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  1. Chaaaaange? --a whole South Park episode. Or it could be -wurst
  2. I thought that "Psychonauts: Original Cinematic Score" by Peter McConnell put it in game order. Here it is: http://vgmdb.net/album/5466. Its UPC-A is 837101281911 but it wasn't there until I added it in. Best of luck!
  3. I guess all prices come down, though I was hoping it'd be popular and at the $10 mark. (martmeister crosses fingers for Psychonauts 2) Jae, I just read your current game, Dragon Age. I love that game! I'm still playing the DLCs and will get the expansion.
  4. I did...10 months before you posted your flippant response. So FAIL on your part, thebrutallegend! Yep, just like others on this forum...
  5. Maybe one that has all sorts of Psychonauts missions, only in the end for Raz to wake up and find that he's still holding the pamphlet for the camp. 1)He never went there and his dad gives him the talk on being psychic. 2)He's just another kid reading a comic about psychic agents and superheroes, etc. Expanding on the never woke up from Meat Circus idea: His brain is separate from Oleander's, but is traumatized (Oly was a master). Instead of playing as Raz, you play as other campers and trainers (I'd like to see hear Bobby Zilch's comments as he runs through Raz' head). Okay, I'd rather have Raz, the new official Psychonaut, doing those missions...a mad scientist trying to release chem weapons, actually fighting off real enemy agents (yeah, they'll be a lot taller than him), and maybe mini-mind controls where he zips into an enemy peon's head (say a gate guard) to take control. Nothing too long/major with them.
  6. Post-College: trying to find a job that meets the reqs of your major, getting a low-skill job so you have some income, getting a significantly better job that starts off gold but turns out just to be bronze, and forcing yourself to study various courses b/c you want to get a better job. Finding a wife: I mean what's up with all these women going out with these jerk-offs. I'm a friggin' gentleman! Buying a home: Location, location, location...and money, money, money; oh, it'd go so much easier with two incomes (see above). Getting a speeding ticket...for going the speed that you and everybody else normally goes b/c some a-hole cop wants to prove that he's the sh*t at issuing citations. It's not the ticket; it's the auto insurance. (Now that you're free to go out whenever)...not having anyone around to go places. High school's one advantage over college was NOT having real responsibility. College was one of my best times.
  7. Oh, it's been awhile...I can't remember if the buttons light up when you look a it, but I do remember that you don't use your keyboard/keypad to activate it....take that back: you "use" the device, and activate each button with your mouse.
  8. Her alleged church got on the news stating that she wasn't a member nor had they heard of her before. I don't blame the reverend for calling her out and turning her down. One's foolishness shouldn't be the penalty for everybody else. ...but somehow, years from now, she'll be a "victim" going on about how she's working three jobs raising 14 children alone. Let's go ahead and ingrain this in our heads now: she did this to herself. I disagree with her "wanting to have a big family" reasoning. Perhaps I'd be more okay with this IF she had tried for years (and failing) to have a baby so invitro or multiple eggs were the only options. Hell, maybe if she just liked to lay on her back and pop out tax deductions, I mean infants...IF she were married, had a supportive family, or wealthy. But her older children are still little, she's single, and most importantly not financially-capable of raising FOURTEEN kids. Put them up for adoption already! I find in slightly ironic that Angelina Jolie is horrified at their close resemblance. There you go: there's her first adoption candidate. If Angelina Jolie can adopt 3rd world babies, she can get some American-born ones, too. ...But it's not Angelina's responsibility to adopt every child. Given Octo-Mom's idiotic decision to pop out so many babies, I'd be surprised if anyone wants to adopt them for fear of the child growing up to be an equal moron. Oh, the octupulets' responsibility is the parents'. If they can't take care of them, tough s**t! btw, taxpayer money should NOT be used to raise her children. If the gov insists that we do squander our money, perhaps a Universal Soldier program should be implemented.
  9. I can't wait for Watchmen to come out. That and the new Star Trek. Embrace yo' inner nerd!
  10. Indeed. And the rest of your jeesh, lol.
  11. Yes, your post has given this forum enough jolt of electricity to keep it running for a while. I did a combo of lev ball, probably bombing, and mainly the shield. You wait for his cleaver to get stuck, climb up his arm then whack him. I find the 2nd and 3rd fights a lot easier, which goes against the norm of multi-encounter boss fights in video games.
  12. Probably a glitch. Unless your space-bar/jump key is getting stuck for some reason. I hated that level; really wish that Raz would just learn to swim like everybody else.
  13. Pants, wallet, sunglasses, jacket, money.
  14. I found that if you turn off the computer screen or television, it's a quick jolt to the real world. Usually followed by "what the f*#!?" Oh,...THAT real world.
  15. You have to face the keypad and activate it. I think you have to move the cursor to the respective numbers.
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