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  1. Lol, Palpatine/Lord Sidious did! He didn’t had strike at the Republic with a big pile a junk, but from within. Now that’s power.
  2. You don’t take the title Dark Lord of The Sith out of necessity, it’s not a job appliance, there was no one else that had the necessary power, genius, determination and commitment. Revan had a goal, that’s why pulled his power play when he did. To a Sith power is like a drug, like air, their only purpose. After taking the galaxy Revan had a great deal of power, to break away willingly from the that, is like stop eating, drinking water, breathing, cutting your internet connection. (like The Exile and the Force). I’m not making an icon out of Revan, just showing him to you through my eyes, there are other characters in SW that I like, but in KOTOR Revan casts a pretty big shadow, my mistake if I only see the his shadow. So if you will enlighten me with your pov. I’m no fanboy to anything but concepts, ideas and ideologies that suit my character, personality and ego. I don’t make gods from over empowered novelistic heroes. Sorry if I’m upsetting people so may the Universe punish me… with a LightSaber.
  3. Sorry about my post earlier, I've seemed to upset some people. You are all right: LightSaber vs. LightSaber => Revan Wins. Force vs. Force => Nihilus Wins.(Cause it seams he'll eat Revans Force) But lets look at it from another pov. like I see the situation: What if Revan created (made/influenced/pushed in that direction) the Exile on purpose. That will make The Exile Revan's indirect weapon. So in the end Revan still wins. PS: Revan didn't conquer the galaxy because of his vast fleet, but because of his genius, because the Force made him understand.
  4. Nihilus is not even a Sith Lord, he's a freak of nature, a monster, a predator. All KOTOR Sith Lords/Jedi Masters live in Revans shadow. In a fight Revan would find a way kill Nihilus. Damn it, Revan conquered the Galaxie then left and let it rot, now that's POWER.
  5. In KOTOR there is only one Sith Lord, The True Sith, the Sith'Ari : Lord Revan. All the others are just echoes of his greatness and power upon a crippling Republic. I think many of you agree with me when I say that Revan is the most powerful KOTOR Sith Lord. All the other Sith Lords wannabes mentioned in the poll exist in his shadow. So my favorite KOTOR Sith Lord in Revan. PS: Please, I don't want to hear s#!t about Revan not being a Sith or other funky stuff like that, cause if you do think he wasn't then you just can't understand the damn game.
  6. All you weak pathetic Jedi scum, the Dark Side shall crush you all. You sorry excuse for a force sensitive. Death to the Jedi. 1. Like duh... Sith Lord forever. 2. My favorite armours are of Darth Bandon and Darth Revan. 3. Like any powerfull Sith Lord less saber more force and deception, but I prefer a Single Bladed Red LightSaber. 4. What form comes naturaly... I don't know all of them. 5. Like I said more Force less Saber
  7. Isn't this this thread question kind of dumb? First, how can you execute a man if doesn't remember what he did, that ain't fair. Second, if he had his memories, he's the ~snipped~ Dark Lord of The Sith, I don't think some one could hold him in jail just like that. Third, The Republic is weak, Revan should heaved wiped it from the face of the Universe, ok maybe not but still... Maybe The Republic knew that there was more ot Revan than Malaks psychopathic mass-mudering urges, at least Revan would destroy a planet for a person. And yes there is no canon there is only Revan.
  8. Yes...in manner of way.I would become a Sith from the start, because SITH RULZ. Think on all the possibilities, all the power, all the uncensored knowledge, all the weak people to kill and enslave and corrupt, all the pain that you could suffer...yes a Sith Lord.
  9. Nice speech dude, you totally ruined my perspective on this story. ...snip..." the journey is important not the destination " ... is so 5 minutes ago. God Radu, while you are entitled to your opinion, so is everyone else. If you have something constructive to add to your argument regarding the post-modernist era, you are welcome to contribute, but watch the flame-baiting. -- tk102
  10. Revan would heaved wiped the floor with Nihilus and all his wound in the force. Man, he conquered the galaxy and then left, now that's power.
  11. The should let the production of KOTOR 3 to the real specialists the KOTOR moders. The appearence of the PC in KOTOR 3 should have an in-game custom creation process, so that the each character would look diferent: big, small, fat, skiny. Maybe an optional face creation system. A lot of detail to the enviroment and the NPCs. I saw Oblivion and it looked great, the producers should leurn something. The should be SFX redone. The atack system, more detail to hair, skin, character evolution. And the LightSabers must leave marks on walls, people...like Jedi Academy. KOTOR must have an easy to mod system, easy to understand - easy to mod. The PC enemyes got to have a loosing body part system...like Jedi Academy. Maybe something from Dark Messiah(storie ending stile and PC motion). ANY THING THAT MAKES ME BUY IT! P.S.: Sorry for the BAD english!
  12. KOTOR 3 must have both Revan and the Exile in the main leading role(roles). Still Revan RULZZZ! From my point of view Revan was the most powerful jedi/sith in the Star Wars Sagga.
  13. Yeah more romance, more guns, more sexyness, better characters, much more violance...a lot more. They should combine tones of violance and romance in the sith way of life. Much more darkness...yes darkness I AM DARKNESS...I AM SHADOW...I AM THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR DISTRUCTION! Welcome to the forums, GOD Radu. Please don't double post--if you want to add to something you just posted, go the the 'edit this' link in the bottom right corner of your post, click it, and add in whatever you want to say. Please review the Forum Rules. We delete off topic/spam posts, and it's only fair to let you know just what those are. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM a moderator or administrator. Thanks, Jae.
  14. Yeah MassEffect is the bomb! It looks divine! I really pray to God (GOD Radu that is!) that they don't ****-up this third KOTOR, like TLS. This kind of game with this amount of fans all around the world should not be treated so poorlly. They should speak with UBISOFT maybe they can help them out. Because UBISOFTs Prince of Persia RULZZZZZZ! By the way! Darth Maul - The Forgotten Sith come on he won't ever be forgotten, he's the most horny sith in all of Star Wars!
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