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  1. I think we all did. Regardless, I love heights, rollercoasters, I do some extreme sports - no WAY I'd do that...
  2. Did...did...did you just badmouth a genre that contains Rome: Total War?
  3. I mostly lurk here but it's high time to grace this forum with sexy.
  4. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/02/13/knights-of-the-old-republic-back-in-biowares-hands/ another link.
  5. I love Chad! What a leap...if Vader is featured in any more game I wonder if he's the new "face" of Vader so to speak?
  6. Whoa...just how many voices does she do!?!? Happy birthday
  7. Some of his scrambling was incredible. Those dodges he made to set up those plays were ridiculous. And it was only like 20 miles from where I live...crazy to think that was going on so close and I couldn't be there .
  8. I sleep when I get bored in school. Which is every single class :/
  9. uhhh...ahhh...uhhh...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...uhhhhhhhhh...its uhhhh....uhhhhhhh I figured they'd have a more charismatic recruiter, but whatever.
  10. Opposite for me, I don't really like playing casters...paragon and warrior are my favorites although I almost exclusively pvp as a monk and sometimes an assassin. Maaaaybe a mesmer if I feel like it.
  11. Force unleashed is being eagerly awaited by me. Same with GTA 4...I don't know why but the whole absurd nature of the GTA games makes me laugh...not to mention they're extremely fun of course. Haven't really been keeping up on game releases for the next year (I think mass effect killed my hype sensor) so I don't know that many that are going to be released next year.
  12. I got EotN for Christmas but I haven't started on it yet. Before the Christmas extravaganza started I was working on finishing the skill hunter title, which I'm going to do before I get all wrapped up in EotN. Also, decided I want another 15k set for my warrior so I'm working on that. I used to W/Rt farm a lot, but ever since Zaishen Keys I just play a ton of pvp and sell those for 3-4k. Works out alright I guess. Sounds like most of you are into PvE but if you ever want to PvP with me sometime that's where I'm at 70% of the time nowadays
  13. Well, it doesn't look like I added to this thread (I don't see me and ctrl f doesn't pick me up). I play this game a fair amount, my pve is a warrior and my pve is a monk. Demigod Heracles is me .
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