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    I LOVE Luke Skywalker and I draw alot when I'm bored. I love daydreaming things too!
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    Reaching Out To Hurting Souls.
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    Drawing and Star wars...duh!
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    Young Jedi Girl

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  1. That's good! Glad o see you're alright. :)

    Oh wow, really? I'll check it out right away. :D

  2. Hey :) I'm good. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but they set up an RP section in the Star Wars Gaming Forums here. Check them out :) I might even transfer my Final Fantasy RP over there

  3. Hey, Phil. How are you?

  4. You're right. And I deeply apologize for taking long, Phil. A lot has been going on in life... I'll try and post this week.
  5. Name: Jenna Age: 21 Gender: Female Race: Human Appearance: Click Here Occupation: White Mage Allegiance: Sanctum Weapons: Staff Magic/Abilities: Heal, Barthunder, Barfire, Reflect, Limit Break: (Will update) Biography: (Will update)
  6. It's good to see you guys again too! I really miss this place... After reading a little bit on ME and seeing some videos, I'll make a sheet. Give me a few minutes to come up with something.
  7. Just a heads up: I'll be joining the Old Republic RP too. Still getting use to Mass Effect. Lol

  8. Thanks! And it's good to hear from you too. :D

  9. Hey! It's good to hear back from you again! :D

  10. I understand. Thank you. I just haven't been feeling up to RPing as much as I use to. But I'll try. :)


    Lol Yeah. I was happy about that. But yeah, it's good to keep in touch with old friends.

  11. We're all busy Sky, but that's life. Stick around, as slow as it's going, the RP is moving along, and it's looking to be a really good one. (I seriously need to post though, lol, I'm just glad PK is patient with me.)


    Interesting that PK knew how to get in contact with you outside of LF, then again, I could do the same with at least two others on the forums as well, so, meh. Lol.

  12. Hey! Long time no see! *Big hug*

  13. I know... And I'm sorry. I just missed the place. Plus, PK aka DrPhil wanted me to come back. I'll try though. It's just that I've been super busy on my end.

  14. Sky, it's been a long time. When and why did you show up all the sudden? Lol, not that it's a problem, just curious. Good to see you back at least. :whtsmile:

  15. Goodness... It's been a long, long time... How's everyone? I'll post a character sheet later, Phil.
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