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  1. In singleplayer, whenever I attack, the sound of the weapon firing or lightsaber swinging is delayed by a little under a second. This affects infantry, jedi, vehicles, starfighters, and turrets. All the other sound effects work properly. I have not tried multiplayer. I have fully reinstalled the game twice, to no avail. I'm using Windows XP with Realtek High Definition Audio. Anything I can try?
  2. Orj

    Where to buy?!

    Yeah, listen to Astor_Kaine. Stay far away from KOTF. It's a virus filled compilation of other people's work. Check this out: http://www.moddb.com/mods/3344/knights-of-the-force/news/26748/knights-of-the-farce-weve-had-enough
  3. /addbot [botname] [skill 1-5] [team r or b] 0 [nickname] I'm not sure the siege maps have botrouting, so the bots will probably just jump randomly. Try OJP Basic. That improves bots, and allows them to be used in Siege maps, with correct botroutes.
  4. I believe it's all in the Singleplayer Datapad. (Tab key)
  5. Is it just you, or is it any character?
  6. Green, or cyan if I'm using an RGB saber mod.
  7. Those first three are for the KOTOR clan, not from the game KotOR. Dunno about the last one, though. The review says it's 'inspired' by KotOR.
  8. Orj

    Effects List

    You mean .efx files? Just download Pakscape (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Pakscape;31681), and open up the right AssetsX.pk3 file. I forget if it's Assets0 or Assets1.
  9. I have seen people on a FFA server. Twice. (Once, it was around a dozen people. The other time, two.) Mostly it's just RPers who play online.
  10. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/ForceMod_III_Return_of_the_Sith_v101_Patch;36302
  11. Yeah. So when you first start the game, refresh doesn't get you any servers.
  12. Sorry, didn't mean to offend. It's always better to ask the dumb question rather than not ask it. When I said "Did you click 'Refresh' or 'Get New List'?" I meant "Which one did you click, or did you click both?". When I first installed JA, 'Refresh' gave me an empty list. Only 'Get New List' worked.
  13. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/JEDI_ACADEMY_GunBots;44671 Here's a mod which allows you to have guns-only bots. DOA mod time!
  14. With the ingame browser-- Are you sure you had it set correctly? You know, internet, all gametypes, etc. Did you click 'Refresh' or 'Get New List'?
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