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  1. i've reinstalled kotor2 after beating it twice with out any crashes, but when i got to telos the game started crashing to the main menu when going to another zone or when saving. My PC resets itself while playing the game to sometimes :s i never had any of these problems before. any one knows how to fix this? pc specs: P4 2.0ghz 1024mb RAM ATI radeon 9600 pro 256mb
  2. i can't see the main menu background and the movie cutscenes any one knows how to fix this? i have a Pentium IV 2.0 ghz, Geforce 4 mx 460, 512 ram
  3. the mutant rancor can be killed, i let him fight 30 hazardtroopers with concussion rifles there were only a few troopers left lol but the mutant rancor was dead
  4. wasn't wedge already in JO? he is rogue leader isnt he? and didn't kyle contacted rogue leader on galaks ship? (sorry if im wrong its along time since i played the jk2 single player )
  5. it was funny to see some people shooting moldy crows in jk1
  6. kstar 2 kan jij aub uw sig wat kleiner maken
  7. crosis the link in your sig doesnt work
  8. download ffaepisode1 map its a much better duel of the fates map and it has bot support
  10. you can use the r2d2 model but it looks like kyle only the sounds are from r2d2 you can also use the morgan/ghost model
  11. that guy just used a bacta tank no force heal
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