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  1. yup, pretty much. thanx gargoyle_king. Would you be willing to make it?
  2. Thanx BLaCKouT, perhaps you know someone? I wish i could model, but like you star wars trivia and other stuff takes up that part of my brain.
  3. In honor of the recently passed Celebration IV, i think it would be fitting to create some of Ralph McQuarrie's original models for Jedi Academy. the links are below. http://www.df.lth.se/~ola/Starwars/StarWars/starwars2.html and for afcial refrence: http://www.df.lth.se/~ola/Starwars/StarWars/starwars11.html
  4. Thank you master zionosis for telling me this and providing the working links . But, i would think that it is a request because i am requesting a model of Ralph McQuarrie's version of Luke Skywalker be made.
  5. thanx jedi-guard. i found everything except for the "bot_enable" file. i didnt even find anything that looks like it.
  6. In honor of the recently passed Celebration IV, i think it would be fitting to create some of Ralph McQuarrie's original models for KOTOR or TSL. the link is below. http://www.df.lth.se/~ola/Starwars/.../starwars2.html and for facial refrence check here: http://www.df.lth.se/~ola/Starwars/...starwars11.html
  7. where would i check them? (sorry, im a n00b )
  8. for some reason whenever i play TFFA or CTF in academy, i cant spawn bots. it happens in bot solo mode and on servers. can anyone help me.
  9. i saw the movie, and in my opinon it was very sad how stubborn and closed-minded these people were. at the end of the film, i believe the director called into a radio show. about halfway through the converstaion the radio host was pretty much shutting her down. Heck, she even had the guts to say that the world should abandon democrocy and replace it with radical christianity. not to mention most perceptions of hell is not from the bible, it's from Dante's Inferno. Pretty much what happened was that the church liked it so much that they decided to start preaching that description. And just for the record, I never watched a movie that made feel even prouder to be jewish. (except maybe for schindler's list;). Edit: PS: christianity didnt appear until 100yrs after christ died.
  10. i think that was one of the funniest things ive ever read. Another good one is the Homosexuality page. that one gave me a good laugh. EDIT: aparently there is also a creation wiki here: http://creationwiki.org/
  11. does anyone know if a valley of the jedi map has come out? i've been looking for one for awhile now but i just cant seem to find one. If you know where i can find one please let me know.
  12. when im playing JA whenever i use a melee weapon like a sword i always get the lightsaber blade in the weapon. also the weapon doesnt rotate like it should. how can i get this to stop? PLEEEEEEASE HELP!!!
  13. HOLY SH*T!! NEW KINGDOM HEARTS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7NR-RszkG8&mode=related&search= i think i needed to change pants after this one...
  14. i just watched it again and it has to be roxas. look at the hair
  15. i think i just splurged my self... the guy who was frozen was that sora? i hope not damn.... i hope this comes out inthe US
  16. In response to all the b**ching about how the pearsians were depicted: the reason why the persians were so grostiquly was because the viewpoint of a spartan soldier was that he was getting the army "pumped up" to fight the persians again, and he illustrates that by demonizing the persians so it looks like leonidas is fighting agains all the evil in the world.
  17. im listening to redemption spong by bob marley. then its off to highway chile by Jimi Hendrix. My 2 favorite artists
  18. o... thanx any way if anyone out there can help me model this, since i am illiterate when it come to modeling, it would be much appreacieated. personally, i dont think it would be very hard considering the quality of modders around here, so if any of u can find a spare moment, it would be great if u could model the spartan helmet.
  19. if theres no problem, do u think u could make it?
  20. maybe a little bit o... but wut about the bald pc's head?
  21. i wasa just wondering if someone would be willing to amke a helmet like this for KOTOR 1: http://www.medievalarmory.net/images/Spartan_Brass_1.jpg or http://www.strongblade.com/prod/sbh-spartancrested.html thanx
  22. Nationality - American Political party - not a big fan of politics religion - Jewish and damn proud of it major issues i believe in - pro-abortion, seperation of church and state (thats a big thing of mine), anti-war (just call me john lennon), pro-israel
  23. i was wondering if someone has made a luke skywalker mod for KOTOR. i remember seeing one before, but i cant find it. so, if someone knows what im talking about please tell me.
  24. what happened to PCgamemods? for a while it was there, then it dissappeared! What happened to it?! The site has had problems for quite some time now. Feel free to check in the Holowan Labs and Taris Upper City Emporium as well as LucasFiles.com for mods. Thanks, Jae Also we aren't affiliated with that site in any way so we have no control over it being up or down. -RH
  25. I was hoping if someone would be interested in creating a Luke Skywalker skin for KOTOR I. I do know that one was made, though it didnt really look like Luke. So, it would be awsome if someone could mske it for me. thanx.
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