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  1. It sucks it would make for a more intresting game.
  2. Is it just me, or should this post be somwhere else...
  3. ok thanks, sorry about posting in the wrong forum.
  4. Is there an way to get a matale passcard to get into there estate?
  5. Actually the jet trooper is the best for anyone who likes the precision pistol. Just get it, and you have a nice weapon to totally decimate infantry with. The you can use your EMP launcher to destroy groups of infantry, and droidekas.
  6. I am just starting a clan with freewebs.com and i need a site manager. If intrested please contact me at mfjacobsen@aol.com
  7. {GF} Matt. I saw the video contest thing and thought that i would try it out.
  8. I was wondering if any body knew a good software to take videos of battlefront.
  9. what do you mean "press print screen"?
  10. Well the Magna guards poison is nice, but i like chucking det-packs at people and then finishing them off with the award shotgun.
  11. How do i take and view sdreenshotson the PC version of the game?
  12. I agree with most of them. Demolition Level: Polis Massa Side: CIS Go outside it is easy to hit the AAT tanks in the bank panel as they exit the hanger, and it is almost impossible to get shot by people, as it is in hoth. Marksman Level: Kamino Side: CIS Go to the center platform where the main battle is (it is the one with the round barrier/cover structure on it) go just behind the top of the ramp where the Republic troopers come up. it is easy to snipe them coming up the ramp, it is easier than Kashyyyk because the either stop or keep coming straight up, so there is virtually no aiming involved.
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