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  1. I'm not talking normal siggy, like what you put underneath your posts... I'm talking Clan Sigs here. If there is a sig-creator person who is/was/will be bored, can you make me one?
  2. Hi Luke!

    I was wondering if you and your clan would like to allie with me - or is there some form of higher authority i should ask?

  3. Spawn of the Sith, you're right. People call me n00b on many occasions - and never because I'm a newbie, either. I just tend to favour the Heavy Repeater, The AA and the Conc. Rifle. It's beyond me to work out how this is n00b. Like you say, people who call others names and swear innapropriotly are themselves the stupid ones. I was playing MP and everytime this one guy called killed, he repeatedly said: ~~~stupid n00b~~~ }{{} Stupid idiot n00b which I found somewhat offensive. Every time he got a kill, same story: ~~~I OWN YOU FU**ING N00b!!! people like this make me sick. Some people are new and don't display any level of skil (naming no names) GET USED TO IT!
  4. i saw a guy today called fat_ugly_fierfek. What the hell? oh, heres a list: Himself Group_of_ewoks (pretty funny when kills are concerned) Shatter_window blah (???) F7 (?)
  5. yeah, but cool armour ain't gonna help on the battlefield. As Sergeant Walon Vau (?) said: 'Aesthetics are no match for training
  6. Welcome to SCAS, BlackOut. I received your email and will reply soon Once again, Welcome, Lt. BlackOut The SCAS site is currently under construction, theres not much there, but please feel free to look around http://www.thescas.webs.com join our list of allies by emailing s-c-a-s_alliances@hotmail.com
  7. Well, everyone seems to agree that RC's would win - personaly I think they'd be equally matched, but Storm Commandos, after reading Astor's equipment list, I think SCs would have a tactical advantage - they wouldn't give a flying thermal detanator about their 'brothers'. RCs care about their brothers, as highlighted in the game, whereas Stormies would probably leave their comrades to die, unless there was a tactical or physical inconveiniance, such as being outnumbered, outgunned or outmaneuvored. Storm Commandos and Storm Troopers, come to that, (in battle, anyway) seem to fight alone, not in squads or groups, mainly squashing Rebel Scum with their E-11's alone. Republic Commandos are less effective alone . oh, and does anyone have a picture of a Storm Commando? Google didn;t give much, just pictures of Dark Troopers. Weird.
  8. hi everyone - i'm starting a new clan called the SCAS (Storm Commando Attack Squadron). It's an RPG type of thing, and i need 4 brave commandos to join me, thoguh if you like, you can be in the Trando section, which involves fighting us. I would be happy to answer any questions as best as i can - enjoy! If you have any queries or you wish to join then please email: s-c-a-s@hotmail.com
  9. I've just seen the message, and i thought that i'd been moving wierdly - for example, i was on a platform ,I pressed w and that minute i was facing a block on the other side of the map. anyway, what is a speed hack?
  10. I was playing MP earlier, and at the bottom of my screen flashed a message saying 'Speed Hack Detected!' I want to know what in the name of Scorch a speed hack is and what it does. Any ideas?
  11. If a squad of Storm Commandos fough with a squad of Republic Commandos, what would be the outcome of a fight? I'm talking standard clone commandos and storm commandos here, nothing elite like the Deltas and Omegas - what do YOU think?
  12. my fave Boss quotes: 'Anti Armour: Perfect against armoured droids, fortified vehicles and anyone else with an inflated opinion of himself.' 'Alone against all these droids.... heh, they don't stand a chance!' 'Come on, you fat ugly fierfeks! Come and get me!' Oh, and what in the name of Delta is a fierfek?
  13. Having rethough tmy ideals, I'd be an ARC. They have better training, better ranks and overall better skills. Though I don't think ARCs would be a match for the Deltas.
  14. Hi everyone, I recently bought the Star Wars: Best of PC version of RC, and to install RC, you need a code. Unfortunatley, n00b as I am, I couldn't find said code, and i can't play the game :- (. Does anyone have any hints for me?
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