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  1. ((Shortening the battle a bit. It's still going to be difficult but this will be the final part of it. Get ready, all of our characters are going to become very powerful for a short time.))


    "You are too late. What has begun cannot be stopped." The Entity said with a dark smile as the land around it continued to turn grey and lifeless. "Eventually the entire star system will feed my strength once this planet dies."


    The land around them continued to die even as Zarev reignited his lightsaber and launched himself at the Entity only to be sent flying backward as the Entity raised his hand and unleashed a wave of force energy that caused boulders caught in the radius to crumble into dust.


    "You will die along with Voss. Eventually everything will die and feed my strength." The Entity stated but paused after a moment as the wave of grey seemed to stop for a moment as the air around the strike team seemed to shimmer as blue figures seemed to appear out of thin air.


    "The battle must be fought here and through the force itself." The shimmering form of a Jedi master spoke as it's voice seemed to echo across the battlefield. "If the body is destroyed he will simply flee to another body somewhere across the galaxy and this will begin all over again. The essence must be destroyed as must the body."


    More and more shimmering figures seemed to appear as the Entity narrowed it's eyes and raised his hands and shadowy figures seemed to appear behind it, from what Zarev could tell they were brimming with barely controlled force energy.


    A robed figure that appeared to be a Sith based on the facial features appeared behind the first shimmering Jedi that had spoken earlier and looked across at the strike team. "Let our strength become yours. Let the strength of the force bring you victory against that would destroy all life."


    Zarev's eyes began to glow with the power of the force and for a brief moment he could feel the force flowing through him without control.


    "Today this ends." Zarev spoke with what seemed to be multiple voices as he raised his hand. "Today this war ends."

  2. ((Time to start a Mech Rp. Like the mechs from Gundam.))


    Summary: It started in the Year 2042. It was shortly after humanity finally managed to achieve peace across the world. For nearly ten years, humanity flourished, advances in medical science and technology allowed humanity to spread across the Solar System and begin mining asteroids and other resources, Humanity, it seemed had finally managed to stretch it's wings and take to the stars.


    But as all good things do, it came to an end.


    During the development of a new form of matter transportation, a portal appeared in the stars. For two days, the portal remained in the sky doing nothing, but on the third day, a massive ship appeared in the skies above Earths. Attempts to make contact were met with weapons fire. The skies were filled with battle suits that easily overwhelmed the surprised military. It was as if they knew exactly where to strike. After a week, what remained of Earth's Military attempted to drive them back in what was known as "The last Stand," a battle where nearly all of Earth's battle suits were wiped out, but not before destroying a large portion of the enemy battle suits. As humanity fled to the stars to distant corners of the solar system, more ships appeared and more battle suits were seen. Humanity is near defeat, but they refuse to give up without a fight.


    On a remote staryard near Neptune, humanity has begun producing new battle suits that incorporate weapons and technology stolen from the invaders.


    It's time to take back our Solar System.






    Location of Birth: ((Can be anywhere in the Solar System))

    Mech Name:

    Mech appearance: ((A picture would be nice.))

    Primary Weapon:

    Secondary Weapon:

    Additions to Mech: ((Can be anything, enhanced defense systems, Increased speed, Take your pick.))


  3. ((Folks, we need to finish up our nightmares. Stage 2 of the battle will be starting very soon.))


    Zarev parried strike after strike from his dark opponent and smiled as he cut through the figure's arm and watched as it hit the ground and vanished in a puff of dark smoke. The figure looked up at Zarev and shook it's head. "Im...Impossible. I had the power...the strength..."


    Zarev looked down at him and brought his blade down through the figure's chest and watched as it vanished in a fierce blast of dark energy.


    "You lacked the discipline. Without it, Strength and power are meaningless." Zarev said quietly as the world around him seemed to shift slightly and a moment later he saw the others as the nightmare around him seemed to fade.


    Now...where's the Entity?


    As if in answer to Zarev's unspoken question he saw the grass below him turn black die. He slowly turned around and saw the Entity seemingly hover a few centimeters above the ground. Streams of green light were surrounding him as the grass and trees around him died.


    Oh...that's not good. What's he doing?! Sucking the life from the planet itself?!

  4. ((Sorry, my bad. I didn't realize it was my turn xD))


    Hypocrite, beguile me not.

    Liar, deceive me not.

    Traitor, betray me not.

    Murderer, slay me not.


    Try it. NOW.


    Zarev opened his eyes and saw the illusion of Per'dra standing over him with lightsaber raised, ready for the kill. He heard Per'dra...the real Per'dra speaking in his mind.


    "Hypocrite, beguile me not.

    Liar, deceive me not.

    Traitor, betray me not.

    Murderer, slay me not."


    Zarev smiled as the illusion of Per'dra seemed to shimmer and disappear as he turned to the rest of the group and watched in confusion as the illusion's seemed to shimmer for a moment before a shadowy blast seemed to erupt between them all. Zarev was forced to avert his eyes and when he turned to look back he saw that the illusions were gone.


    In their place stood a shadowy hooded figure with a double bladed lightsaber at it's side.


    "I will become what you should have become back on Balmorra. No Per'dra to stop me...or should I say us?"


    The figure threw back it's hood to reveal pale yellow eyes and chalk grey skin. Other then that it was a perfect doppelganger of Zarev.


    "You will die. And I will take your body for myself." The dark figure said. Zarev simply smiled grimly and ignited his lightsaber.


    "And in defeating you, I will finally be free of the guilt that has followed me since Balmorra." Zarev said grimly as the two figures charged one another.

  5. Zarev force jumped to the side as Varik attempted to take his head off as Vlalkor and a few Republic solders opened up on him with a barrage of blaster fire. He unleashed a powerful force wave that sent his opponents flying through the air.


    I was told I need to face and defeat my fears...but how? How? All I'm doing now is fighting my friends.


    He was forced to duck and dodge under Light and Per'dra's lightsaber blades as he brought his own lightsaber around to block the attempted attacks.


    "You are not real!" He shouted. "They wouldn't turn against me! They wouldn't try to kill me based on my past experience!"


    The Illusions paused for a moment before they began circling Zarev. He closed his eyes for a moment as he heard the barrage of names and accusations being thrown at him.


    Hold on...Just need to figure out how to defeat them without a weapon. This battle won't be won by weapons, it will be words that defeat them.

  6. Zarev continued dodging and ducking blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes as he attempted to survive the onslaught from his former friends. "Stop this!" he shouted desperately as he force jumped backwards. He brought his lightsaber to try and block a strike from Varik only to accidently stab him directly through the head.


    "Murderer! That's all you will ever be Zarev! You have failed as a Jedi! You would have failed as s Sith! You are nothing!" Per'dra shouted at him as she unleashed a blast of force energy at him.


    "My apprentice...my wonderful apprentice."


    Zarev looked around in confusion as the figures around him seemed to slow for a moment until it looked as if they were barely moving. "Master Beval?" He asked in confusion.


    "We cannot break the Entity's hold on you ourselves. We can weaken the hold he has on you but you must break through the illusion yourself."


    "How?! How do we break it's hold?!"


    The voice of his former Master echoed across the landscape.


    "You need to win. You need to fight your fears and you need to win against them."


    "I...understand." He said softly as the landscape around him seemed to flicker as the figures of his former friends began to move again as the Entity took control of the nightmare once again albeit weakened quite a bit.


    Zarev dropped into an attack stance and smiled grimly at his foes. "Come with it then!" He shouted.


    ((Each character needs to speak to a force spirit that they know. They will help weaken the hold the Entity has on them, but it will be up to the character to break out of the nightmare themselves."

  7. The Entity smiled widely as it watched as the Strike Team members unsuccessfully fought their fears. The technique that he had used had taken a bit out of him but it had been worth it to see the insects flail on the ground as their experienced their own personal version of hell.


    Wait. The Ship.


    The Entity was forced to force jump backwards the Shan unleashed a barrage of carefully aimed laser blasts where he had been standing but a moment ago.




    The Entity raised his hand the Shan slowly was forced to stop in mid-air despite it's engines going at full power. "You should have run when you had the chance." He said quietly as he began to crush the ship in mid-air.


    No more. No more killing


    What th-?


    The Entity looked around in shock as the area around him seemed to glow with barely restrained power as figures began to materialize all around him. His grasp on the Shan faltered for a moment and the ship managed to escape but that wasn't what was occupying the Entity's attention right now.


    Force ghosts. Hundreds of them.


    A Twi'lek force spirit wearing the robes of a Jedi Master looked to the other spirits. "Free them. Empower them. The threat to the force ends today."


    ((The Force ghosts are going to weaken the link between the Nightmares the characters are stuck in and their connection to the entity. They're also going to be giving the Strike team members a massive power up so they can go head to head with the entity much later. What the spirits say to your characters to snap them out of it is up to all of you.))

  8. Zarev watched in horror as once again, he failed to save his Jedi Master. He could only watch in what seemed to be in slow motion as Blaster bolt after blaster bolt slammed into her body as the lightsaber fell from her hand.


    "NO!" Zarev screamed over and over as he watched as the pirates and Master Beval's body seemed to vanish and a white light overtook him. As the flash of light faded, he saw his friends. All of them had lightsabers ignited as they stood over the defeated body of the Entity.


    "One more." Varik said quietly as he ignited both lightsabers. "One more threat to get rid of. After what happened on Balmorra, how can we afford to trust you?"


    He shook his head as the others ignited their weapons. "I am not your enemy. Please, Don't do this." He turned to look at Per'dra, the one woman he loved above all others and saw her saber ignited and an evil smile on her face.


    "Per'dra...please. I would never hurt you."


    "Sorry. Not buying it."


    As the group of former allies swarmed towards him, his only question was which one of them had actually managed to kill the Entity.





    "Can you hear me? What are you seeing that is making us fight? I don't think it's real. It can't be real... Please, snap out of it."


    Avriela shook her head and unleashed a wave of force energy that managed to free her from the grip of the murderer. "YOU KILLED VLALKOR!!" She screamed as she re-ignited her lightsaber and unleashed a flurry of heavy lightsaber strikes on her new target.


    "YOU KILLED EVERYONE!!!" She screamed as the burning wreckage of the Shan littered the ground around her. "I left the Sith, I fought them, but that was never enough for you! Kill the Sith!, Murder the Sith! Get rid of her when she outlives her usefulness!"

  9. ((The next few posts will detail the Strike Team members fighting their Nightmares. What the nightmare is is entirely up to you.))


    Take this; take this; take this; take this; take this and die.


    The Entity simply smirked as it managed to avoid the attack and clashed with Varik for a moment before wounding him with it's Lightsaber.


    "Children. Clumsy Children." It said simply as it looked up suddenly and it stood up straight as a sudden thought hit it like a thunderbolt. "Wait a moment, Where is the sith failure? Where is the woman?"


    Avriela seemed to materialize from nowhere as she kicked the Entity in the back and smiled viciously as the lightsaber was knocked from it's grasp. Avriela unleashed a stream of lightning at the saber and watched as smoke erupted from the hilt as the insides of it were fried.


    Avriela dropped into a fighting stance as a shimmering ball of force energy surrounded the entity. "Let's see how tough you are without the Lightsaber." Avriela smiled.


    The Entity narrowed it's eyes.


    "Perhaps it's time I show you a technique of my own design." The Entity smirked as dark energy seemed to surround it. "Prepare to face your darkest nightmares." It said as dark streams of force energy struck each of the members of the Strike Team.

  10. The Entity smirked as it managed to deflect Varik's lightsaber with a parry from it's own saber and managed to get a few feet away from the three attackers before Light managed to strike it's leg.


    "You will break before you die." The Entity said in a cold voice as for a brief moment a red aura seemed to surround it as a swirling vortex of force energy formed around it's hands.


    Zarev turned to the others. "Brace yourselves!" He shouted as the Entity unleashed a massive burst of force energy that could have most likely sent a Republic walker flying off over the horizon.


    The Entity looked up as it suddenly sensed something approaching at high speed. It barely managed to force jump backwards as laser cannon blasts tore into the ground where it had stood a moment ago. The Shan shook violently as the Entity unleashed a massive blast of Force Lightning that nearly knocked the Shan out of the sky.


    "Vlalkor to Strike team, This thing is hitting the Shan pretty hard. I'm preparing to try and hit him with the last of our concussion missiles. Stand by to avoid impact zone."


    "No!" Zarev shouted. "Don't do it. I have a feeling this thing could use them against us. Keep trying to hit it with the laser cannons as long as we're not in the impact zone."

  11. Zarev could sense the power that the Entity was giving off. He could almost physically feel the power coming off of it. For a brief moment he tried to sense it's strength through the force and he staggered as he felt the strength that it held.


    He narrowed his eyes and looked over at Per'dra and then at the other members of the strike team.


    "Today, this ends." Zarev said quietly as the Entity finally got close enough to see it's physical features. Eyes that were almost completely black and utterly devoid of anything resembling compassion or mercy stared back at him. The Entity wore black robes that resembled nothing he had ever seen before with odd symbols on them. He was of average height, two inches taller then Zarev. He took a look at the lightsaber that the Entity held and he noticed that it was covered in dust.


    "I normally don't need to use this, nor do I normally feel the urge to use it. But you and your friends are a special case. I will cut each and everyone of you apart and spread what's left of you across the planet." The Entity said quietly as what looked like an aura of dark side energy seemed to surround it.


    "Stand fast!" Zarev shouted. "Today, we fight for both the Republic and the Empire! Today we stop the greatest threat known to our galaxy! Today we save everyone!"


    Zarev reignited his double bladed lightsaber and the twin yellow blades appeared. "Now we end this." He snarled as he charged the Entity and boosted his speed using the force as he jumped into the air and brought his blade down on the Entity as a blood red lightsaber blade appeared between Zarev and the Entity as the Entity ignited his own lightsaber blade.

  12. Enough. This ends now.


    The Entity slowly rose to his feet and looked towards the entrance of the cave that he had been residing in as slowly reached for a lightsaber that was covered in dust.


    The Entity's voice roared in the minds of the strike team with enough force to make them stagger in pain


    You have become more then a minor annoyance! You have ruined nearly five years of planning! I will end all of you myself!


    Zarev forced himself to his feet as the remaining mind controlled forces seemed to collapse on the ground as a shadowy figure seemed to emerge in the distance from a cavern.


    "It's here." He said quietly. "It looks like we finally attracted his attention."

  13. Only if I kneel first, fiend.


    The Entity snarled. One of the Strike Team could hear his thoughts and it appeared to be one of the Jedi. He should have foreseen this possible problem.


    Kill the woman. He thought to his troops as the majority of the remaining troops ceased their attacks on other members of the Strike Team and began to move towards Per'dra.


    Zarev watched in horror as many of the remaining enemy forces turned from their targets to look at Per'dra.




    "Take them down! No one dies today! Not if I have anything to say about it!" He roared as he launched himself at a small group of attacking Republic troopers.


    "Per'dra! Stay on guard!" He shouted urgently.

  14. "Execute Order 66"


    With those words, Darth Sidious managed to nearly wipe out the Jedi Order almost to the point of no return and reform the Galactic Republic into the first Galactic Empire which would rule the galaxy by fear. Stormtroopers watch over the citizens of the Empire, looking for any excuse to exercise the authority given to them by Emperor Palpatine. The Jedi Temple has been ravaged and many of the ancient Holocrons vanished the night that Jedi Order fell.


    The Order as it was known to many may be dead, but a small select few defenders of the Republic still live.


    On the remote desert world of Tatooine where the Empire's eyes see almost nothing, a refugee of Order 66 struggles to remain hidden from the Empire as she struggles to find a way to escape Tatooine.


    Name: Dantelra

    Species: Twi'lek

    Gender: Female

    Affiliation: Formally the Jedi Order before Order 66 was issued

    Weapon: Green Lightsaber

    Appearance: Dantelra is a red skinned Twi'lek with violet eyes who has a scar going down the left side of her face after a battle with the clones during the Fall of the Jedi Temple.

    Brief History: Dantelra was taken to the Jedi Temple as an infant and as such received Jedi Teaching from various masters before she was chosen by a Rodian Jedi Master as his padawan. Dantelra was later made a full Jedi Knight three months before Order 66 was issued and was stationed at the temple when the clones attacked. She cut down many clone troopers during the attack before she was forced to flee. She was able to catch a ride with a Smuggler who was leaving the planet who had seen the Temple burn and was attempting to rescue what Jedi he could. A few moments before the ship entered Hyperspace, she felt her Master die through the force. She arrived on Tatooine nearly a month ago and has been trying to lay low since despite seeing the many injustices she has seen inflicted on the population by the crime lords of Tatooine.

  15. "I can hear it," she blurted out unceremoniously, "and I can't block it out. I don't think the Entity KNOWS I can hear it, but if it does, I'm fried."


    Zarev looked over at Per'dra with deep concern evident in his eyes. "I won't let it harm you, Per'dra. I swear on my life." He said quietly as Light managed to disable two of the troops but accidentally killed the third one with a blaster bolt that was deflected back at his throat.


    He motioned to Avriela to assist Light with the three mind-controlled sith who had seen him leave the safety of the group. Avriela smiled and launched herself into the air and slammed down onto the ground between Light and the Sith.


    "Bad move." She said with a smile as two of the red lightsabers cut through the air where she had been standing a moment ago and Avriela rolled underneath the deadly blades before slamming the hilt of her saber into the Sith's masked face. The sith hit the ground with a thud and didn't move.


    "Light, try and knock them out. Only deflect blaster fire when absolutely necessary." She said as she caught the second sith's lightsaber blade on her own and managed to block a few wide-arc attacks.


    Zarev charged into the group of Commandos and troopers and unleashed a powerful wave of force energy that sent many of his opponents flying into various objects, the impact damaged they sustained seemed to knock them out but a few of them got back to their feet and began firing at Zarev who was able to dodge most of the shots and the few he couldn't dodge he deflected into the ground. Before many of the remaining forces could do anything, Zarev raised his hand and suddenly the enemy forces found themselves unable to move. Zarev smiled.


    Thank you, Master for teaching me that little trick before you died. He thought to himself.




    Unknown Location

    Nightmare Lands


    The entity let out an enraged shout as it felt many of the forces it had sent against the Strike Team leave it's control. many of them had been knocked out and a few others had been killed. It knew it had many more pawns to throw against the Strike team but many of them were still too far away.

    I will not let this end. Not when I'm so close! This Galaxy will bow to me!

  16. So I said I'd join, but what are my restrictions? Am I not allowed to be Beta Ray Bill and/or Deadpool again? And obviously I'll bring my OC back in (not that I ever got him approved or posted as him previously).


    Hopefully I can be all the characters I was from the previous one, as I'm probably going to be more inclined to be posting as Beta Ray Bill more than anything, as my OC is relatively quiet. And Deadpool is just....Deadpool. So I want to RP with him! :lol:


    Feel free to play as Beta Ray Bill and Deadpool. Gotta love the Deadpool xD

  17. ((Doing a reboot of my Heroes: The Fall Rp. This one will be a bit different then the previous one. It will be similar in the beginning but will eventually branch off.))


    It's been sixty years since the majority of the Heroes of the world were wiped out by a vast alliance of Villains who were led by the charismatic Red Skull who forged them into an unstoppable force that swept over the heroes like a swarm of locusts. The citizens of this have had sixty years to learn that what the Villains say goes without question. However, rumors have begun to spread across America that the Red Skull was killed by an unknown individual and that other villains across the country seem to be gearing up for battle, either with an unknown faction or possibly the same individual who killed the Red Skull.


    Although nearly all of the heroes were killed back in the purge sixty years ago there have always been rumors that some have survived but it was often dismissed as a bed-time story to put kids to sleep by many of the people of the world. It's not just a story. It's true. And now it's time we prove it.


    It's time to fight back.



    Character Sheets.


    Name: Anna ((Last name unknown))

    Hero Name: Thor

    Age: 32

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Mighty-Thor-469478139

    Personality: Despite the world she lives in, Anna tries to keep a positive attitude but prefers to stay out in the wilderness outside of the City where she can live in peace without fear of being discovered with Thor's hammer.


    Superhuman Strength

    Near Invulnerability


    Ability to summon and control lightning

    Skills: Has slight combat experience but is trying to change that through changing.

    History: It is said that after Thor was killed during the night the heroes were massacred, his hammer was left where Thor had fallen as a message to those who would try to fight the villains of the world. Over time, people came to the hammer and some began to pray to it, hoping that the heroes would return. Anna was being chased by a group of Ghost Riders and she came across the hammer. At the time, Amy was defenseless and the only thing within reach was the fabled hammer of the fallen Asgard, Thor. As her hand gripped the handle of the hammer, a voice echoed through her mind.


    "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." It was at this point that for the first time in nearly Sixty years that the hammer was lifted from the ground and the Ghost Riders turned and ran after seeing Anna transform. It took a few days, but eventually Anna learned to use the power of Mjolnir despite the fact that she is an average fighter Now, she trains with Mjolnir day and night as she tries to master the power of the fallen god's hammer to try and return peace to her world.

    Equipment: Mjolnir





    No God-modding.

    Maximum of four characters per person

    Please be respectful of other players. Insult the characters not the players

    Please clear all really important plot related ideas/decisions with me

    Have fun and be creative with your characters and their powers.

  18. The War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic didn't end with a treaty or one side finally destroying the other. It ended with the two Galactic Superpowers turning against their so-called protectors. It was the day that both the Jedi and Sith found themselves under attack by the governments they had sworn to protect.


    Korriban fell within hours as the Dark Council was forced to flee the Citadel on Dromund Kaas and were picked off one by one as they tried to find a safe haven. There was none. The Imperial military that had once served alongside the Dark Lords of the Sith hunted them like animals as they fled. Only a few members of the Sith managed to flee Korriban.


    The Jedi Order fared no better. The Jedi council was wiped out as the Temple was destroyed from orbit and many of the Jedi Knights and Padawans were slaughtered as they tried to flee from attacking Republic forces. Many Knights gave their lives to try and smuggle the youngest of the Jedi off world to safety.


    It's the end of an era, will you survive?




    No Godmodding

    No Super powerful characters

    No more than three characters

    Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

    No killing other characters without permission.

    Jedi and Sith fugitives are welcome! Feel free to create a force sensitive character, but be warned, you'll be hunted by many, many people.



    Character Sheet












  19. "The sooner we vanquish this thing, the better."


    Zarev simply nodded grimly as he ignited his yellow double-bladed lightsaber and landed on the ground with the saber held in an attack stance as figures began to emerge from their hiding spaces. Voss commandos that were armed to the teeth with weaponry, Republic and sith troopers with blaster rifles ready. But more alarming to Zarev were the three masked Sith holding their crimson lightsabers ready.


    Avriela smiled grimly and dropped from the ship and landed between Varik and Zarev and her red double bladed lightsaber ignited with a hiss.


    "Try to disable them. Only kill if it's absolutely necessary." Zarev said softly as the mind controlled forces began to advance.

  20. "Are we going to jump?"


    Zarev nodded. It's not that far of a drop and if we were to try and get closer to this thing on foot it would most likely send everything it had against us before we got close. I think this is the best idea."


    Avriela nodded as she approached the ramp and winked over at Vlalkor who's face turned red as he turned back to the console.


    "I agree with Zarev." She said as the Shan began to rock slightly as far off weapons fire began to impact the hull not causing enough damage to knock it out of the sky but enough that to show that if the Shan stayed still much longer it would most likely be knocked out of the sky.


    "Alright everyone. Time to go."

  21. "You're not coming with us?"


    Vlalkor shook his head and smiled. "I'm going to try and clear the sky of the fighters that the entity is controlling, Don't worry. I did pretty well in the training sims in fighter combat. Now, we're almost at the drop point, get to the loading ramp and get ready for the fight of your lives."


    Vlalkor hit the thrusters again and the Shan shot forward until it was in the middle of the nightmare lands only a few hundred feet from where the Commando transmission had come from."


    ""Alright everyone, we're here. Get ready and let me know if you need a lift out or anything." He said as he looked over at Avriela and winked. "And I'll see you when we're done here." He grinned as he began to open the landing ramp.

  22. Vlalkor gritted his teeth as the Shan tore through space as he did his best to avoid Turbolaser blasts and incoming torpedoes. He saw two of the Republic ships that were providing cover for the Shan explode as they were hit by turbolasers from a Republic battleship.


    Just a few more seconds..."Entering the Atmosphere in...three...two...one!" Vlalkor called out as the Shan managed to get past the capital ships in orbit and began to shake violently as it tore through the atmosphere.


    "This is Shan to all remaining Imperial and and Republic Vessels! We have broken through the blockade. All ships, withdraw to a safe distance at once! I repeat, withdraw!"


    "Understood Shan. May the force protect you." A voice came back over the comnlink as Vlalkor turned the ship towards the nightmare lands.


    "Get ready everybody. I'm going to drop you as close as I can to the source of the transmissions from the commandos. Be prepared."


    Zarev nodded grimly and Avriela smiled as she headed for the ramp as she clipped her lightsaber to her belt before turning back and heading back to Vlalkor.




    The trooper turned and looked at her for a brief moment and his eyes widened in shock as she pressed her lips against his and broke the kiss a moment later. Avriela smiled at Vlalkor's shocked expression. "Been wanting to do that for awhile." Avriela said calmly. "Once we get back, I think you and I should go out to dinner. What do you think?"


    "Uh..I mean...yes." Vlalkor looked shocked.


    Avriela winked. "Sounds fun. Be back in a bit." she said with a smile as she headed to the ramp. Zarev raised an eyebrow and smiled at Vlalkor's expression. "Have fun Vlalkor." he said jokingly as he followed Avriela to the ramp.





    Nightmare lands


    The entity's eyes were closed as it sensed the battle and the approaching strike team. But it didn't matter.

  23. Vlalkor smiled grimly as he rerouted what little auxiliary power the Shan had to the engines and shields. "Dash for the planet it is."


    Vlalkor opened up a comn line to the remaining Republic and Sith ships using an encrypted frequency. The sith would most likely have a harder time breaking the code then the Republic forces but he hoped they would understand what they were trying to accomplish.


    "Attention all remaining ships. This the Republic vessel, Shan. We have located the entity responsible for commandeering the solders and vessels in orbit and are in the process of eliminating it. We need cover for a few moments to reach the planet."


    Avriela looked up and saw a few of the Republic vessels forming up on the Shan in a position to intercept whatever they would throw at the Shan.


    "Full power to engines...now!" Vlalkor called as the Shan shot forward and turbolaser fire from the Republic and Sith Vessels that were behind them began slamming into the ships that the entity had control of.


    "This is gonna be rough. Hold onto something." Vlalkor said as the Shan maneuvered through the firestorm as it approached Voss.

  24. ((Didn't have internet for awhile and I still don't have it on a consistent basis for now. I'll try to post when I can.))




    "Vlalkor I have a plan but you're not going to like it. We're going to use the Republic battle group as cover to get to the planet.", he paused. "It's our only option."


    Vlalkor looked up as an idea came to mind.


    "I feel that you might be right. I can send them a warning and let them know that we need to reach the planet. Maybe they can cover us until we can reach Voss and then retreat."


    "Are we being attacked? Zarev and I...uh...were out of the loop for quite a while. I apologize, but there must be something we can do to help. This is chaos."


    Avriela looked up at the two as Vlalkor looked back down at the controls.


    "Whatever this thing is, it prepared for us. It's blasting anything that gets within firing range and it has control of both Master Satele Shan and Darth Marr. We need to reach the planet and end this thing. If we kill it, maybe we can break the control it has over everyone."


    Vlalkor didn't look up as Light spoke up. He was busy redirecting power to the shields and engines just in case they attracted more attention then they already had.


    "Patience Varik. We have not yet been engaged. I recommend that we send a message for the Republic group to flee. Remember, they asked us to surrender. This should be our opportunity. We can either pretend to surrender, and then swiftly accelerate when they get close. Or, if we are unable to escape that way, then we may end up on one of their ships. The Mentophage isn't so far away, else it's troops would not be clustered here. Do we have confirmation on a location yet? If I had to wager, there would be a large heat signature, either due to the creature's forces on the ground, or due to its own mass."


    Vlalkor turned to look at Light. "I've been scanning since we arrived in the system. There's no heat signature or anything. From what I can tell it's throwing everything it has at the uncorrupted forces on the plan-...wait. Hold on, picking up a transmission from Voss itself."


    A voice that could barely be heard over the sound of blaster fire and the sounds of activated lightsabers filled the bridge. "This is Commando squad 12, we have found what we believe is where whatever this thing is is commanding it's forces from. Repeat, the entity is located somewhere in the Nightmare lands! Inform the rest of the commando squads!" The voice cut off as the sound of blaster fire grew more intense.


    Vlalkor looked up at everyone. "I think we should make a run for the planet. What do you all think?"

  25. ((Time to arrive at Voss. The one day time-skip is over.))


    Republic Vessel Shan

    Entering Voss Orbit


    Zarev slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the sleeping form of Per'dra next to him. He couldn't help but smile despite the fact that if the Jedi council knew what he and Per'dra had done they would most likely be kicked out of the order but he didn't care. He had found someone that he loved and all that mattered to him was making sure she was safe.


    "Did you sleep well?" He asked softly enough that she would be able to hear him if she was awake, but not loud enough to disturb her if she was still sleeping.


    Shan Bridge


    Vlalkor couldn't help but be a bit suspicious as he looked at the amount of Comn traffic coming and going from Voss. He paused for a moment as he tried to identify the various signals.


    Imperial...and Republic? This can't be good. He thought as the Shan dropped out of Hyperspace. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the charred aft section of a Sith Harrower class dreadnaught drift past the bridge view-port.


    "Aw...Kark." He muttered as he took in the situation. There were three Sith Harrower class dreadnaughts and two Republic heavy battle cruisers surrounding Voss, they were firing at any vessel approaching the planet. Approaching Voss were two Republic battle cruisers and a small group of Republic Destroyers that were taking heavy fire. Further out were two heavily damaged Sith war ships and a larger Sith Dreadnaught who's bridge had been destroyed that looked as if they had seen much better days.


    They must have knocked out those dreadnaughts earlier and waited for the Republic battle group.


    A console beeped indicating incoming decrypted transmissions.


    "- Is Lord Gel of the Sith Empire to the Dark Council! My troops and acolytes turned on me! I can sense something here, something far stronger then I have ever encountered before! Requesting any and all nearby forces to be redirected to Voss! Something is controlling the vast majority of the population and is setting them against us!"


    "- Jedi Master Lelkan to the Jedi High Council. There is some sort of Dark-Side entity here on Voss. Something far stronger then we have ever encountered before. It's attempting to take control of our forces here! I have managed to keep it from corrupting my Padawan but I don't know how much longer we can hold out! The native Voss seem to have gone mad, they are marching on both our Embassy and the Sith Embassy. Not sure how much longer we can hold out!"


    "Attention to any Vessel's approaching Voss, this is Voss Orbital Control. We are under attack by an unknown entity which appears to have taken control of the vessels surrounding the planet. Requesting assistance from any vessels in the area!"


    "This is Captain Veka of the Republic vessel Hope's Star. We're being fired on by Republic and Imperial Warships! Requesting assistance from any loyal Republic Vessel!"


    "-Arth Kellis to any Imperial vessels. We have been attacked by a joint force of Republic and Imperial vessel. Our Battle force has taken severe losses. Requesting assistance and instructions."


    Vlalkor hit the intercom button. "Looks like we're expected." He said as his voice echoed through the ship. "Whatever this thing is it looks as if it's been getting ready for us, the whole planet seems to be in a state of chaos."


    He looked down at the consoles as they began beeping again. "Incoming transmission from the ships surrounding Voss. Putting it through."


    "This is Satele Shan, formally of the Jedi High Council. Republic Vessel Shan: If you do not submit you will be destroyed. You have interfered in affairs that you cannot comprehend. We know what you have done to interfere with the Master's plan. I offer you a choice. Surrender yourself to us or die."


    It has control of the Grand Master of the Jedi Council. This isn't good.


    "This is Darth Marr, formally the leader head of the Dark Council. This being's mind remembers the traitor that I now sense on your ship. She will make a fine vessel for the master. I suggest that you power down your vessel and prepare to become one with the Master."


    Seriously? The head of the Dark Council?! How far does this thing's reach extend?!


    He heard the sound of footsteps coming up and saw the former sith Avriela approach and sit down in the co-plot's seat.


    "So...this thing has control of two of the most influential people in the Republic and the Sith?"


    "Looks that way. Got any suggestions?"


    "Yeah. Stay alive until we can get to Voss."

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