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    I LOVE Luke Skywalker and I draw alot when I'm bored. I love daydreaming things too!
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    Drawing and Star wars...duh!
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  1. Okay, so, as I said before, all the characters are meeting in a tavern. My character sent out letters to well-known pirates, since he lost his other crew in a battle. Generally, what my guy wants (and it says this in the Casting Call, too) is to have help to find a powerful amulet. To do that, he needs to find nine gems and a map (problem is, the map is scattered into various pieces. Did I also mention that some rather nasty individuals have the gems, too?). The map will lead him and everyone to the amulet, located on a lost island in a temple. My guy is also trying to beat a rival to the amulet.


    Is that good enough for you?


    Edit: Also forgot, my character is going to recruit the guys be making them prove themselves. After I have all the neccessary characters in place, I plan to have them disembark.

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