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  1. Do you know of any new things like any new items or vehicles
  2. what good are the human players then lol
  3. can i look forward 2 new proffesions and new species and new planets in the future!
  4. all my 5 alts and main are empire
  5. so is there still any way 2 get the leggings or torso
  6. what type of species do u know on this thread be specific plz
  7. I have played SWG 4 1 year and 1 day so far. So i want 2 know what i can expect in the future new planets new species new expansions new vehicles whats coming in future chapters if u can plz list ideas
  8. Hello. i have so far played swg 4 1 year and 1 day so i want 2 know what i can plan on coming in the future any new planets,species,vehicles,expansions,chapter gifts. that sort of thing
  9. Listen up there is a player event on the Chimeara server every friday at 6pm U.S Eastern time every 1 is welcome we need security guards,Entertainers,and guest! contact Ehize for more details after 1 month of the event every thing in the building will be sold Naboo near Theed -5891 2531 is waypoint I look forward 2 seeing u there Bye.
  10. I dont know but the idea 4 coruscant sounds good
  11. I have every ship 4 Freelance And rebel pilot
  12. can u list a picture of the ithorian Reek
  13. hmm how about we throw in biths'
  14. here is something else i thought of. make your own landspeeders like structure traders can make speeder engines and u make the body and chassis
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