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  1. I personally have never experienced somebody stealing my password, don't really think anybody can do that, only way for them to see your password is if you have your kt on while hosting and typing "rconpass xxxx" and just when you're about to log in your kt says something and everybody sees it.
  2. Hello all, i used to play on my favorite servers with a ping on 50 - 100 ping, then i was gone for 20 days and i came back, noticing the ping had raised by 150, now it's 200 - 250. I've no clue what caused this, anybody know how to attend this fault?
  3. I'm confident you've all left some human being scared for life someday without even noticing it, and that the person still remembers your actions, for even the smallest things have great consequences, lets not forget Cho seung hi. So don't play innocent. I had friends who affected me in a negative way so i choose to end our friendship, Britney and Lindsay could have choose to end that friendship, but they didn't until it was to late. We always have a choice. "everybody is entitled to their opinions, so don't attack people just because they don't share your views, or you'll get BANNED by the moderators." Attacking a person physically and verbally is not the same because i can't inflict pain verbally, only if i bully somebody and they get self-destructive which i didn't, and that is attacking someone in a forum without getting physical. To bully somebody. This is my opinion. Mankind must learn to forgive and forget. There is already to much hate in this world. Ban me if you please, i don't mind. I'd just pity you.
  4. What makes you guys better then she is? Who are you to judge her? Didn't think so, stop acting so cool behind a computer screen and go tell that to her face instead. What's that? you don't want to? Gee, i wonder why. "Let he who is without sin throw the first rock"
  5. Is it just me, or does every admin in EVERY server abuse their powers! There was this one guy that couldn't speak English and the admins forced him on the floor, muted him, and they said that nobody gets near the "sleepers", the un-muted him once in awhile to see if he spoke English, but no. Then i told them they were abusing their powers and told them to cut him some slack, he responded "Horrah Thank good for the liberty of speech" something and i got banned. What did the author of Ja+ think of when he created this.. 2 thumbs down!!!
  6. thanks for the help guard, i'll try these commands right away =))
  7. Hi everybody, does anyone have any useful commands to stabilize a server?
  8. Neither did i know that it was possible, but now it seems it is. If you suspect it, ask him if he gave it to somebody else, if he did just change it, second thought, change it now and you wont have to worry about some stranger that have got your rcon. Since he stole the server.cfg file.. he will host the same server as yours, look for it, if he is hosting with your cfg file the chances are good that you'll find it. Good luck.
  9. Mm, disturbing.. maybe it was someone you know? a friend perhaps, that opened your server.cfg file while you were away and stole the pass. The 1.cfg file.. someone must have written it, in conole you say "write "x"" and it writes a cfg file, have you accessed it and looked what's written inside? Could also be a keylogger, clean your computer from spy wares and not viruses. Host as normal, I'm pretty confident nothing will happen, if it does then I'm not much of use anyway, hope everything turns well
  10. Just wondering, is it possible to fake a ping? The hoster always has a zero ping, so the players which break rules/crash servers.. always has the upper hand.
  11. thank you, I'll try it out and let you know if it worked
  12. Hello I've a issue, don't really know if you can do this.. but is it possible to "force" people to use melee and not the lightsaber in your server? if so, what do i do? any help would really be appreciated because I'm still a novice.
  13. I see flaus in this, here is what you do.. set map1 "map mp/duel1; set nextmap vstr map2;" set map2 "map mp/duel3; set nextmap vstr map3;" set map3 "map mp/duel4; set nextmap vstr map4;" set map4 "map mp/duel7; set nextmap vstr map5;" set map5 "map mp/duel8; set nextmap vstr map6;" set map6 "map mp/duel9; set nextmap vstr map7;" set map7 "map mp/duel10; set nextmap vstr map1;" vstr map1 / That's it, now it should work, compare your's before and after you will notice what i changed to make it work
  14. I ain't got a clue, but, as soon as a player meets one of the maps bots it lags as hell, anybody know what's causing this?
  15. Saw that you wrote in this thread, thought it was some useful info, but no. Don't write in any thread if you ain't got something good to say.
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