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  1. None of the sources I've read say that the Jedi directly took part in the bombardment. KOTOR 2 doesn't flat out state that the Jedi took part in the destruction of Uba either.
  2. Uh...It was the REPUBLIC that bombarded the Uba System.Not the Jedi
  3. Funny I don't remember the Jedi destroying a planet (Telos,Alderaan,Taris)....
  4. To use others as a means to your own happiness isn't what I would call good. And most of the time Sith rarely have a objective that isn't "take over the galaxy/kill the Jedi/gain UNLIMITED POWER.
  5. In Anakin's point of view wife beating and child killing is okay. The Galaxy had peace during the 1000 years prior to the Republic.It wasn't until Palps started causing trouble that war started to breakout.
  6. Good and Evil isn't really a point of view in the SWU.
  7. Wasn't it said somewhere that Candalore was in his 60s by the time of K2?
  8. The Jedi in the Movies never did say anything about the "Light Side".They just said bring balance to the Force. In light of this the whole Balance to the Force thing makes alot more sense. Imo contrary to what KOTOR says the two different sides of the Force aren't the Light Side and the Dark Side so much as the Natural Force VS The Dark Side aka the unnatural Force. And if the constant failures of the Sith are anything to go by than the two sides of the Force aren't really equal to each other.
  9. Considering how there were a few hundred Jedi who survived the Purge I fail to see how that makes sense.
  10. Says the guy who started a war which killed thousands, exterminated pretty much a entire religious order simply because they probably wouldn't have accepted his control, and had no problem backstabbing his apprentices. And seeing as how to restore balance to the Force Anakin had to DESTROY THE SITH I fail to see how Good and Evil would have to be balanced in the SWU.Sounds pretty unbalanced to me.
  11. I feel that the Jedi Order in KOTOR, while arrogant, is, in fact,possibly correct. I personally feel the Order knew about the (insert hidden threat here), and that the Order was possibly right when they warned people to stay away from the Mandalorian Wars, because they knew that those who would go would fall to the Dark Side and turn against the Republic (like Revan...really, blowing up the Republic in order to form a Dark Side Sith Empire that is likely to collaspe as soon as he gets a heart attack? Bah!). They were right when they told the Exile that he is a wound in the Force, and they were right when they ran away from Darth Nihilus. The problem with the Jedi is that nobody believes them. And that is the main thing. Instead, people fall to prey the teachings of Kreia and Revan, thinking that getting rid of the Jedi will lead to a perfect utopia. It won't. The Dark Side may not necessarily be evil , but it is selfish. It is Chaos. Basically, a galaxy run by the Dark Side will cause for killings, mayhem, and madness. The Galactic Empire was run by a Sith and look at how much misery it caused for the people of the Galaxy.
  12. What proof is there that Exile actually feels anything other than contempt for Revan? Revan pretty much sent him/her to die at Malachor (and last time I checked the people who were sent to Malachor were those who were disloyal to Revan) and caused a Galactic war that killed thousands of people.I wouldn't be surprised if Exile wants to shove his/her Lightsaber down Revan's throat.
  13. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:KOTOR2Nihilus.jpg I see a face under the mask.
  14. To be frank Mandalore and HK-47 served pretty much no real purpose in K2. Really I honestly fail to see why Mandalore and HK couldn't have been just important NPCs. Sure, you'd lose Mandalore and HK-47, or you'd have to invent characters like them. But is that really such a great loss? It's not like either of them actually went anywhere in the game. They were basically there for people to go "oh, cool, continuity!" and that's it.
  15. Darth Malak "ruining" Revan's plans is pretty much Revan's own fault since he/she was the one who put him in the the position to overthrow him/her in the first place (by making him his/her apprentice). In addition it is the law of the Sith to dispose of the Master when the apprentice is ready so unless Revan wasn't aware of the full nature of the teachings he/she spread throughout the ranks then he/she should have seen Malaks betrayal coming.
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