don't take valor for her if you already have it (why-oh-why did you not take shock?). She's a sentinel; I say let her buff. FEATS: Your scoundrel will (likely) have 4, and your consular will (likely) have 5 more, for a total of nine. Don't touch blasters! I suggest these feats: criticalx2 (lvls2&3), duelingx3, toughx3 and saberfocusx1 (lvl2). For more defensive, take jedidefx1 (lvl2) instead of saberfocusx1 (lvl2), but again, I like offense. Bastilla will likely have 4 feats. I'd take twoweapx2 (lvls2&3), flurryx2 (lvls2&3). HK will have 4 feats. He needs rapidshotx3 and toughx1 (lvl2 i think). Wow that was fun. Good luck, and I hope those recommendations work for you!
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