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  1. same here, It`s definately game related, and bloody annoying. It makes the saber combat feel very stiff and unatural. It doesn`t just affect saber combat, it`s seems to cause other animations to stutter at the same time. Don`t Worry the console version has the same choppy combat.
  2. Download fps_limiter and set it to 30, then you can have stutter free cinematics with vsync on. The main problem i have seen is when sabering enemies i get noticable stuttering.
  3. It was bug ticketed about a year ago.
  4. May i suggest downloading an earlier version of ojp (.9u i think)? if i recall it does not have the new points allocation system which may be the cause of the bots inabilty to correctly ignite dual/sabertstaff. The only problem with the earlier version is that the block/parry system isn`t as refined as newer releases,but hey! it`s better than nothing i suppose.
  5. 1.3gb file that has only 3 singleplayer missions, the only worse than this being a fake, would be if the mod actually sucked, and it does,BIGTIME!!!!!!
  6. Thanx Razorace My children don`t have an internet connection on thier computer so i have found a great temporary solution for them. I downloaded OJP 0.0.9n and now they can play against dual/staff weilding bots who use force powers (as long as they select vanilla or AOTCbots). Granted, the saber blocking/parrying isn`t as refined as in the latest OJP,but it`s better than nothing.
  7. Maxstate, I expected that kind of reply from you, and I`m glad that it`s not your decision to make. I think it`s pretty narrow minded of you to believe that bots are a real threat to OJP`s online popularity. Bots will NEVER replace real gamers but on the other hand it would be nice to have competent bots to practice against whilst we wait for real gamers to finally join servers. I have an online server up and running which includes bots,just in case you were wondering
  8. I hope someone can help, I was wondering if some could update OJP Basic so it has the same saber collision detection system as the latest OJP_E? The reason i ask this is that i would like an offline mod that allows bots to use katas,force and most importantly dual and saberstaffs. The problem with using vanilla JKA is that the single v`s single saber collision detection is practically non existent. I currently only use OJP_E for online due to the fact that bots can`t or won`t use some of the features i have already mentioned. OJP basic is potentially a great offline alternative but it seems to lack the saber collision detection that has made OJP_E so popular. I would be greatful if someone could possible help me with my request.
  9. I understand what you are saying,but my point is that if i start off with a single saber (with only single saber styles selected )and decide to got to dual or staff during a game, even when i disable single saber styles and select only corresponding styles, the selected saber(s) still gets stuck on shi-cho, when respawned, and Vice-versa.
  10. here is how recreated the problem 1) select all saber styles 2) spawn with single lightsaber 3) change single lightsaber to dual sabers or staff 4) respawn and saber style will be stuck on shi-cho I have found that i have to deselect , then reselect some saberstyles from the force menus then respawn for the bug to correct itself. I hope this makes some sense. BTW! I believe this problem is also connected to why Tab bots can only spawn single sabers.
  11. I think it has something to do with the individual saberstyles points allocation system. If remove saberstyle points,the add them again,when i respawn the problem is fixed.
  12. I have noticed that if I decide to change my saber for a staff or dual sabers during a game, when i respawn my saberstyle is locked on Shi-cho and only one blade ignites.
  13. I have a Jewish background, and I found the comments extremely offensive. How would you feel if i said that,that was a typical a Neo Nazi Redneck attitiude ?
  14. judging by some the Anti-semitic comments that were made on a server ,by someone who will remain nameless, i`m glad i don`t play JKA online much anymore. It`s that sort of childish and ignorant attitude that ruins MP gaming.
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