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  1. Which site would you rather have it posted on? Iwaku or RPG?

  2. I plan on keeping it consistent.

  3. Just curious, do you plan on joining the Rp? And regarding lore and background, would you prefer all the characters be the same as they were on lucasforums?

  4. I'm on both of those sites. Username is Chev on both of them. They're role playing sites.

  5. I was thinking of starting it over on another site. And I was thinking either RPG.com or possibly Iwaku.

  6. Would you be willing to assist with it? I'm only familiar with the parts that I joined in with to be honest.

  7. Any chance we can get an Rp up and running sometime soon? I'm willing to help with it.

  8. Mind if I ask you a few questions about starting up the Sith Resurrection on another site?

  9. When you have some free time do you think you could help me with something? I've been trying to get into modding but I have no idea what I'm doing.

  10. Sorry to bother you, but are you still modding by any chance?

  11. How you been LDR?

  12. New Rp is up in the Nar Shaddaa Rp section of Star Wars Gamer.

  13. The Rp is up. I just wanted to make sure everything is alright with where it was posted.

  14. Hey Canderis, I have a quick question for you. Would it be alright if I started up a new Rp in the Nar Shaddaa Downtown theater or should I wait until permission to post there is given? Just curious.

  15. Hmmmm...A golem does sound interesting. I'll start on a character sheet as soon as I can.

  16. Would this count as spam? The guy keeps posting these "Sign petitions for KOTOR 3" threads.



  17. ...I'm at a total loss as to what kind of character I can post in The Void Rp. Any suggestions?

  18. I'm a bit curious, what sort of items can the tavern keeper give someone?

  19. Just got back home, I'm taking a look at Void right now :)

  20. Still working on one for that Rp, bit busy

  21. Working up a character now.

  22. It's not a problem. Take as much time as you need :)

  23. Hey LDR, sorry to bother you but I'm waiting on you to finish your battle before we can continue the Darkness Within.

  24. Battle isn't done yet. The force spirits are only meant to weaken the bond the Entity has on the Strike Team Members. xD We've still got a ways to go yet.

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