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  1. hey DT, contact the below people inregards to this


    Shamus. Hey was the project lead for the old mod and can probably give you all the files he had rom the old team


    Ibanez and Omnisu- they were remapping some of the new levels and their work can be seen in the thread below this one.


    I have some of the previous work as well that I can give along with the assets for MoTS as well ;-)

  2. I was able to get JK to run on Win7(64) and have encountered the menu discoloration that you mentioned. Though I have not been successful at getting JKE to work. after running the unoffical patch the game no longer works. I think in the end it will be buy a cheap used laptop for my older games and go from there. Unless MS releases another patch for Win7 fixing said issue. We can hope right? lol

  3. well I tinker with it from time to time. I'll get on a texture kick and jam out like 3 or 4 small easy ones and then stop. I havent mapped in ages, and with school going I dont really mess with it. Also I dont hear much from the other mappers since they are in various places through the world. So I'll leave it at this. I'll probably always work on it but as far as me finishing it, not likely. I'm just going to put everything out there and if another group wants to run with, by all means. Have at it. I should have everything up for DL in a day or so.

  4. So it's been sometime since we have said anything so I suppose news is better than no news. And with that this will be short and bitter sweet. We have decided to cease work on the MOTS mod which I’m sure comes as no surprise. With that being said here is the link to download what we have. Maybe someone will carry on maybe not. In any event it was fun working on this for the time that we did. Thanks for everyone’s support as well! The JA mod community though very critical at times is still pretty loyal.



    MOTS Team



  5. Darth Linux was the original producer of the mod. this changed hands over to Darkstarmojo around 08 09 time frame and now he is in charge of the mod. Please do your research before posting threads such as this.


    Sometimes a search is all you need to find the answers you seek

  6. You can just PM Darkstarmojo on the forums here. I will send him an email as well letting him know you are around. I do know that we need the DT phase 2 and 3. I have asked around a few times to see if anyone could model it. but no results thus far. Would you want to finish the phase 2?

  7. Currently Darkstarmojo is in charge of the DFmod. I'd say contact him and see where he needs help. Shamus was working on the DF2 mod but no one has been able to get a hold of him. Ibanez and Omnisu are working on a few of the JK levels though. Myself and Exonimus are leading the MOTS mod. So there are a few new faces still pressing on.

  8. Well its been some time since we did an update. work has been slow but progressing none-the-less here are some screens of the progress being made















    New Pistol Animation by katanamaru





    And early work on the Asteroid Core.







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