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  1. hi im trying to play a game online with players on my server. Not sure if doing it right or wrong. I have cable/internet. Created a game, waited for like an hour. Nobody came. Not sure im doing it right or wrong. In the ADVANCED under connection rules i put. Pure server: No ? Want to play in Minimum Ping: ? what do i put Max. Ping: ? Max Rate: ? Could anyone help me.
  2. trying to get some mods. when downloading is done it gives me a console box. try to save in to the base directory of jedi knight 2 but still dosent go there. how do i get it.
  3. really want to play this game(jedi knight academy) got jedi acad. 2, found out not compatible with windows vista. heard on wikipedia that jedi academy 1 runs fine on windows vista. wanted to know if anyones know's if it's true and does work on windows vista and if there's any steps i have to do to make it work?
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