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  1. R15 Legally speaking since there was no agreement the $600 was a gift and she has no right to demand you return it. Morally speaking in two months when you have the money, write a check and mail it to her. Hell I would even consider using certified mail so you have a record of the check and her receiving it. If she tries to take you small claims court consider a counter suit for loss time and wages, plus harassment.
  2. Zargon, I haven't joined the ranks of people who killed the economy. Afterall what is the fun in that, you first have to wait until there is a recovery and some new growth. My MBA will allow my future self to kill the new economy. Till then I'm trying to aide the economy with gun purchases, putting money back into it sort of thing (when the zombies come I will be ready). Difficutly varied greatly depending on the class and professor so I can't really say. and with my work experience and prior education I didn't need to take a GMAT or GRE to get in, so I can't say which is easier.
  3. I now have my MBA, now I just need a PHD and my collection will be complete. I am also now a 1/4 of a century old hurray.
  4. A job even an $8 an hour job is good - at least you are earning a wage, and it can be a stepping stone to something better.
  5. Or you could pick them up and carry them away from people. For comic effect, run and scream while doing this.
  6. My life also hasn't really changed. For the past four years I have worked multiple jobs (3) and gone to college. Biggest change was going from full time student and part time employee to full time employee and part time student. Yeah online classes. I would complain that I'm single, but with my current work schedule I'm rather happy I don't have to try and make room a woman right now. I know I have been in brainwashed when I have been told I have a 25 page paper and think, "Thank god, a short one this time."
  7. I do have one solution to the problem of the girl who got away, but they tend to get really angry if you shoot them in the leg - go figure (as with all my advice and or solutions I offer no counsel on how "wise" my ideas are). I'm looking forward to the end of tax season, then I can get out to the range and break in my new rifle, and hopefully zero in the scope on my 700. Advantage of being single is I have more money for my other hobbies, it just sucks that my hobbies tend to be expensive. Other then that my life continues the cycle of work - school - sleep - work - school -sleep, Monday - Friday. Saturday I just get to do work (ie Taxes), and Sunday I just get to do school work. Fun.
  8. I'm wearing this: As you can see, my eyes now glow with my demonic demigod powers... and yes that is an actual picture of myself. Now whether or not my eyes naturally glow yellow when I become angry I don't really know, but that might explain why people are afraid of me (or the fact that I walk around wearing a great helm carrying nice sharp swords, and knives, but I really think it’s the glowing yellow eyes).
  9. But where is the fun in that? Also I did warn you...
  10. Because no one else has mentioned it and since Scar tried to drag me into this: "Essmble" is not a word... Consequently I do not know how to essmble, and since it's Scar we are talking about, I'm going to just assume he meant something perverted by it. Now perhaps you meant assemble... I should also mention that violence is not the answer. The answer is "Over there behind you." Wait until he turns around and then commit violence.
  11. Cracken, Don't worry I have knives, guns, and swords (and war clubs, axes, hatchets, hammers) to spar. Enough for all of us. The UPS guy must love my house, one day he is dropping off a sword, the next 500 rounds of 308 ammunition, the next black powder and bullets, another day its a rifle (I'm still amazed remington mailed my rifle back to me, I was sure I was goign to have to go to the factory and pick it up). Oddly enough he never asks for signatures and some of the boxes have the nice dangerious materials label on them.
  12. I was going to make a comment as well, and does this mean we have to give Niner his wallet back?
  13. Last December.... and Red, I have many words to live by. So far my favorite is: "I'm not digging myself a hole, its an escape tunnel." That and from my hopefully soon to be published guide to raising children: "If a shock collar is good enough for Fiddo, then its good enough for Junior."
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