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  1. I was able to get JK to run on Win7(64) and have encountered the menu discoloration that you mentioned. Though I have not been successful at getting JKE to work. after running the unoffical patch the game no longer works. I think in the end it will be buy a cheap used laptop for my older games and go from there. Unless MS releases another patch for Win7 fixing said issue. We can hope right? lol
  2. Is there anyway to play JKE on Win7 (64bit) without using steam? I've looked around and I have been able to install the basic JK on my pc but running mods or the unoffical patch seem to kill it right out.
  3. Are you still running the chats on efnet?

  4. Jedi Outcast. best story by far, action emotion, everything.
  5. well we have about 6 people total working on everything. Two of us are working on the maps right now. No time limit has been set yet. don't want to disappoint if its not met. i know you signed up over at our forums as well. I know you've been working on SOTE for awhile. hows that going. Did you ever get the forums back up yet?

  6. Great job! I love JK and with this and JKE it makes it that much more enjoyable.
  7. if you want to know more about it, maybe you should go check it out over at the hub. here is the link. http://www.jkhub.net/project/show.php?projid=242 the JO kyle was modeled after him from DF2JK. there are some slight changes but he is pretty much the same. but again maybe you should check the mod and see what its all about. You do know its for JK and not JO i assume. good luck.
  8. any luck on why the music doesn't play? no rush though. just thought i'd ask
  9. figured you would. lol i will don't worry.
  10. i have both patches installed already, and i have been using the JK enhanced for Both JK and MOTS. We've talked before Cougar. once i get a net connection at home i'm gonna head over to your site to play some old School JK matches
  11. you know i tried this and i couldn't get the music to work on MOTS either. i'd have to check and see if i have the same problem with JK. i can get it to play with media player but other than that i couldn't get it to work on its own
  12. does anyone know how i can get the textures from the MOTS files?
  13. Got it to work!!! i guess it was the patch, which makes sense now since they released the new patch for MOTS. i feel kinda better now....HOWEVER, i still think someone needs to replace the models. if i were good at doing stuff like that i would gladly try it but i'm not so i guess i need to resort to begging. lol
  14. no i tried that and it didn't work. its only on a few models. the rail det, e-11 blaster rifle, and the atst are the only models that come out looking weird. maybe i'll try it again and see whats up. we'll see what happens though
  15. that would be a grad dream come true, lol. has any of your models come out looking different when you play as kyle with the mots? i posted on the hub about it. but was wondering if maybe you had run into the same thing. but maybe we can convince shred or someone to finish doing the models in MOTS. i think that, and with the new saber mod that is out it will be pretty sweet.
  16. well that sucks. is there anyway around this? maybe this could be something to help convice Shred to redo the models for MOTS. hmmmm maybe, that would be nice though
  17. . ok somthing weird happened while i was playing MOTS last night. has this happened to anyone else? i got through the levels with kyle, and when i switched to mara, all the weapons models except the bowcaster were the originals. the people, droids, enimies, pickups were all replaced except the weapons. not sure what that means.
  18. oh ok, i'm under andysaj, lol right by your comment:laughing:
  19. the new glow sabers i sout for JKE. its pretty cool check it out at http://www.jkhub.net/project/show.php?projid=414 i think its pretty pimp
  20. yeah i got help from the hub, however some textures weren't clear as they are in JK. not a big deal or anything but its still nice to see the ones that are updated.
  21. got it to work!!!! kinda sucks though only some of the models are redone. bu ti still enjoyed seeing some of the models upgraded.
  22. lol ok cool. i have never played JK online before so you'll get a lot of good kills. my online name is usually Stalker or Stalker 6
  23. yes i just posted there to see if i can get any help from them. we'll see
  24. ok i tried it again last night, still nothing. here is what i did. i uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it. i then applied the MOTS patch. i got a message saying the patch was complete or installed properly, press any key to continue. then renamed the gob file and put the JKE folder and the jke.bat in the MOTS fold that is on my hard drive under the lucasarts folder. when i click on the the bat file to launch it (i do the same for JK and it works) the game doesn't open. a rectangular box opens briefly but closes as soon as it opens. i did notice there are some program files that ar
  25. ok i'll try reenstalling it tonight after work. when i tried it last night i checked my Jk game and it works there. so after i reenstall it i'll see how it works. so i'll let you know
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