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  1. Can someone make a mod where I can have two double bladed lightsabers on me at the same time? Like one saber in one hand and the second in another.
  2. Is it possible to have two overridefolders? I mean to call one "override" and the second "Override". So for example if two mods contains the file skills.2da i can put one mod in one folder and the second mod in the second folder.
  3. Can someone make a mod so you can play after the credits in the end? Doesn't have to be any new dialouges or somehting, just like making a bugg so the game won't end after the credits.
  4. I would like to have these as my party members: T3-M4 (Always saves the day) HK-47 (Damn, I love his definition of love) Mandalore/Canderous (FOR MANDALORE!) Revan (He was the one who were searching for the true sith) Jedi Exile (He was the one who were searcing for Revan) Some jedi (The council insists that he should go with the others) Some sith (Like Visas in the last game) Carth (Revans best friend?) Bastilla (Revans girlfriend?) Someone else I want the Ebon Hawk to at the third game
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