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  1. Ok how about the ability to give commands to squads of soldiers
  2. so... is it really just continuing on PSP or what?
  3. well thats just a major mistake. just PSP? PSP isnt even popular anymore. Nintendo DS, Wii, PC and Xbox 360 are. PSP was just a little bump to keep the Playstation company going till they invented the PS3. JUST FOR PSP??? I CANNOT IMAGINE THAT. I put up with that last lame game Rogue Squadron or watever it was called and i have been waiting for this. God I hope thats not true.
  4. well obviously this is all very complicated and has its ups and downs. so im going to ditch the idea of outfitting soldier and move to something else. like... ships that flush out CP's.
  5. well that would be cool. back to topic....i still think ability to outfit your own soldier would be neat. not cool. but neat...
  6. well in a sense it did. instead of it sucking majorly they worked another month on it and it sucked not so majorly
  7. well the longer it takes the better it will get.
  8. well all i ask for is an interactive battle enviroment. destructible enviroment with great graphics. i dont care about super gigantic maps or anything like that. just wishing for a in depth experience into the star wars world.....
  9. okay buddy. just calm down. jeez u like to be right....
  10. i like the idea but... seems like it would take forever to do.
  11. hey. im just using information. theres probably a 76.99% chance that it will come out for all those systems AND PC. The Lucas company cant just drop PC out of gaming sales. Thats like 1/4 their profit. Unless thats what the want to do....or is it?
  12. actually some one already talked about that problem.
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