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  1. As one of the aforementioned noobs, I wish to apologise to everyone...
  2. Liked the bit on Prosecutor just after(or before) the hangars. some really claustrophobic passages and I was stabbing everyone in sight., one of the times I like the Deece more than the ACP chaingun bccos of melee speed. I just love slaughtering trandos like that
  3. i got an error message. Kept spamming play, it worked.
  4. I find trando weapons average at best. The shotgun is so close ranged I'd rather melee anyway. The light repeater's low ammo and aim stinks. I find the conc rifle rather hard to use, but the melee rox. The best is the Minigun which I use on big groups of baddies. But when it comes to combat in enclosed areas, I'd rather have my Deece for its faster melee, not to mention walking speed. I found the wookiee weapons to be better than trando and clone ones, bowcaster has more ammo and is cooler, rocket launcher is homong and not affected by gravity. has more ammo than AA too
  5. how 'bout two separate sets of missions for delta and omega, and a "mission generator" for a customised squad
  6. I lost my old copy of RC and got another one and it shows "Runtime error... abnormal program termination!" Help! what can i do?
  7. yeah sev rules. Hopefully we can avoid a "Mort debate" here
  8. I think we better not burden this poor d00d any more. Being hypocritical old me, Skreel Shiny black with 3 big claw slashes in yellow on the front plus a yellow stripe like Lord Rengals on helmet n limbs Sniper attachment but with lightning coming out Some random cracks and scars Thankx
  9. [quote I think you should at least be able to play as different members of the squad somtimes. Theres a cheat for that. Somewhere or other.Try googling it, it shud come viewbots I think, although I havent tried it. As for a sequel: On the way to the Star Destroyer, the larty gets shot down over Sep territory. they are captured and thrown into a jail cell with someone they thought was dead. They are stripped of their armor which is taken away. Just then, order 66 comes through but they dont hear it. The droids go bust. They escape and meet Kal Skirata who takes them along with some other commandos to Kamino where the Kaminoans remove the growth acceleration and subversion to orders. They meet up with some clone troopers who fill th em in on wat happened and they have to make the choice of which side to join. The rest you can figure out yourself( It wasn't Luke and Han who rescued Leia from the Death Star! That's PROPOGANDA!!!!!)
  10. Whack people with it. More effective than a vibroblade. And better range too. By the way, I do play BF2. The wookiees are...disappointing
  11. And play as Omega squad (the whole team) and switch players without using the cheat. Oh yes and show the specialties clearly and have more squad control.ie no holoimages
  12. I want a pickup command to grab a random chunk of wood or metal ur a droid leg. and to play as Wookiees. You could pick up a super battle droid and swing is up and down or snap a spider droids leg off.
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