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  1. The thing that has always bothered me about the JK series' dueling is the "joust" factor. The passive defense is unreliable enough that people would rather keep their distance and move back in briefly to swing. Obviously this was worse in JK1 where people would basically just constantly try to hit eachother with the long swing, but as much as JO/JA's combat system is improved from that the same basic tactic is still there. Whether or not that's fun depends entirely on the player of course, but I wish they had come up with a system that's more fast paced and allows people to exchange swings at close range instead of the jousting approach. I guess this sort of thing is inevitable as long as the JK series plays like an FPS, but I would really like to see an active blocking system tried because it could add an interesting new element to the gameplay.
  2. I'd like to see them do something about the ludicrous sensitivity abuse that is becoming pretty common now with the dual and staff katas. I have no problem with spinning around with the dual kata, but when people set their sensitivity so high that they can do it 5x faster than anyone else it's just stupid.
  3. lol, the dual Kata is NOT a ranged attack. Deactiving it in NF games would be absolutely insane, seeing as all other styles have their katas. And the dual "throw" finisher is just for looks; they could have put in any animation for that and it would do the same thing.
  4. People who play through the game on Jedi and complain that it's too easy amuse me to no end.
  5. Meh, the Zone is awful. Just use ASE without the registration fee, it's fine.
  6. Pretty much all standard doors open as you walk up to them.
  7. Well as we all know you can take both sides in the demo, but I've heard that the last couple of levels and ending are influenced by your standing sort of like JK1. No confirmation on that since I don't remember where I read it. I'll take Light first just to get the "correct" ending, and Dark afterwards. As for multiplayer I enjoy both, but I think I'll probably go Light more often for Absorb and Protect. In JK2 I switched to Light in multiplayer when everyone else and their mothers spammed Grip, Lightning and Absorb. I got very tired of FF saber dueling because inevitably it would become more about force powers and there weren't many interesting saber battles, but at least with Absorb you could even the playing field and take advantage of the poor saber skills of the Dark spammers.
  8. The cultists do not follow normal saber rules. For example, they can change Single stances and kick without a saberstaff...
  9. Sounds like Dual is going to be the underdog as I guessed, just like Blue was in JO. I think the problem is that people don't know how to use them except to hold down the button and swing and spin in the hopes of getting lucky, which is rather disappointing. No wonder heavy stance was so popular in JO. People need to get it through their heads that even the fast styles need to play intelligently, and just because they swing fast doesn't mean you need to constantly chain attacks. Fast attack speed means you can take advantage of smaller openings and get a quick hit or two in without dropping your defense. Why people feel the need to be hyper-aggressive and expect results from dual sabers and light stance is completely beyond me.
  10. For starters at least I'll use Dual Sabers(Orange and Blue). I like them a lot and I've started to get the hang of them in the demo. I also like the staff but I don't think I'll use it much if it becomes the overwhelming trend online as I suspect it might. I absolutely can't stand Single Red, it's too slow for me and I think it makes all duels incredibly slow and boring, though I do like Blue and Yellow and might switch to them occasionally too.
  11. As far as DFA is concerned, it's not an issue anymore IMHO. It does spin in single player, but it seems MUCH weaker than it used to be(I certainly never got a kill by making them step on the saber, hell I had a hard time getting a kill with it at all), and on top of that its airspeed is slower if I'm not mistaken.
  12. That sort of thing has always been there and frankly I don't think it's nearly worth the trouble of fixing. One of the most ridiculous offenses is activating the saber during the saber-spinning taunt(it's on Single Light now)...
  13. What he's talking about is nothing new to JA. Yellow in particular has always looked very thick, but I'm not sure if it's just sort of an optical illusion or what. I always figured the "white" area in the center looks bigger because it blends in with the yellow, and so the saber looks thicker.
  14. Guys, the sunglasses were announced as the only ingame perk well before the game came out.
  15. Hardly anyone plays rodians, it makes me sad
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