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  1. I don't know, it happens to me too. If I put the hero assignment to worst player, and 1 kill to earn hero, they still don't play.
  2. I know its possible to get people to follow you in land combat. But is it my game, or can you get other starfighters to follow you?
  3. I use an engineer and stay on the outside walkways of the main hall.
  4. For remote control rockets, play Poliss Massa in the clone wars period. Be the CIS, go outside to the tank battle. the critical hit location is the back panel. just sneak behind it, fire the rockets and you get the award.
  5. The part where you have to capture all the command posts. (no heroes)
  6. I am trying to do the whole campaign in 1 life as an engineer. I cannot get past kashyyyk. Any tips?
  7. the AA guns are easy. be a heavy trooper and go along the sides, not down the middle. Destroy it with your missile launcher. get to the tank and go destroythe generator.
  8. take the AT-AT to each command post. it takes a while but your pretected and its faster to caputure command posts if you can spawn right next to it.
  9. in swbf3 everthing should be bigger. bigger, better, more, faster.
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