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  1. Oh! I've always wanted to visit this planet since it was mentioned in TSL. Looks very awesome! What I don't understand is the holographic dancers in the cantina on such a slave-driven planet. Looks good so far, though. @^ I'd rather see planets that haven't already been used in past games. -.- I think OR could use some originality. Dantooine has already been in both KotORs anyway.
  2. "Leon!" a Republic commander called. "Here!" Leon shouted back. "We have an updated mission for you Jedi! You have been recommended by Malak for this specific task; I need you to report to Captain Sorno, pronto!" "Got it." Leon ran across the rumbling halls of the gigantic Republic flagship, hurrying to accompany Captain Sorno. "Leon, thank goodness you're here!" Sorno said as Leon rushed through the doors. "As you know, you have been appointed with a very special mission. No doubt, this will be a difficult mission, but we're sure in your ability to achieve success!" "What is it?" Leon asked. "We need you to aboard the Mandalorian flagship and capture the codes for bypassing their defensive shields," Sorno explained. "We have already sent a republic soldier to download a map of the flagship onto a datapad; he just barely made it back with the information." Leon took the datapad from Sorno and placed it in his robes. "Use your transmitter to view your current position on the flagship and make your way to the central control room. From there, you need to hack into the system and steal those codes!" said Sorno. "Hack?" Leon asked. "I realize you're not the master of computer skills, but that wasn't why you were chosen for this mission! Your weapon skills will be needed to guard this EF-3F droid which has the necessary skills to hack into that system!" "Got it." "My student Kila will fly you to the Mandalorian flagship, but from there you're on your own!" Sorno said. "You better get going; there's no time to waste! Kila is already waiting for you in the Grand Nova. I wish you the best of luck on your mission!" "Come, EF-3F," Leon commanded to the droid. Both of them hurried out of the door, down the hall, and across the boarding platform to finally reach the Grand Nova. This ship has been used many times already in the Mandalorian Wars. It has proven its use and sturdiness. "There you are!" Kila shouted. "Leon, EF, hurry and get in!" EF-3F placed himself in the droid cockpit above the pilot's, and Leon hurried to strap himself in the passenger's seat. "It's going to be a bumpy ride!" Kila shouted. The ship started slowly to rise off the ground, and in an instant it raced to join the epic space battle which was taking place.
  3. "Do you think it's wise to attend Korriban when all of the Sith in the galaxy will rendezvous there?" Blue asked. "What are you talking about? We're Sith!" Red replied. "Oh. That's right."
  4. Red watched as the Sith shuttle beamed off into nothingness. "Let's follow," said Blue. "I agree," Red replied. Red punched in the hyperdrive settings, and before long the shuttle was zooming through the unlimited amounts of stars and galaxies. Red spent the remainder of the travel in the cockpit, amazed by the universe surrounding him.
  5. "I'm very pleased that your mission has gone well. Come back to Korriban. I want to have a meeting with you all." Red opened his eyes, still alone in his shuttle while following the Sith. "Korriban?" he asked aloud. "Blue, we're going to go Korriban." Red punched in the coordinates to the ship and left the cockpit to his meditation room. "Yes...we are!" laughed "Blue."
  6. I honestly can't think of a good biography, that's why I set the bio up the way that I did. And what I mean by elemental force user - water is that he can control water to a certain degree. I updated that bit into my post.
  7. Name: Leon E. Nobuul Nickname: Len Species: Human Sex: Male Age: 22 Class: Weapons Master Appearance: Here Lightsaber: Single, Light Blue Weapons/Equipment: Tracking device, com link Specialties: Elemental Force User - Water (can manipulate and control water to a certain degree) Bio: More on Leon's past will be revealed in the role play.
  8. STAR WARS GREAT BOUNTY HUNT The year is 1,222 BBY, eight years after the SICTIS WAR'S end. The NEW SITH WAR is eight centuries in, and the galaxy has been greatly affected by the damage caused. DARK LORD OF THE SITH, BELIA DARZU, was recently poisoned by the MECROSA ORDER on the command of her fellow Sith Lord. Both sides of the war are all but scattered; Jedi and Sith are separated and diminished. On the planet BESPIN, recent activity in BESPIN'S BOUNTY HUNTING CULT has been stirring. The company has received work from a strange client whose identity is unknown. The bounties that he sets are suspicious, but regardless to say, he pays well. The client's missions target Jedi, Sith, and local no-names. Threatened, the JEDI ORDER and the SITH AFFILIATION set out groups of their own to track down the client and stop the killings....
  9. Red has been following the shuttle of Diablos for a long while. He's been tracking him since near the beginning of their venture to reign over planets and take complete control. Red truly didn't have the single thought in the world he would accomplish by following the Sith, but he flows more with his feelings than his thoughts. "Blue, what are we doing?" Red asked allowed in the lonely cockpit of his ship. There was no response.
  10. Red has done well keeping himself unnoticed. He has passed by all of the Sith and all of the clone troops with ease. He's been following the groups of terrorists for days now, tracking their every movement around the galaxy. Red has witnessed a lot of terrible things, but what the Sith have done to the life on the planets they visit tortures him inside; it makes him feel uncomfortable. "Woe to you all," he thought, extending his feelings throughout the life surrounding him.
  11. Name: Red Age: N/A Gender: Male Species: N/A Appearance: Here Occupation: N/A Homeworld: N/A Personality: Mature, unhumored, calm Weapons: Two red lightsabers Bio: Red's biography will be revealed in the role play. Talk to him, earn his trust, and eventually he will speak about his past and goals. Fill in all of that "N/A" spots be asking questions and getting close to Red. All that you know is that he wears a mask, his voice is muffled in distorted due to the unique properties of the mask (yet there is still a hint of a male tone), and he carries two red lightsabers.
  12. I'm just going to go ahead and bump this, since the Japanese version is released, and there's been a hell-of-a-lot of news going around lately. Another delay--up until March 9th--and the character and stage rosters have been revealed.
  13. This thread is dedicated to my spin-off series, Crazy Luigi (inspired by morph_blue). Everything you see here is original, and genuine. I did not steal any of these images, I made them with my bare MS Paint skills. Unfortunately I've recently been losing interest with the series, but I'll still continue to make new episodes, though (it's the wait in between the episode's release that'll make ya insane). So, without farther ado, I give to you: CRAZYLUIGI Thumbnail: click to enlarge: Once again, it's been a loooooong time since a new issue of Crazy Luigi has appeared. This episode was inspired by Mega-Ridley-Knight-Man's new comic series, "Crazy Yoshi". When I read his comic, this idea instantly popped into my head, and I just HAD to get it down before I lost interest. So, here it is! I personally think that it's my best yet (runner up being episode 3). Tell me what you think, and enjoy! Previous Episodes: Episode 1 This is a rather old, but famous joke. Well at least, I think it is! This is the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking up of a spoof, and I think it worked rather well. Throwing in Toad as the secondary character was extra fun, considering it's a "shroom" as well! Episode 2 Here is episode two of my series! This episode is an idea that I thought of while going to sleep. I imagined it a little differently in my head, but I think it turned out close enough to what I was thinking of. Episode 3 Hehe, this is just a funny idea in general I think. Have any of you ever been harassed by that annoying sun? Yeah, "**** YES!!", right? Seems like Luigi has had enough! Enjoy! Episode 4 Finally episode four of Crazy Luigi is out! I know, I know, all of that delay for such a short episode? Well, let me tell you, that Wribbler was one hard little ******* to draw! Also I'm trying a slightly different style in the way I draw Luigi, probably not going to stick with it, but it's always good to test. Anyways, enjoy!
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