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  1. I really do think this is all wishfull thinking they don't sound like sith troopers to me
  2. This has been posted before, or no bodys arsed then
  3. The game doesn't seem to agree with some peoples computers, I've never had a problem with EaW, but FoC is totally W@nky on mine. Though that screen shot suggests a damaged disk.
  4. I have to say, I've never had a single problem with EaW (if you don't count registration problems, with online play) But I did get it quite a while after realise, and installed the patch before I'd even played a game on it. FoC on the other hand is so full of bugs it's practically unplayable if you ask me - I've just discovered another one today, where if you use a hero to remove corruption a few times, all your forces from the planet you are de-corrupting, move to the next friendly planet, and your space station gets deleted it's just crazy stuff. I've decided to put it aside until Petroglyph make the patch available on their website (I've read the notes, it says it will fix the hero bug, but makes no mention of this new one I've found today).
  5. The Nightsisters were from an expended universe book, one I haven’t read as yet, so I can't really comment on how realistic they were. I do agree with you actually, they would be better off taking more from the movies and less from imagination/expanded universe. Personally I think it would have made more sense for the ZC to actually be the Black Sun - at least it fits in with cannon more, as opposed to just making something up, completely. I didn't mind Thrawn been in it, as his trilogy are one of the few SW's expanded universe story’s I have enjoyed, Along with Shadows of the Empire - and despite the fact, he now looks and sounds like a weedy Trade Federation guy, it was nice to see Prince Xizor making an appearance in FoC. But the majority of SW's books, are either boring as hell, extremely poorly written or both - and I find it very hard to take them serious.
  6. I Seem to remember, just taking Piet's Star Destroyer for that mission anyway, so you probably didn't even need to build one
  7. Bugs aside it's an okay game. I agree with the aforementioned length of the campaign mode, the second things look as though they are just starting to begin, it's suddenly over. I was really hoping there would be new campaign story’s for the Empire and Rebellion as well - centred around the building of the Death Star 2 for example, sadly not though. While it's fun spreading corruption with the Consortium, it's bloody annoying when your playing as the Empire or Rebels and it happens to you, every 2 seconds one of your buildings gets destroyed The Executor was my biggest let down, It slows up your fleet way too much, and by the time you can get it anywhere near the action, the battle is over, because your TIES have destroyed everything. Also as everyone says, Darth Vader’s voice sounds ridiculous. I was also hoping for more control over the Death Star as well, but it's basically the same system as EaW, just with the added bonus that you can fire on ships with a special ability. Not bad, but you got an impression of laziness on the part of the designers, and there really should have been more in it. I know technically it's just an add-on, but it is charged at the price of a stand-alone game.
  8. Has anyone come across a bug in the game, where all of a sudden, random hero characters will just disappear from your arsenal? and if you click on their picture at the top of the screen, to find where they are, it just takes you to an enemy planet? It's happened on campaign mode with the Consortium, and with the Empire - not with the Rebels yet, but I've only played as them twice. Is there a patch or something? Cheers.
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