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  1. Hello all =) I used to play MotS years ago on the Zone, I was there in Astroid's golden years from around 98-2000. The community back then was something close to that of Jabba's Palace, you got all sorts. the good, the bad, the ugly, the damn right dreadful. but man was it the best!!. You could walk into Astroid, and get 20 "heys!" from your buds, or at the same time you could get the haters calling you out. I left abruptly around 2000, and didn't look back, only recently have I began to wonder what happend to good old Astroid and my long lost buds that I would sit up all night with talking about any old stuff, playing games, trash talking etc. The Zone seems to have gone now to, I was hoping to log on Zf and check out who all is still around. Those 2 years were the best gaming years of my life, it'll never be that good again, (tho I was alot younger back then and had no real responsibiltys) So Im just posting this here, because its the only place I found, I google'd some players names, Clan names, but everything is gone now, Im just wondering what happend to players of those years, what became of them? and there clans? JOTS(jedi of the sith) NBK players(natural born killas) in fact I did stumble across http://members.tripod.com/max_79/nbk/ on google, but its still only from 2000, and only the members page really works. Clans like GI, OotCS, GQ, DIK, 435, nEw (cant remember what they all stand for) Players like _Quatermain_ , Sgt_Salt, Instigator, Majic, DooM, Queenie, JBWithers, MAX, YG, slave, blackbunnie, jots_msk could go on for ever... SO if your a MotS player, however well known or not you were, any info on any of the players/clans and where they play now would be cool =) MotS and its community was golden.. Ill never forget those gaming days! Later! -FB-
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