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  1. I agree, and I'm starting to like the sound of your saber system idea.
  2. Not quite had the time to read the thread in full from top to bottom but I gather that you are trying to modify the system to make it more film like and involved more skill than the current system? If that is the case then a suggestion is that you remove the saber throw with all styles of saber and add the kick from the staff stance instead. But that is if you are going for a film like feel. Don't know if this qualifies for this thread but if you are looking for stance ideas.....try an inverted saber stance?
  3. Correct, it has not been proven. But there are plenty of weapon models out there. Grab a few and experiment with adding them to the game without overwriting what's already in.
  4. There is a cvar that lets you turn off the left blade. Looks daft but it works.
  5. I've turned off the blade on the left before. In doing so I got a sort of inverted style of saber combat using the staff moves.
  6. It doesn't do that. From what I've seen it gives the sabers their new sexy look. Turn it on and look at the sabers and then turn it off. You can see a significant difference in the glow around the blade.
  7. I've played on LivingDeadJedi's Sarlacc and the DotF v2.0 maps without any problems.
  8. I've not had one crash yet........
  9. It was released. Check jk2files.com
  10. lol, how many e-mails do you need to send?
  11. Sounds good. Anyone like to update me on the tweaks since beta 2. I really enjoyed playing beta 2. Hope this improves further on Forcemod.
  12. Beta testing has been going on for well over a month. And that's the 2nd beta. All the faults have been identified and are being worked on by Azymn. Just hang in there. It's good and worth waiting for.
  13. E3 is coming up in the summer. I'd expect that this game will be given it's first full featue then. The concept of vehicles sounds good as well as the customisation. I'd also like to point out how glad I am that it's Quake 3 engine. That way the larger audience can play the game. Especially those with systems running under 1GHz.
  14. http://alienjl.homestead.com/files/SFX2Installer.zip That's the file. There is a thread in the general showcase forum.
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