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  1. Well from 1 wisher to another I think there should be the arc troopers you know like a team were they never leav your side unless you command them you know .
  2. uhhh welll the jedi are cool cuz in the first 1 there are 4 ways to kill them so its goood to be that powerful.
  3. I think jedi should be in space aswell as on the ground.
  4. First you should be able to customize your own troops weapons ships ect... Then you should be able to take prisoners when you are the CIS or the empire. Also you should be able to give your troops more commands like move out hold fire fire at will hold position ECT... oo oo also there should be able to be darth nihilus darth raven ect... ( Also qui-gon jinn should be in it.) You should also be able to ride creatures. and an assult mode should be the geonosian arena jedi VS the Droids *GASP* Also you should be able to go from planet to space to planet all in 1 battle. Plus the color of the troops should match the planet they are on like utupau they are orange also you should be able to be commander and jedi so 2 count them 2 heros per faction. well ill report back when i have somthing els to add And remember the dark side is the right side .
  5. i would like to see knights of the old republic three it would be soooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
  6. im a beter solder im a sith apprentice and only lord nihilus is my master he is way better than palpatien. so any way is battlefront 3 only gonna be for the psp. cuz i got a ps2 and if its only for 1 console that is not ps2 ill be mad.
  7. i hope so or els we would probly expect a worse game.
  8. Well i do agree but battle front 3s gionosis should look more like it did in btf1.
  9. that s a good idea but obi-wan should not have anakin but commander cody.
  10. mabey your computer does not like you.
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