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  1. Revan ? what are you talking about, BF is based on the real Star Wars stories...they wouldn't put KOTOR characters in it, even though it would rock.
  2. I used a scout the first time i passed K1, the other times i think it was a sentinel and counculor.
  3. ahh...why not a 360 ? And we still don't know what it will be like as sombody said the fighting in the trailer isn't officially anounced as Force Unleashed gameplay.
  4. Get K1 then if you like it alot get K2. That's if you havn't already passed both on PC, but you could still pass em on Xbox if you want.
  5. ^ Not always, great games like Dead Rising and GoW havn't yet and i doubt they will. Also can anyone answear why Halo 2 will be released on PC sometime this year, and it was back in 2004 that it came out on Xbox, i mean thats i long time to wait even though i don't play PC games...its still a long time.
  6. This thread can be locked now lol, we have already established the info on the Halo project, the next posts will be flaming i bet just as primal said.
  7. Not sure exactly wat you mean, action figures ?
  8. How can you watch such sap! its pure waste of money and time for a lame show with terrible acting and possibly the stupidest plot to ever be on a tv show!
  9. Crysis looks boring, no offence to alot of fans on LF but it looks like any old military shooter with good GoW style graphics.
  10. Roger Moore. He's a good actor and stars in my most favourite Bond films of all time. Daniel Craig was pretty good in Casino Royale aswell.
  11. SilentScope is so right...why waste so much time and cash on memory and graphic cards and whatnot. ~snipped off-topic spam~ Carlo, I and several other mods have deleted a _lot_ of off-topic spam of yours recently. This discussion of xbox vs. PC has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of SW '07. Membership here is a privilege, not a right. Review the Forum rules again and follow them. This is a warning. --Jae
  12. What kind of Oblivion modding ? you don;t really need it becasue on the 360 version i know how to get infinite money...not sure if its the same for PC though. I bet it is.
  13. They look a misty green, but to be more basic like everyone id say they are grey.
  14. Ok people...don't get carried away, back to BFIII...soooo has anybody pre-ordered it or anything yet ?
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