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  1. i agree that you shuld be a youngling nd i have a few more ideas. any1 eva heard of yaddle? the jedi that spent 100 years as a prisoner training? maybe at the start of the jedi civil war we get captured and imprisoned then 15 years later, after TSL, we escape. The whole time in imprisonment we were training so that we come out as a jedi?
  2. I totally agree. Atton is a better character as a Jedi, but he's cooler as a scoundrel. I think Brianna should be a Jedi though, as she has Force Sensitive blood and is the main love focus of KOTOR2
  3. I think that you should actually start as a kid and after a few hours of gameplay skips ahead to you as an adult. You have completed your jedi training etc. I think it should be an anakin kind of person, sum1 with lots of medichlorians, that makes them powerful
  4. I got to thinking and i have some new ideas. -Space Combat (same as Galaxies when it comes to customisation, combat etc) -Fully explorabe planets (again, the same as Galaxies) -Fully Customizable Items (same as KOTOR2, but customizable looks etc. as well) -Every time you play it is different! (e.g different quests lead to different storylines. I was so frustrated in KOTOR2 when you played DS and you had to go save Telos, and go and destroy the Sith) -And maybe, just maybe, The Jedi Knight Series combat, as opposed to turn based. All these things would make KOTOR3 far more enjoyable.
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